Padma Shri!!

Yup even I felt bad when AISGWARYA RAI was awarded PADMA SHRI, for no achievements.
Was it for being Ms world , or marvellous perforance in Dhoom 2 or for marrying in bachan's family?

I guess thats the reason. Amar Singh saved the government from drowning, and in return they asked for just 'one' award.

I wonder how and what he would return to Mr. Sanjay Dutt?

P for Politics or P for Padma Shri!!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

AC Travel

I m on way to my hometown,in chuk-chuk gaddi. As you earn,so you want all luxuries of life,so here I m travelling in AC-3tier(yup I just earn a decent amount). But now I realise,travelling in sleeper class has much more advantages then this AC.

1. Snoring: Ahhh....,usually there are all families,or some oldies,and when they sleep,they make sure that others 'take care of their luggage',as the unique,loud and sometimes such a vulgar sound is produced that it makes impossible for others to sleep.:-(

2.Eating Stuff: In sleeper one always have an advantage of buying it straight through the window.But in AC,go down and get it.

3.Germs: In AC germs spread more easily then in the natural environment.So you are likely to get attacked by them.

And for all this I spent so much money:-(

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

www. ........

Some kewl sites...

Quizilla : It lists down all the quizzes. Just for eg :

  • What temprature you are?

  • What milkshake you are?

  • Who all have crushes on you?

  • What type of home appliances are you?

  • How romantic you are.....

And more you could log on to this website ;-)

librarywala : This one is for Mumbai,Pune and Bangalore only. But a good and reliable site. Even I'm a member of this and would personally recommend it.

Username : If you want to check the availiability of username on some site, you could use this site and check it. It does it quickly.

tukka : Check out this crap site. Just click and you dont know what it would offer.

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Chakoli :)

Mobile and Style

Just came out of a training session, and there people switched on there mobiles, yup some of them are busy with that even in middle of a meeting/seminar. Quite a common scenario in train(long distance route) as well, people if are alone, are quite busy with some “far friend/ relative” then saying hello/hi to person sitting next to him/her.

And then people would be busy on some “ social networking” site to find a “friend”.

Hahahahahhaa… God must be laughing up for sure. You idiot, fool when I made an arrangement to meet that girl in the seminar you were busy with phone, now logging on orkut and searching and scraping her.

And that fool replied – that’s style God !!!! One need to be kewl you see.

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Chakoli :)

My Republic Day Dream.

As a child I always thought of saving atleast one life so that even I could be among those "BRAVE CHILD", and then I could even have a free ride on elephant(I guess this was the reason) but alas it never happened. And that dream is now rusted and dumped into the past.

Aur jee sochna nu mera o tera kii jata hai. Just keep dreaming.....

Btw HAPPY REPUBLIC DAY to all.Enjoy....

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


I have a very strong reason to marry a boy younger to me. What’s that?
He would still be earning even if I retire!!!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

The “O” effect

Yups you all might be wondering if again I’m talking the Obama and Obamamania. But apart from that there are some good things under this “O Effect “ for India : Let’s Start :
  1. Obama: Just for obvious reason. The first “unwhite (I wouldn’t say Black ;-)) “president of US.
  2. Olympics: Yups, you heard it right. Year 2008 and India won gold in Olympics.
  3. Oscar: Again another “O”, for the first time India got nominations and I’m sure we would have our 1st award for sure this year.
  4. Outsourcing : Even this “O” has to do a lot with change in economic conditions of India. Don’t you think so?
So what next with “O”…. to come?
Keep Faith
Chakoli :)
PS: Thanks for the correction Phoneix. And Its is just about the global "positive changes" starting with "O". India just is having a greater impact.

Life Is Tough yaar!!

