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Some kewl sites...

Quizilla : It lists down all the quizzes. Just for eg :

  • What temprature you are?

  • What milkshake you are?

  • Who all have crushes on you?

  • What type of home appliances are you?

  • How romantic you are.....

And more you could log on to this website ;-)

librarywala : This one is for Mumbai,Pune and Bangalore only. But a good and reliable site. Even I'm a member of this and would personally recommend it.

Username : If you want to check the availiability of username on some site, you could use this site and check it. It does it quickly.

tukka : Check out this crap site. Just click and you dont know what it would offer.

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


Anonymous said...

Hehehee!! I like tukka! :D

niceguy251 said...


Thanks. Visited first and the last ones. Have left comment on your previous post too.

Have you read my latest post?

Take care

Reema said...

thanks for the links

churningthewordmill.wordpress.com said...

i only knew of librarywala.. the rest are all new to me... intersting stuff there..

CM-Chap said...

Ah nice... will gv a try. But also this tells me that - "You are jobless in office" :)

mazak said...

nice useful sites ... i got really gud scores in quizilla :)

Vrij said...

tukka was interesting!

Homecooked said...

Nice list Chakoli. Thankfully here there are awesome libraries.... otherwise I would have joined something like librarywala :)

sam said...

good collection ::)

Keshi said...

Im so not into TUKKA ya know lol!


Chakoli said...




yups,quite true

bt its of no use.isnt?

Chakoli said...


wt r d scores nd results?

did u stil had dat doubt?

try others nw


yup saw nd cmnted as wel.thx fr ur comments


Anonymous said...

Lol ...quizzilla tukka ...funny names :P

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