Home Tales!

I'm on leave and at my hometown, enjoying winters... rajai and ginger tea.!!

Its really fun , to be at home, earlier when I was here this was "my world" no other problems, no cocerns , no worries(even for studies parents were more worried than me ;)), everything used to revolve around parents and there concepts.

And when you are back at home , again the same starts. Mom's colony and rishtedaar 's news, papa's disciplined and punctual life.Why I'm saying all this?

Today, we were about to make "papad" and suddenly my nani called and said due to "chandragrahan" you shouldnt make papad today. Its not good. But when I asked grahan would be at night and not now, she said by 11 o clock we would have ved started...!! Now what is ved... I have no clue, but due to this our bhagwan ji was sleeping by 10:30am. I love it man!!

At home, every day I have some new story to tell...!! Wish I could have started my blogging during my school days.... :)

Anyways , any new plans... for new year? I m still thiking of a resolution!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my readers.....
May New year brings lots of "good news", wishes, desires come true

With lots of love just........
Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


Yes, days go.... but memories remain!!! And they hit you back again after some time so that you never ever forget it.

Yesterday, was fun... I started a movie "yeh Mera India" at around 1'o clock night , then had coffee at 2 and finally I slept at 3.30 am. Was feeling good, we used to do same in hostel , watching movie, killing time , coffee and maggi party....Of course everything was there except the hostel inmates . But movie was just awesome. a must watch!!

And today's its 26/11 back.... even bad memories fall on date and do complete their anniversary. After years the pain is still the same. Be it for Babri Majid demolition or 26/11 or godhara .....

Memories can never part....

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


Solitude is something which I love and somehow I feel relaxed and don't know.....

It gives you time to think about yourself ...

Now what happens is... you are all alone... you have enough time... you don't have work... you have no one to talk.... you think.... you think more...and finally as idle mind is devil's workshop..... you end up doing some idiotic things...and plan for some more idiotic things....

You get relaxed... and start thinking of spiritual part... what I m doing here? is this job of relevance? Am I doing my karma? Whats my responsibility..... and you start searching answers to this questions... to which there is no answer and you'll forget them as soon as your leaves are consumed and you'll resume work. then the questions bothering you are... did I sent the daily report? Did I replied to client mails? Am i ready for the presentation? that colleague is too handsome and stares me as well but what he is married!

And what more... you write up this type of crappy post...so as to waste time of other readers.....

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Embarassing Situations

A very shy young man goes into a bar and sees a beautiful woman sitting alone.

After an hour he gathers enough courage to go and ask her, "Er... excuse me, but would you mind if I sat here beside you?"

She responds in a loud voice :


Everyone in the bar turns to stare at them. The young man is surprised, shocked and embarrassed and goes back to his table.

After a few minutes the woman walks over to him smiles, apologizes, and says, "You see, I'm a graduate student in psychology and I'm studying how people respond to embarrassing situations."

The young man responds loudly with,


For more : jokes

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Chakoli :)

Wedding Planning...

Yes, its about my wedding planning!!

I know I m still to find a guy but still other things could be decided by then :)

Was talking to one of my old friend and he told me nowadays people are being innovative and planning marriage under water, in air and what not!!

I told him , I ll plan my marriage in कब्रिस्तान(graveyard)!! What say?
It could be the theme party as well, all guests dressed as भूत(ghost) and चुड़ैल(witch). And that would reduce my expense as well, as I dont have to spend much on make up . I look a natural चुड़ैल(witch)!!! ;-)

And then , another wish of mine (buried deep deep deep....) was floating, I ll go to my groom's house in truck. I mean I want to sit in truck. Yes, want to sit on that first floor and feel how people on two wheelers look like!! Those insects crawling on road.... :P ;)

Have a nice weekendddddddddd..... just dont sleep... !!!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


Mrs. Chopra was almost in tears. "Oh Riya," she said to her maid, "I have reason to suspect that my husband is having an affair with his secretary."

" I don't believe it for one minute !" Riya snapped. "You're just saying that to make me jealous !!!"

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Life And Colours!!

Life always presents you all shades of colour... from bright red... soothing green... calm blue... to shades of grey.
I don't know, but what colour I would wear unconsciously depends on the state of my mood!!
May be that's the reason many theories suggest some specific colour for individuals and even colour therapy is coming up so strongly.
Whatever I trust my unconscious state of mind.

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

ज़िन्दगी ...

After long time I m back on orkut, may be after about an year or so and everyday I get scraps from old friends. Most of them have a profile pic with a kid.
The first reaction is ofcourse अरे बच्चा भी हो गया !!! ;-)
Life is moving at a fast pace for others or is it just that I'm slow!! :)

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Nothing Much To Say...

After looong time, again I m back :)

Somehow I cant ever think of leaving this space . Its my own space that too you get it for free, don't need to worry about the monthly installments or down payment and possession!! I'm sure in future you would have to pay for it, so better keep this place safe and secure .After all its treasure!!!

Was busy with nothing actually, just life is running at its normal pace. Normal office-ghar ka drama , and in between there are "grocery shops" visit. Enuff!!

Yes, did watched "ajab prem ki gajab kahanni" and too tell you its horrible!! Over acting by Ranbir ( that चूसा हुआ आम) and NO ACTING by katrina.

Apart from paa nothing interesting is coming up, Kurbaan would be hitting theatres tomorrow, don't feel very positive about it. lets see as it comes from KJo House so HIGH EXPECTATIONS!!

My GPRS connection is working fine, in spite of many rumors that its not GOOD and there are issues. I could do everything at just 450/-, what else you need? Yes just downloading movie takes time. that's it!!

Currently listening gumsum gumsum gum from paa... just amazing one!!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Horn Please!!

I wonder why we are so much concerned about noise pollution and honking when on each truck we have two "embedded words" HORN PLEASE!!!

Check out diwali pics(not mine) on BIG PICTURE!! Colours and lights...amazing...

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

I was...

I got so much frustrated today at around 3 o clock that,I got up from my desk...roamed here and there for half an hour then went to canteen had coffee choclate pastry then sipped coffee..... came back to desk open mailbox, no new mails kewl.... now I should leave is what I decided. And so I was out of office at 5:20 pm. What else do you expect man!!