Life just a combination of emotions, hurdles, love, happiness, feelings, warmth, success failure, appreciation, mess, passion, adventure,

And could you believe it, among all this struggle and enjoyment “we have to WORK “. ;-). Ahhhhhh…. How tough it is!!! Atleast for me, to move your big fat fingers typing , to strain your eyes to see this plain DELL monitor, to sit (when I have an option of sleeping) on this so uncomfortable chair, to run to printer for some useless printouts of presentation , to drink tea/coffee just for the sake of drinking , to gossip about the office affairs and juicy politics just for the sake of break from boring work, to look for proxy when mails and messenger are blocked from office .

See how tough life is at workplace and HR people keep on repeating – Our priority is to make resources (employees) comfortable!!!!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


I don’t understand…

a) Why are people offended when we call them “Black” but why they don’t feel offended when all news channel all over the world keep on screaming “ The First “Black” president of US dates with history “
b) Calling a “Dalit” a Dalit is crime but when behenjee(Mayawati)of Dalits keeps on screaming, we’ll work for Dalits’ upliftment why is it not a crime?
c) When Sonia Gandhi was a strong contender for prime minister ship people opposed saying that we don’t want our country to ruled by a foreign origin but when in US “Bobby Jindal” contested, he was supported by lakhs of Indians.

Stop being Hypocrites!!
To dissolve any discrimination, the first step is to stop using it. Once it becomes obsolete it would surely become EXTINCT!!!

Don’t you think?

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Hmpf Hmpf..

How to do you want to start your day? Full of excitement and energy isn’t?

Sometimes, when there is too much of energy that’s also harmful!!!!

Today I woke up, at normal time and thought would go late by half an hour, so as I was sipping tea, again a “bright idea” clicked!!!! I could “take rest” for another half an hour ;-). As, I took last sip of my tea, and there I was lying flat on my bed.

When I again woke up, and started my daily chores as soon as I tried opening my main door to put the bin pack, I realized it’s locked from outside. What, he locked me in!! :-\

Ahhhhhh… But why? Didn’t he realize I ‘m still here, and above all my bike is still parked. Ufff… Whatever … instead of thinking why and what , I diverted my mind and said- how to get door unlock?
To add to the misery I didn’t even had any of my neighbors number, Then I heard some noise, it was I suppose Uncle who lives just next door. I started banging my door with Uncle Uncle…. And now he said… who is there? I narrated him, that I got locked as he thought I have left for office, could you please unlock it? They all started laughing. Then he asked but how? I’ll throw you my keys from window downstairs. hahahahahahhaa again another round of laughter!! They agreed…
Finally… door was unlocked… so I wasted around ½ an hour again.

Then , the watchman came saying, drinking water supply is down, today also there wouldn’t be any water to drink(that was for 3 consecutive days). Then in came all “women with there suggestions”. I was standing there if they suggest some means and I could follow them, as just ½ a jug water was left. But all in vain…. There talks shifted from water to kids… so I thought better I’ll buy some water from market, but then one of them suddenly said (as if she was able to read my mind), yesterday all packed drinking water were also finished in Reliance. Ahhhhhh…. So no scope again.
Wasted my 15 mins!!!!

Then, I thought I’ll carry a water bottle and fill it in office. In case I don’t get water anywhere. While juggling in my mind, I put on geyser. After about 10 mins, I opened the tab for hot water, it was too hot I said and as soon as I opened the cold water tab , Damn were my words!!!

No Water!!!! I just had half bucket of water and it was boiling at 100 degrees.
Now what to do? I’ll go downstairs and ask watchman to switch on the motor. But then I realized, why is radio off? Ohh.. No electricity!!!

Ahhhhhh… now if I wait for this water to get normal, it will surely take 1-2 hrs. I searched in another toilet. There was ½ a bucket of water. That was a great relief!!!

I managed with that 1 bucket took bath and came out, and realized electricity is back, the cold water tap which was open suddenly produced a sound and there came up water running!!!!!

Hmmmmmm… Finally managed to reach office with a delay of 2.5 hrs…
Hmpf... Hmpf... Leave that for now.
Got some good news. Homy awarded me !!!! Thanks so much Homy :).Love you dear :)

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)
PS: That kid is really cute na? ;-)

News Channel Evergreen….

