More Fun Awaits....

Just three more days left!! And then two weeks loooong vacation and then new joining!!!

Many a times all things just fall in place as if they were planned that way!!! And then I feel great!!

This weekend we are planning for outing.. and I m bit excited as this would be my last outing with this team. So there was no plan to drop out, inspite of the fact that I may get bored..... lets see....!!

Met some very good people... I'll miss them. Although duration was just three months, saying goodbye is always sad :(. And I know I'll miss them.

Okie... that was something sad... coming back to some fun... IPL...what else could be more fun!!
'yaar kya ho raha hai yeh... dilli ke daredevils... harate hi jaa rahe hain'... Now I bet that they won't be in top 4 :P

What else guys... apart from this scorching heat!! Suddenly temp has risen like anything!!! Its terrible to step out in sun even for a minute...well... the reason is bad habit of AC and not thye heat ;). Do you agree?

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


Life has many comparisons

..Box of crayons
..Box of chocolate
..A road to travel..
..A sinusoidal wave
..A mirror
..A race
..A lyrics
..A cup of coffee
..Roller coaster
..An envelope

But the CRUX of the matter remains same…

LIFE is Live It ForEver

Don't take life too seriously, you won't get out alive.

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


Guys look cute after the hair cut.(I mean just fresh....a day old)

And why is that 'spects' give an intelletual look to guys ,well in that matter even for girls!

why married women just talk about there husbands,new dishes nd how much they get tired handling dual responsibilities?

why do married men always talk about investment plans nd at what rate the 'x' builder is selling the flat?

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


Just woke up after looong sleep!!!

There were just too many things happening in life.... new office... new BOSS, new colleagues... new crushes... a bit of hectic life... and then there was my tarot and reiki to keep me busy .... and then there were my friends... and then there was my little nephew to keep me all time busy!!! So just in that "busyness" blog was kept aside.

Finally... I m back :)

I resigned again!! Whoooaaa... last year till this time I was struggling to save my job... and within three months I dropped in my papers twice . God is always fair!!!

Anyways.... so again in April... the story would office... new BOSS, new colleagues... new crushes... ;)

A new activity which I did... accompanying my colleague for "sutta (smoking)"... now I had many colleagues who did smoked but , nobody ever asked me for company.... but when he did... I was like fine!! Of course I was sipping tea and he was smoking... so it wasn't a bad combo... but still... I m not sure he felt comfortable or not....!! Anyways.... I guess that was the first and last time... any boy asked a girl ( non smoker) to accompany him to "sutta tapri".

Suddenly ... I feel I wasted my "so many years" .... but then I feel optimistic that I still have "so many years".... hahaha....

Btw guys... I have started waking up at 6... and many a times at 5:30!!! So do give a pat on my back!!!I need it :)

IPL is starting today... so would have more "mirch-masala" to update!! I m counting on Delhi daredevils. What's your choice? And I really bet... this time it won't be deccan chargers winning IPL!!! So lets see....

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

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