Once out of office I'm feeling really light weight!! ;-) Its office frustration I tell you ;-)

Today India defeated australia by 99 runs. Fine so now it would be 6-1 and not 7-0 as was expected for india ;-)

Hey my cute david shepherd is no more with us. I really loved him. Golu molu khadoos umpire!!!Infact when he used to open his mouth to shout NO , he appeared to me as humptie dumptie. May his soul rest in peace!!

Currently in love with this song...

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

For ...

My 200th post...

What else could be more beautiful then talking about love..

"Love is one force that makes you decide on the basis on things you can't explain or understand. But it teaches you to surrender control and let the higher power take over. Listen to your heart and not the head, even for a rational thing despite feeling completely weird."

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Happy Diwali

I know I m late but wishes and greetings are always pleasing!! Isnt...

thanks for all your wishes.

This is what I made for my diwali :)

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Diwali Planning...

It's hot and humid here. I'm really surprised by the weather change.Earlier by Oct end we used to start using at least one sweater and now its fan/cooler running. I really get scared by the environment changes and what future has in store for us.

Finally, today was the last day of our DIWALI SAAF SAFAI! From tomorrow we are gonna work on "Mithai and other delicacies for diwali". I really dont understand, every year we follow the same routine, I mean we have diwali every year and each year we prepare and celebrate it with same enthusiasm and fun. This time of course it would be different as my little nephew would be celebrating his first diwali and so we are more excited.

Today, we went to ask ladder from one of our neighbours, when we were done with the job I said Thank you Uncle, and Uncle nodded his head saying--- arrey koi baat nahi beta! Two things that stuck me , one was Beta as I don't here this word very often now from anyone as stranger or oldie. Its always Madam. and another thing, I shouldn't have said Thank you, it sounds very formal. These words are just for "CLIENT" and not for us. I agree they are under "Manners and Etiquette's" but still they are FORMAL words.

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Diwali and HouseCleaning...

One of the reason , I asked for early leave is that I could be a helping hand to my parents in Diwali's Special cleaning. I don't know, but stillI couldnt understand, why we stick to "Diwali Cleaning"? I mean... that reason that Lakshmi would come to your house if its clean and dirt free isnt very convincing. Whatever... I have no choice but to stick to it.

So, this time it was decided that we wont be having whitewash, as just last year we had and it was appearing neat and clean. The only thing we need to manage is clean all dirt and dust with a broom. So as I m here there is no fear, I thought of starting it this morning.

As I started with one of the rooms and climbed on one of the shelve to clean ceiling and fan, I met one of my homemate- Home lizard... Ofcourse I didnt screamed, but with shoooo and some more sounds she was off my way, and again started banging ceiling with my broom , now as I cleared some trunk there was another one... eeeehhhh... not one but two... this time I screamed as the shelve is just two feet wide and it hardly had any space for me to escape. After some more hissing...even she left. But no... after about two minutes there was another one, and then there was a BIG SOUND.Listening to the sound, my family members rushed to see what happened, but yes I was safe and sound ;-). The sound was not mine, but actually I banged a big box which had that lizard crawling over it. Hahahahaa... I was laughing sitting on that two feet wide shelve.

Ahhh... Today I got tired, I used to do double work than this earlier as well, but today I could feel body pain. Is it related to old age. Uddi baba.... I m getting old... but I'm toh still unmarried. Should I seriously think of marriage...atleast I could get a hubby to do all this cleaning ;-)

Hahahahhaa... not a good reason to get marrried isnt?

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Holiday Home!!

I'm on two weeks vacation for diwali, yes diwali is on 18th but I landed my home today itself. People did gave me a surprised look when I say that, as many of them dont get such a long vacation.

Whatever, I m enjoying it so dont care about others :)

I have actually asked for 1.5 weeks of leave, which is approved another .5 is either sick leave or some urgent work at home or my train got delayed by 36 hrs (well that dosent sounds very genuine ;)) but I m figuring out a good excuse, dont know what I'll say.

I m not irresponsible,Blame my work or my attitude, I m not liking that work even a bit and so finding ways to escape it. Getting release from this project is also tough and getting new job is also toughso the only thing left is ESCAPE it.

Currently reading Brida by Paulo Coehlo, mmmmhhhhh... views on that.... Actually its a story of a girl who is in search of her soulmate. I dont know, but there are mant statements in that book that I usually used to say it to others. But still I'm not very much convinced as what he is trying to potrait. Overall a OKISH book.

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

2 Minutes TOI!!

Be adaptive to change - rule of survival.

May be "aam aadmi" does not feel the necessity of that but business does for sure. Just recently I saw this new link on times of india website- 2 minutes of TOI. 2 minutes of daily dose. It was like 2 minutes of maggi.

It is one of the survival startegy for sure but also, we could get a glimpse of "some good and impactful" news. One thing is good for sure that they have covered all sections and the webpage is also not boring but bit stylish to be liked by readers.

I m waiting for what competitors are planning for!!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


I bunked my office again today after long time ofcourse, I just love myself whenever I do so. :)
I feel myself to give a pat on my back. hahaha...

Could you believe it, Himesh Bhai is back and that too with three heroines. Uddi baba... How could he? Please stop him. Why nobody files a case of mental torture against him. :P

I m waiting for BLUE, it should be a good movie. I m in love with its title song and chigy-wiggy one. Thats too cute.

On friday I watched "WakeUp Sid", good movie, seriously!! Fresh and vibrant!! Although Ranbir Kapoor always appears to me as "choosa hua aam" but still movie was good.And I loved T-shirts he wored in whole movie. cute ones!!!

Anyone watching Perfect Bride? Haahahahaha... Its a cute show man!!! Although I still dont understand how could people go on show to find there "would be's"... but still I m loving it ;-).

Guys, anyone who is aware of any centre where I could donate some clothes. I m trying to find out, but no clue. Please help me if you have any contacts. Otherwise I need to goto jungle and donate them to hippos ;-) my twin :P

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

PS: The title has nothing to do with the post, I wasnt able to find a suitable title and was watching B4U music, so thought of putting the same BAJAOOOOOOOOOOO... :P.


My laptop has finally arrived.Hahahahahohohoho....yipeeee.
Thats enuf for celebration.After all I paid a huge amount for same.