I really envy these news channel….They never fall short of news… or in that matter they create news!!!

Welcome to News SadaBahar!!!

First it was “Global economy slowdown” then came up :Vidhan sabha election”, Mumbai Terror attack, Pakistan betrayal, Ghajini business of 200 crore, MNS – UP/Bihar Bhaiya Fight, Satyam Scam. In between to spice up, there were bomb explosion in different cities, Shivraj V patil style check, Cricket match, Salman-Shahrukh fight. And to spice it more, there would be one-two kid who would get caught up in deep well and they could perform a LIVE operation. Not for his rescue but to increase there TRP’s…

If none of the above is happening, they could make a one hour show on all the soaps that are aired on different family channel, and how could I forget “there spicy comments” packed up with it .

Be it films, music video, an IT firm, a government project… all have a probability of going down. But news channel… can never be workless and so the industry….

Ahhhhh… why didn’t I opted for Mass communication … Sigh!!!!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

The thing about goals

The following article is from blogger Seth Godin ….
Something I love and I follow….

Take a look…

Having goals is a pain in the neck.
If you don't have a goal (a corporate goal, a market share goal, a personal career goal, an athletic goal...) then you can just do your best. You can take what comes. You can reprioritize on a regular basis. If you don't have a goal, you never have to worry about missing it. If you don't have a goal you don't need nearly as many excuses, either.
Not having a goal lets you make a ruckus, or have more fun, or spend time doing what matters right now, which is, after all, the moment in which you are living.
The thing about goals is that living without them is a lot more fun, in the short run.
It seems to me, though, that the people who get things done, who lead, who grow and who make an impact... those people have goals.

Blog : seth godin

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

How Are you?

Not in a good mood….
Don’t feel like working…
Suddenly, everything in life is appearing as myth.
No achievements, no appraisals, no appreciation could let my feelings change (as of now)!!!
There is no END to this…
It’s all like a Loop, repeating itself again and again…. It’s about “The Fear”…

Just few days back, in Nov I felt the same due to Mumbai Terror attack… when I (or rather we) were shocked , and horrified and in search of a SECURE PLACE!!! And now its satyam scam… With just recent news they say 10,000 employees have to laid off!! Bull S*** man…!!! We struggle, we fight, we work, we don’t say NO to any work given to us… and then one day we are simply given a piece of paper saying about the termination!!!
I just think about people, who have to pay up EMI’s (house/car/2-wheeler), if they are just thrown out, they would really face a tough time. Just 9 days back, about 20 % people (of satyam)might have celebrated this new year with a wish that economy could be better and then a SHOCK !!!
If it can happen to them, it can happen to US as well… and we always live with an illusion Yes we are SAFE!!!!

Whatever, but suddenly life and mood are BLANK…. Just Blank….

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Good Habits…

Since December I tried changing “me”… yup its tough!!!
I mean I thought of taking up some good habits which could help me. Somehow “regulating yourself” is seriously tough!!!!

  • OutLook Reminder : I used my outlook and set up a reminder named as “ breath-check your posture and move your eyes”. It is scheduled for morning 9 a.m . As soon as I get into office I see that reminder I snooze it for 30 mins, and after each 30 mins I breath yup that loooooooooooooong breath with that “hissing” sound ;-) , sit straight and move my eyes (actually take off my eyes from monitor). And it actually have helped me. Now I don’t feel that exhausted and feel fresh

  • A To Do list : I used to have it my mind earlier, but with growing age even my mind is rusting so now I jot down, not on computer but with a pen and paper. Some how I think writing anything on paper have more lasting impression in your mind then typing it on a notepad/excel.

  • Down one floor : Each time I want to use wash room I go one floor down using stairs. It helps Just a bit of movement also could help.

Ahhhh… there are more to come, hopefully I follow them seriously…
In a session I came to know that for any routine to become a habit it takes 21 days without break. If you do it for 21 days then its default that you ll do it for all your life. !!! Don’t know why , it is some logic of 7*3….

So better follow a 21 days course… and you could see the results…
Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

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