I hate people who hold ur responsibility and then cant take a stand for you,yes it happens professionally and even personaly.damn!!

Just yesterday it was raining in pune and on my way back from office a guy in front of "infy stupa"(they look similar to sanchi
stupa to me) asked for lift.I thought to stop but then didnt. Time has changed.isnt?
It was "ek ladka bheega bhaaga sa....;-)"

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Building Stamina!

The other day I
read in one of the health magazine 'Prevention' that to build stamina you should drink 'beetroot juice' now I m very fond of beetroot and eat it on regular basis,I thought of giving it a try. After spending half an hour in peeling,cutting and crushing,there was a glass full of red colour liquid,waiting to serve me and build my stamina. Ahhhh....
Suddenly I had positive vibes that my stamina would really build and I would be like one of the most powerful woman with lots of stamina(as if the liquid had some magical spell).
Now as soon I had my first sip.eeeehh!It was yucks.
I mean taste could differ so much just because its state is changed from solid to liquid. All my dreams and vibes have vanished and now I was thinking how to finish the remaining.
After lot of thinking I planned to finish it in one go.And belive me after that all day I was suffering from 'beetroot burps' :-l
Finally I concluded "state" is important of any food you decide to eat.

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


After long wait, finally I'm getting official OFF for tomorrow. Thanks to Lord ganesha !!!

Jai Ganesh Jai Ganesh deva....

Would do nothing except playing with my nephew and sleeping.

Ordered DELL lapotop, which I got in 29000/- which would be delivered by next week, so hopefully to be more regular( you need to bear me more often).

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

People Around You!

Don't you get fed up with citizens some times? Their bad behavior, inanity, egoism, insensitivity, rudeness ? Of course you do. You hate their road rage, line-up jumping, loud talking on their cell phones in elevators, on trains and busses, their inability to realize that they actually do have to pay at the grocery check-out counter. They wake up with a start when presented with the bill and start the fumble for handbag, purse, exact change, in pennies, which they never have. The guys and gals in packs who force you off the sidewalk, the drivers who cut you off and who are going too fast or too slow instead of, like us, the correct speed?

I could go on - actually I will. The smokers who blow smoke out of the side of their mouths, straight into your face as you walk by (well, they would have to be smokers to do that wouldn't they?). The people who drive on highway on two wheelers at a speed of 80/90 and still keep talking on mobile phone, the people who have a habit of repeating one thing for 10 times, the people who argue with you for no reason , the people simply howls , the neighbors who play loud music, are hard as rock and keep on jumping on your ceiling , the people who don't pick up after their dogs, the people who are cruel to animals, and especially the predators and criminals abounding, and so on. (Full disclosure: I lined up to pay at the grocery the other day, and realized that I had forgotten my wallet. Dumb!). (OK. It's not quite full disclosure, but it will have to suffice)…………….
So what we do?

Nothing… more then simply writing up this post!!

Keep Faith

Newspaper and loop..

Thoughts flow the best at night on when I m in motion, I mean when I m driving my pleasure.
That was just a statement… Upcoming lines have no relation to it!!

Except on Sundays, I m not able to read newspaper fully. Reason my nephew G. Earlier it was T and TOI and now it is T and G. As soon as he sees people turning something called as paper, he shouts crawls and there he is snatching from you. Even if you try to do it sitting at some corner, his eagle’s eyes would catch you. But actually I should blame my time management for this, Ideally I could get time at night to read newspaper, then the blame goes to my 10:30 morning call , ideally for which I should start at around 9:45 but for that you need to get up at 7:00 but then for that you need to sleep at 11 at least, but for that you need to be at home at least by 7 then again for that you need to reach office by 10:30… see… that’s the loop!!! So actually I m not missing newspaper as I have a toy to play with.

I just completed Go kiss the world by Subroto Bagchi's. A must read book for every IT professional and budding entrepreneurs. The so called normal child , how he build up himself and how he build in Mindtree. At a early stage while working in Wipro , the way he was asked to give 120% , how he went wrong in making up decision to quit wipro and join L&T. Some how I was able to relate myself with him. He did mentioned that as you become a experienced professional, the choices are narrowed and you look for a similar kind of role and profile which was quite true.
He spoke about his onsite venture, how he was placed in a motel (where usually all WIPRO executives used to stay) but actually it was not amongst the recommended ones. And many more instances….

And also I read Imagining India by Nandan Nilekani, somehow I didn’t liked it . The volume and publicity given to the book just could get from buyers but appreciation is something which is still a long way for that book. I mean this is not expected form a person who has served Infosys, its good that he chose a different topic but somehow I feel he was just travelling in India and abroad and telling instances. He could have portrait about the youth power in a different way… . Everyone is aware that India has youth power but how we are using it is the question. I m highly disappointed by this one…

Keep Faith


Swine flue !!
This swine flue has given me a new business idea. Now what its is? And what’s the base for it?

Yesterday I read in pune times that there is a new rock band with name “Swine flu” . Atleast not for the talent but they are on front page for there name! What else do you need man? A bit of publicity…

So what’s the idea?

Swine flue moisturizer

Yes… After washing my hands for every hour my hand appeared as “drought hit area”. It was so dry that I thought even cactus could grow here.

So I thought of preparing a moisturizer which is a combination of hand sanitizer long lasting moisturizer

And what should be its name want something catchy…


Wine Flu!!!

On the pack I would put a pig’s photo or some hot model?

Some of the things I need to finalize!!

Please do buy it …once the pack is available…

If you want to order it… please do drop an email… free home delivery!!!!

Tin tin tiddin!!!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

What Else!!

Suddenly I realized I have changed a lot!!
Yes I have… I mean no dancing, no blogging, no bunking office,and moreover no flirting!!!
Seriously something has changed!!!

I realized how boring I have been… !!

Don’t want to do dissection or RCA ( root cause analysis) of this . as why what went wrong ? But thought of again rewinding!!! So I m back…

Atleast with blogging!!

And dancing…

And bunking…

And and and… flirting!!! I know the reason of that atelast… not even a single good looking guy around!!

You know when you join any office, first thing you would see is people around you… if they are soothing …good… humourous… somehow you ll like to come again to them. But then if you don’t find even a single motivator!!! Bad it is…. You don’t feel like coming back and that s THE reason I don’t like my “new office”… :-(

Anyways, I’m just back from my vacation went to Madurai and Ramaeshwaram . I m not that religious to visit theerths(holy places) but wanted my parents to do that. But still loved the place. Meenakshi temple is so very beautiful!! And ramaeshwaram temple, its so huge and ancient. Truly loved it. And how could I forget palliyar patti. Thanks cm-chap for being our tour-guide. But the trip was amazing!

Hope to be regular now… well I should be!! That’s what time management is all about!!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Rakhi ka swavyamvar!

So this is the latest HIT!!!
New drama… new gossip… new entertainment!!

There have been many shows trying to do match making but going for a swavyamvar was the most unique and unusual idea. Actually this idea dosent match Rakhi Sawant !! Or it is because of rakhi sawant the serial is hit!!

I m proud of the innovator who cracked this idea! Fresh and all “copyrights reserved”, As after Sita maiyya in satyug it is Rakhi maiyya in kalyug!!

It has all the mirch masala that is needed , and its still hard to belive that Rakhi could have so many fans … lovers… and hubby!!
Somehow, my gut feeling says that at the end there would be a new dramasome guy” would pop up saying “Rakhi is already married to me” and she is mother of two!!! You never know!!!

Till now we have copied all shows from west Indian Idol, Kaun banega crorepati, India got talent and many more….

But this is India’s Innovation !!! I wonder if West would like to copy this. What it would be ?

Pamela(Anderson) ka swaymanvar or J Lo in search of a Hubby Ho!!!
Whatever… I think it would be Manas(he’s cute na…) winning Rakhi. What you think?

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


Hey got info about scorpions… Was reading Linda Goodman’s Sun sign and it says that 95 % it happens that when a Scorpio is born , within a year ahead or earlier there is a death in his family and when a Scorpio dies there is a new baby born in the same family within a year.

It happened with me, I lost my grandfather that very same year , don’t know whether there would be some one new coming once I die…. Even I remember one of my frd Scorpio who lost her close relative that very same year. But another friend of mine hasn’t faced this ….

Even if this phenomenon is observed I could not find its significance!!
Anyone who is aware of it?

Blame it my inquisitive nature ..but need to figure it out!!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Sixth Sense!!

The best part of today was that my sixth sense reacted so strongly.
There is one of my manager who sits in Chennai and I have never seen him, just heard him… . After my intital conversation only my mann ( I mean heart) said that he should be short heighted!! This was in my मन ( heart I mean), I never shared this with anyone!! Such a big secret!! ;-)

But today as we were talking about how people speak on phone , I informed my peers – he should be short heighted , this I feel due to his voice!!
And then I confirmed , with another guy who has seen him.

And it was yipeeeeeeeeeeeeee for me!!

Then , there was a another question… What would you say about Amitabh Bachan. Is he short or tall? Infact you could start a business, आवाज़ से जानिए अपनी Height!!!

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr… making fun of my sixth sense….

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Dont do it!!

My little nephew who is just 6 months and has started tasting delicacies is very choosy!!!

When we give him anything that is “edible” from our point of view he will analyze it , rotate it , view it from angles, toss it, box it (to see if its strong enough) , this usually takes about 3-4 minutes, then he’ll put it in his mouth . And if he didn’t liked it, he simply throws it.
But when anything non-edible comes to his hand, for eg : paper, wool,slippers,glass, magazine, remote, cellphone and the list could continue…it would go straight into his mouth!! And just few days back , he actually chewed paper.

Earlier I used to think, that as soon as we hear a “NO”, and we were tempted to do that, but what about a kid just 6 months old, who doesn’t understands anything!! Is it that by birth we have an inbuilt trait!!
If anyone who mediates, in the initial days we try to concentrate and “NOT” to think about any thing else, and this reminds us that we still need to get back 500 /- from one of our dear friend, kaam wali bai’ nahi aayi to you need to clean utensils, I still need to call my aunt who was ill…. And so on….
Just do it…

Close your eyes and DON’T imagine the pink elephant…

What you did?...

Then we can’t help it…..isnt…!!!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


I m in new office …well office… I somehow disagree.. its fish market!!!
Trust me it is … and we are “fish sellers”… !!!! Screaming … shouting “take my fish…take my fish”…. Its delicious.. its tasty…yummy… its juicy… !!! and me being the leader !!!hahahahhaa….( I know that's a joke ;-))

Any how, few days its was really bad for me to get adjusted to this “market”… but now I have adjusted and a simple way to that is…” keep your ears closed”… and eyes wide open… and mouth even more widerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!!

You guys might be wondering “which sector its is”?

Don’t worry , this is a modernized fish market with all ac rooms.. well equipped , provided with every luxury but job is same “ Fish”!!! This is telecomm account , with design , testing, release are given to different companies but all sit on one location . And luckily or unluckily I belong to testing… which is usually busy with finding bugs in design… which are not accepted by design team…and release is there to bridge the gap between the two… so overall Chaos!!!!

Whatever man…
paapi pet ke liye bahut kuch karma padta hain… aur abhi to recession hain !!!
Bando pe reham kar!!!Ameen!!!!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

New is Back!!

I m sitting in front of my comp , logged in to my blogger account and could not fathom what to write!!

There are so many things going in my mind… new office… new people… new work… new way… new vehicle….ahhhh…. !!!

In all this new… me “Old” is not able to fit in!!

Am I walking tooo slow… or people are too fast…

Whatever… I m happy with my pace!!!

Hopefully… not to get lost again..

Btw…How are you guys?

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


Indian lyricist could come out with such analogies that’s its hard to imagine for a common man like me!!!

Sample these!!

वो जब नाखून कुतरती हैं
चंदा घटने लगता है ....

आपको देखा तो फूलों को पसीना आ गया !!!!
(टॉवेल दू क्या ?) :P

And there is this …

एक लड़की को देखा
तो ऐसा लगा......................................................

With infinite numbers of comparison …

Yup, I could understand Govinda Special….

में तो रास्ते से जा रहा थामें तो भेलपुरी खा रहा था....

रामनारायण बाजा बजाता ...

तेरे बाप के घर से...

And many more…

But association of beauties ……. तौबा तौबा

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Earth Hour

A recent development which took place in Delhi…

I m not at all against this campaign, but somehow I’m not able to digest it.

Somehow, I think this type of campaign is for countries where there is 24 hr non-stop supply of electricity and the lifestyle is completely dependant on it. In India, where as soon as summer starts we face a “normal” batti gul(power cut) campaign . As soon as you return from office, you park your vehicle and power cut. Now you are climbing stairs and blaming. There is a favorite film scheduled on your favorite channel, and after finishing all your stuff you switch it on and there shuts off the power!!! The common man sweats, get frustrated and blames even more to the government.

Some lucky ones who earn quite decent use invertors and generators. But then we are burning more electricity to charge the inverter and second we are “emptying” petrol to run the generator. Remember that ad… kya saara petrol aap hi khatam kar denge? :P

Some constraints which are sure to come up with this “Monthly Earth Hour “campaign:

· Thieves could have a “good time “
· Pubs and shopping malls would still be using invertors and generators
· IT industry/ BPO sectors where people work 24 X 7 would be affected.

On a positive note,
· If it is implemented, of course the common man could “reschedule” and as “we Indians” are too adjusting in nature , There could be an adjustment for that one hour.
· We could tell to the world, you made it for 1 hour in a year and we are doing it on monthly basis.

I just noticed that in India, “batti gul" is the major problem faced by every individual now and then, if just for Delhi shutting down power they save up to 100 MW of power every month., how much power we save on daily basis.

Hats Off Indians and thanks to Electricity board!! :P

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Election Time and Manifesto

Check out this guys “LK Advani

Highlights of the vision proposed by BJP :

  • Multipurpose National Identity Card with unique Citizen Identification Number for every Indian citizen in 3 years
  • 10 million students to get laptop computers at Rs 10,000
  • All schools and colleges to have Internet-enabled education
  • Digital Security Agency to be set up for cyber counter-terrorism
On a similar path are Congress :
  • We will connect all villages to a broadband network in three years time
In India , the general non-IT public has a perception that IT is just related to own a laptop, access to whole lot of information(I read this somewhere that its just 10 % of world information available on web. ) , checking mails frequently , orkutting, making new friends , downloading music, films and many more things which are still not readily available to the common man.
Being an IT person I really thing among the task stated above, not a single one serves any purpose to anyone apart from timepass. We just keep on wasting our time while exploring from one site to another. We make a habit of checking mails ,every 1 minute “refresh” button is hit is by the user.
You ask a net-savvy guy and he’ll answer – yaar, I m online 24 hrs. So, people would be online/idle from office/home/wfh(work from home) but when you jam them, yaar busy with some urgent issue will talk to you later.
Whats the use of this “24 hour online” thing?
What the point I want to make here is that its good to concentrate on the technology and should appreciate if someone is working on it but as per the users need. It shouldn’t be a mandate and a status symbol that you need to have it.
Common man is looking for a secure place , not affected by bomb and drunken drivers . They are looking for easy solutions to there problems. Initiatives taken to build competencies and jobs should be more appropriate option then providing broadband and laptops. So wasting our own money … I don’t think so is needed.
Moreover, I wonder, when in a city like Pune I can’t get a stable high speed broadband connection , to get it in Villages that too in a period of 3 years. Would be surely tough!!!

Or is it just the promises to be made… how does it matter if they are executed or not !!!!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Foodie Point :

Yesterday , in my canteen “Parle G” were missing and suddenly I felt tea so boring(that’s with a fact that I’m a tea addict ). Then at night I thought, how many things (concerned to food) are there which are just integral part of my life and I can’t live without them.

I’m very fussy when “food” is concerned. I just can’t eat “anything”. If the food is not per my desire I’m happy to stay hungry. But still “those hunger strikes” don’t reduce my weight. Boooboboboohoohuhohuhuhuhu….

Anyways coming back to my food love :

  1. Parle G : I just love it. I remember when I was in London , I bought this 4 /- wala pack in 2 Pounds. Damn!!! But I love it. Btw, anyone who knows who's that child on parle-g pack?

  2. Bournvita : That’s something which I love with chilled milk. You don’t get this “crunchy tasty” bournvita in London, there they have just the powdered one , so when I went for the second time , I carried a bournvita pack along with me . :D

  3. Fig/Anjeer : That’s one dry fruit , I ‘m in love with and could munch any time irrespective of the fact that I m hungry or not.

  4. Tea : That Red label Natural Care one, yup before it came into market I was bearing with plain red label. But this natural care is just amazing.

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Aloo Chaat

Yesterday , I went to a DVD’s shop near to my house, where you could also get “pirated” ones. Now, I can’t spend 150-250 bucks for a movie like Aloo Chaat!!! So, the best option is go for a pirated CD.

Now, as I asked him for a CD and verified how’s is the audio and video of this , his answer was – Madam yeh “original” ki copy hain !!!

I was impressed by his answer… Original ki COPY!!!!!

Whatever, yesterday I saw Aloo Chaat… and if I have to rate it it is still better then Delhi -6 and Dostana. Trust me. I know nobody would go out to watch Aftab shivdasani (He's a cute guy. isnt?)… and Kashish… but still movie is good. One character to watch out is “Chadami (Sanjay Mishra)”. He is real spice of the film. And moreover the message they are trying to convey is done in an appropriate manner and presented very well.

Btw who is this Varun Gandhi? And why is he making so much news?
Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr... Politics!!!!!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Back Back...

Just woke up....
ये चिलमन से आई हैं रौशनी
या देखा हैं मैंने एक ख्वाब हसीन.........
कुछ अजीब सा इत्तेफाक हैं
कि आँखों के सामने हमारा वही हसीन खवाब हैं !!


Since last 2-3 weeks my desk is actually looking like this

Yup, sticky notes all over my desk. Thanks to my bad memory or may be growing age ;-)
Infact when housekeeping comes to clean up my desk, he always complains – Madame there is no place to clean at your desk!!!
Colleagues’ have given me a new name “Ghajini

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Looking For Answers....

How many of you believe that your unconscious states and actions always give an indication to your problem or even direction to your goal?

Some how I believe it… there is no proof which I could give to you guys , how could I trust my action and were they beneficial ever and what logic I used to interpret them. But they do help mea lot for sure…

Infact a simple exercise when I started in school I used to follow and it did help…

Try this, when you are in library/bookstore. Think about a problem that concerns you. Close your eyes, and suggest silently to your Inner Guide that you are seeking advice. Ask it to help you learn what you need to know.

Now, wander freely through the aisles. Avoid noticing where you are; just trust your inner promptings to guide you. When you feel ready, pick up a book and open to a page. Read the entire page, and try to relate what is there to your problem. You may be surprised to find just what you needed. If the information doesn't seem related, pretend the message is in a code that you must decipher. Look for a subtle meaning.

Meaning is everywhere - literally at your fingertips - but you must seek it out.

Btw , check out this amazing catch guys :

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

The Love Tide

Happy Valentines Day to all those committed
Happy Independence Day to all those single ;-)

Remember-every friend/one you love is just a call away,so pick up your phone and dial in.

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Bank and Beauties

Visiting the main branch of HSBC bank in Pune is simply like… Wowww… beauties all around. Don’t know if it’s a “local bank “as they keep saying in their advertisement but is for sure “the beauties bank”. Yup, its hard to digest for some “hippo” like me . ;-)

For a good time pass (tp), I would really recommend boys to go there, enter and very first step you are greeted by a young tall girl, she questions you – how she can help? And you could tell the sad part of your life ;-) . I mean to say that tell about the problem you are facing in your bank account, then sit on a sofa and wait for your turn, there would be a bowl full of mentos and alpenliebe, you could just pick one after another that too free of cost ;-).

Even if you miss your turn, no worries…. Keep waiting… waiting and waiting…. Until someone comes to you and ask – How she can help? Once your problem is solved or advised how it could be solved, then… then what…..

And then what… you are thrown out of the bank what do you expect after spending 2-3 hours and swallowing 20-30 mentos/alpenliebe…

The worlds beauties bank *…

* HSBC Main Branch, Pune ;-)

Btw, I'm in love with this song... traditional yet hip hop

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Anchors, Hosts, Presentors....

Do you remember how the shows were presented earlier?
Aap aur hum, Chitrahaar, news or even Scheduler (one who used to dictates what are the programs for today).

But now everything is moving, people are interested in LIVE, if you remember there would be news reader and behind that you could see all other crew working, someone chatting, someone walking with papers. The entire “moving" office looks catchier then those with white background and just one person presenting. (That’s the reason I guess I used to find DD NEWS boring, and how much I used to hate it as a child).

The other day I was watching MTV Wassup (another crap I know), but I liked the way they present it, if they have any question to any other VJ they'll simply shout and here that guy/gal would turn or jump from a cubicle answering you. Hahahahhaa... total maaaza....

I guess the reason that people enjoy it, as they connect well with you. We assume that everything is so systematic, perfect and may be not as our office but when we see it, it’s quite similar to one of our office I work and somehow we believe it.

But the main reason, I think is that now "Offices" workplaces are more attractive, with PC and technology, it looks more impressive. Earlier, the offices might be similar to what a "government office should look like". A table and a chair, pile of files, a tea class, one bade babu sitting and attending you. But even that was impressive so what if people worked manually....!!!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

HairStyle and Question and Roadies

Just got a new hairstyle,ahh let me correct it,hairstyle is same just that now length of hair is shortened, which somehow force me to keep them untied. But I know I could manage to tie them up with the help of 5-10 hair pins,but let it be spending 200 bucks and not showing the art of hair stylist, this would be unfair to her. So now they are free enjoying the free air and freedom. People reacted to it saying you look younger.

But I m still 16, how much more I need to reduce my age,I wonder.;-)

Now one question- What were Kareena Kapoor and Deepika Padukone used before getting Vivel and Fiama Di Wills resp for there young, beautiful,clean and fair skin. Does that mean they never used any other soap and were waiting for their products to be launched and they could take bath. ;-)

After many days I watched MTV Roadies, they have crossed all limit I guess, making them eat "julaab" and asking to "Hold it ". Uddi Baba!!!! But was fun to watch this time, atleast they were doing soemthing instead of just using slang and bad words.

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Demand And Supply

This whole world uses the logic of “Demand and Supply” but some saint and mahatma type people put it in different way.
Just to start with “Marriage” earlier there were limited supply, I mean only whom relatives/ family members would know they would be eligible to tie knot with them. Girls were not as “working” as our today. So finally it was out of reach of boys/gals to approach each other as now we find boys/girls everywhere – Surplus Supply. Schools, Colleges, Offices, pubs, restaurants then there are dating concept , social networking sites and many more…. So finally as Supply increased “demand” decreased.. Nopes I don’t mean Boys have stopped staring… drooling over girls but what I want to say is that now there are more break ups and people follow a funda “ tum nahi to koi aur sahi”.. i.e. If not you, there is someone else for me!!!

And then there would be preachers, saints, relation ship expert, counseller, salahakaar … Life moves on, don’t stop living as someone dumped you. You can surely find someone else.

Tell me, if there wouldn’t be a “hope” of finding someone else – would anyone ever dump someone? They would still be trying to stretch their relationship for sure, no matter how worse it is!!!!

Next lets talk about “Children”… earlier people hardly knew what “contraceptives “ are and so 15…16..17…18…19…20….. Or even more Children to a single parent. As there were so many, not everyone was pampered or everyone used be a spoilt brat!!! But now just one or two…. And they are spoiled like anything!!! Pampered like anything… !!! Ask/ demand one and you’ll get 2!!!!

There are many other factors to the above two cases, but somehow base line is just same Demand and Supply.

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Future In Real

As I see… Indians would have :
  1. A Mobile Phone
  2. A Laptop with broadband/wi-fi
  3. A TATA Nano
A must for every Indian in future!!!
Yesterday I was thinking, real estate prices are still out of reach of a common man, people going for nuclear families, every one is now techie.
So, in future all nuclear families could be accommodated in TATA Nano, instead of those 1 BHK, chawl, pipes, road and station. They would be working from home “log on to this website and book or order”. For some physical talks... Moby (mobile) is still there. But there would be serious problem of toilets!! ;-) As, Nano doesn’t comes with an inbuilt toilet. ;-)

Future!!! Huh??Are we expanding or shrinking?
Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


If you notice the time of the post its 4:01 , yup nothing wrong in posting this hour,but I'm not in office or at home but on station waiting waiting waiting....

Just reached Pune station and now I'm waiting for dawn ,as it gets brighter and then I could pick up my bike from office and go home and sleep.The only reason I "hate" to belong fairer sex.

I m sitting on the station (although its quite crowded) and it reminds me of that station scene from "jab we met" and dialogue "akeli ladki khuli tijori ke saman hoti hai". People no doubt give a strange look when they see a girl sitting all alone or is pulling her luggage.

Ahhh... I m just thinking how good it have been if I was at home, dumped onto my bed under the cozy cozy blanket and sleeeepinggggggggggggggg..... hahahhahahahha... dreams would soon turn into reality!!!!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Padma Shri!!

Yup even I felt bad when AISGWARYA RAI was awarded PADMA SHRI, for no achievements.
Was it for being Ms world , or marvellous perforance in Dhoom 2 or for marrying in bachan's family?

I guess thats the reason. Amar Singh saved the government from drowning, and in return they asked for just 'one' award.

I wonder how and what he would return to Mr. Sanjay Dutt?

P for Politics or P for Padma Shri!!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

AC Travel

I m on way to my hometown,in chuk-chuk gaddi. As you earn,so you want all luxuries of life,so here I m travelling in AC-3tier(yup I just earn a decent amount). But now I realise,travelling in sleeper class has much more advantages then this AC.

1. Snoring: Ahhh....,usually there are all families,or some oldies,and when they sleep,they make sure that others 'take care of their luggage',as the unique,loud and sometimes such a vulgar sound is produced that it makes impossible for others to sleep.:-(

2.Eating Stuff: In sleeper one always have an advantage of buying it straight through the window.But in AC,go down and get it.

3.Germs: In AC germs spread more easily then in the natural environment.So you are likely to get attacked by them.

And for all this I spent so much money:-(

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

www. ........

Some kewl sites...

Quizilla : It lists down all the quizzes. Just for eg :

  • What temprature you are?

  • What milkshake you are?

  • Who all have crushes on you?

  • What type of home appliances are you?

  • How romantic you are.....

And more you could log on to this website ;-)

librarywala : This one is for Mumbai,Pune and Bangalore only. But a good and reliable site. Even I'm a member of this and would personally recommend it.

Username : If you want to check the availiability of username on some site, you could use this site and check it. It does it quickly.

tukka : Check out this crap site. Just click and you dont know what it would offer.

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Mobile and Style

Just came out of a training session, and there people switched on there mobiles, yup some of them are busy with that even in middle of a meeting/seminar. Quite a common scenario in train(long distance route) as well, people if are alone, are quite busy with some “far friend/ relative” then saying hello/hi to person sitting next to him/her.

And then people would be busy on some “ social networking” site to find a “friend”.

Hahahahahhaa… God must be laughing up for sure. You idiot, fool when I made an arrangement to meet that girl in the seminar you were busy with phone, now logging on orkut and searching and scraping her.

And that fool replied – that’s style God !!!! One need to be kewl you see.

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

My Republic Day Dream.

As a child I always thought of saving atleast one life so that even I could be among those "BRAVE CHILD", and then I could even have a free ride on elephant(I guess this was the reason) but alas it never happened. And that dream is now rusted and dumped into the past.

Aur jee sochna nu mera o tera kii jata hai. Just keep dreaming.....

Btw HAPPY REPUBLIC DAY to all.Enjoy....

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


I have a very strong reason to marry a boy younger to me. What’s that?
He would still be earning even if I retire!!!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

The “O” effect

Yups you all might be wondering if again I’m talking the Obama and Obamamania. But apart from that there are some good things under this “O Effect “ for India : Let’s Start :
  1. Obama: Just for obvious reason. The first “unwhite (I wouldn’t say Black ;-)) “president of US.
  2. Olympics: Yups, you heard it right. Year 2008 and India won gold in Olympics.
  3. Oscar: Again another “O”, for the first time India got nominations and I’m sure we would have our 1st award for sure this year.
  4. Outsourcing : Even this “O” has to do a lot with change in economic conditions of India. Don’t you think so?
So what next with “O”…. to come?
Keep Faith
Chakoli :)
PS: Thanks for the correction Phoneix. And Its is just about the global "positive changes" starting with "O". India just is having a greater impact.

Life Is Tough yaar!!

Life just a combination of emotions, hurdles, love, happiness, feelings, warmth, success failure, appreciation, mess, passion, adventure,

And could you believe it, among all this struggle and enjoyment “we have to WORK “. ;-). Ahhhhhh…. How tough it is!!! Atleast for me, to move your big fat fingers typing , to strain your eyes to see this plain DELL monitor, to sit (when I have an option of sleeping) on this so uncomfortable chair, to run to printer for some useless printouts of presentation , to drink tea/coffee just for the sake of drinking , to gossip about the office affairs and juicy politics just for the sake of break from boring work, to look for proxy when mails and messenger are blocked from office .

See how tough life is at workplace and HR people keep on repeating – Our priority is to make resources (employees) comfortable!!!!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


I don’t understand…

a) Why are people offended when we call them “Black” but why they don’t feel offended when all news channel all over the world keep on screaming “ The First “Black” president of US dates with history “
b) Calling a “Dalit” a Dalit is crime but when behenjee(Mayawati)of Dalits keeps on screaming, we’ll work for Dalits’ upliftment why is it not a crime?
c) When Sonia Gandhi was a strong contender for prime minister ship people opposed saying that we don’t want our country to ruled by a foreign origin but when in US “Bobby Jindal” contested, he was supported by lakhs of Indians.

Stop being Hypocrites!!
To dissolve any discrimination, the first step is to stop using it. Once it becomes obsolete it would surely become EXTINCT!!!

Don’t you think?

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Hmpf Hmpf..

How to do you want to start your day? Full of excitement and energy isn’t?

Sometimes, when there is too much of energy that’s also harmful!!!!

Today I woke up, at normal time and thought would go late by half an hour, so as I was sipping tea, again a “bright idea” clicked!!!! I could “take rest” for another half an hour ;-). As, I took last sip of my tea, and there I was lying flat on my bed.

When I again woke up, and started my daily chores as soon as I tried opening my main door to put the bin pack, I realized it’s locked from outside. What, he locked me in!! :-\

Ahhhhhh… But why? Didn’t he realize I ‘m still here, and above all my bike is still parked. Ufff… Whatever … instead of thinking why and what , I diverted my mind and said- how to get door unlock?
To add to the misery I didn’t even had any of my neighbors number, Then I heard some noise, it was I suppose Uncle who lives just next door. I started banging my door with Uncle Uncle…. And now he said… who is there? I narrated him, that I got locked as he thought I have left for office, could you please unlock it? They all started laughing. Then he asked but how? I’ll throw you my keys from window downstairs. hahahahahahhaa again another round of laughter!! They agreed…
Finally… door was unlocked… so I wasted around ½ an hour again.

Then , the watchman came saying, drinking water supply is down, today also there wouldn’t be any water to drink(that was for 3 consecutive days). Then in came all “women with there suggestions”. I was standing there if they suggest some means and I could follow them, as just ½ a jug water was left. But all in vain…. There talks shifted from water to kids… so I thought better I’ll buy some water from market, but then one of them suddenly said (as if she was able to read my mind), yesterday all packed drinking water were also finished in Reliance. Ahhhhhh…. So no scope again.
Wasted my 15 mins!!!!

Then, I thought I’ll carry a water bottle and fill it in office. In case I don’t get water anywhere. While juggling in my mind, I put on geyser. After about 10 mins, I opened the tab for hot water, it was too hot I said and as soon as I opened the cold water tab , Damn were my words!!!

No Water!!!! I just had half bucket of water and it was boiling at 100 degrees.
Now what to do? I’ll go downstairs and ask watchman to switch on the motor. But then I realized, why is radio off? Ohh.. No electricity!!!

Ahhhhhh… now if I wait for this water to get normal, it will surely take 1-2 hrs. I searched in another toilet. There was ½ a bucket of water. That was a great relief!!!

I managed with that 1 bucket took bath and came out, and realized electricity is back, the cold water tap which was open suddenly produced a sound and there came up water running!!!!!

Hmmmmmm… Finally managed to reach office with a delay of 2.5 hrs…
Hmpf... Hmpf... Leave that for now.
Got some good news. Homy awarded me !!!! Thanks so much Homy :).Love you dear :)

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)
PS: That kid is really cute na? ;-)

News Channel Evergreen….

I really envy these news channel….They never fall short of news… or in that matter they create news!!!

Welcome to News SadaBahar!!!

First it was “Global economy slowdown” then came up :Vidhan sabha election”, Mumbai Terror attack, Pakistan betrayal, Ghajini business of 200 crore, MNS – UP/Bihar Bhaiya Fight, Satyam Scam. In between to spice up, there were bomb explosion in different cities, Shivraj V patil style check, Cricket match, Salman-Shahrukh fight. And to spice it more, there would be one-two kid who would get caught up in deep well and they could perform a LIVE operation. Not for his rescue but to increase there TRP’s…

If none of the above is happening, they could make a one hour show on all the soaps that are aired on different family channel, and how could I forget “there spicy comments” packed up with it .

Be it films, music video, an IT firm, a government project… all have a probability of going down. But news channel… can never be workless and so the industry….

Ahhhhh… why didn’t I opted for Mass communication … Sigh!!!!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

The thing about goals

The following article is from blogger Seth Godin ….
Something I love and I follow….

Take a look…

Having goals is a pain in the neck.
If you don't have a goal (a corporate goal, a market share goal, a personal career goal, an athletic goal...) then you can just do your best. You can take what comes. You can reprioritize on a regular basis. If you don't have a goal, you never have to worry about missing it. If you don't have a goal you don't need nearly as many excuses, either.
Not having a goal lets you make a ruckus, or have more fun, or spend time doing what matters right now, which is, after all, the moment in which you are living.
The thing about goals is that living without them is a lot more fun, in the short run.
It seems to me, though, that the people who get things done, who lead, who grow and who make an impact... those people have goals.

Blog : seth godin

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

How Are you?

Not in a good mood….
Don’t feel like working…
Suddenly, everything in life is appearing as myth.
No achievements, no appraisals, no appreciation could let my feelings change (as of now)!!!
There is no END to this…
It’s all like a Loop, repeating itself again and again…. It’s about “The Fear”…

Just few days back, in Nov I felt the same due to Mumbai Terror attack… when I (or rather we) were shocked , and horrified and in search of a SECURE PLACE!!! And now its satyam scam… With just recent news they say 10,000 employees have to laid off!! Bull S*** man…!!! We struggle, we fight, we work, we don’t say NO to any work given to us… and then one day we are simply given a piece of paper saying about the termination!!!
I just think about people, who have to pay up EMI’s (house/car/2-wheeler), if they are just thrown out, they would really face a tough time. Just 9 days back, about 20 % people (of satyam)might have celebrated this new year with a wish that economy could be better and then a SHOCK !!!
If it can happen to them, it can happen to US as well… and we always live with an illusion Yes we are SAFE!!!!

Whatever, but suddenly life and mood are BLANK…. Just Blank….

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Good Habits…

Since December I tried changing “me”… yup its tough!!!
I mean I thought of taking up some good habits which could help me. Somehow “regulating yourself” is seriously tough!!!!

  • OutLook Reminder : I used my outlook and set up a reminder named as “ breath-check your posture and move your eyes”. It is scheduled for morning 9 a.m . As soon as I get into office I see that reminder I snooze it for 30 mins, and after each 30 mins I breath yup that loooooooooooooong breath with that “hissing” sound ;-) , sit straight and move my eyes (actually take off my eyes from monitor). And it actually have helped me. Now I don’t feel that exhausted and feel fresh

  • A To Do list : I used to have it my mind earlier, but with growing age even my mind is rusting so now I jot down, not on computer but with a pen and paper. Some how I think writing anything on paper have more lasting impression in your mind then typing it on a notepad/excel.

  • Down one floor : Each time I want to use wash room I go one floor down using stairs. It helps Just a bit of movement also could help.

Ahhhh… there are more to come, hopefully I follow them seriously…
In a session I came to know that for any routine to become a habit it takes 21 days without break. If you do it for 21 days then its default that you ll do it for all your life. !!! Don’t know why , it is some logic of 7*3….

So better follow a 21 days course… and you could see the results…
Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

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