काश के पंख होते

काश के पंख होते
उड़ती फिरती इस नील गगन में

खुला आसमान , खुले पंख
हवा का झोंका और लम्बी उड़ान

पर्बतों की चोटी को छू लू
समनदर में पैरों को धो लू

हर फूल की खुश्बू को समेटू
जुगनुओ के साथ आँख मिचोली खेलू

चंदा की सवारी करती
तारो को खुद पे सजाती

न डर होता रास्तों को भूलने का
न गम होता अपनों से बिछड़ने का

न किसी से हराने का डर होता
न किसी को कुछ दिखाना होता

काश के पंख होते
उड़ती फिरती इस नील गगन में
दूर बहुत दूर.……

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

The Truth About Deals Floating Online!!

Online Shopping is making so much noise these days. Economic Times is actually filled with most of the news from the leading online eCommerce websites - Amazon, Flipkart, Jabong just to name a few or at-least one editorial which describes pros or cons about the same.

Today I read that IT managers are actually disliking the online shopping as people tend to spend most of their time on booking something or if package is delivered , go to the wash room and try it out which impacts the so called "productivity" [ Now, I'm completely against it, earlier they were against social networking sites and now online shopping, trust me if you ban these sites or if they are already under restricted list on company policy ban cellphones to office, employees are much smarter and  would find an alternate way to kill it, I can write another post on that so lets first concentrate on my deals stuff] :P

My BIL aka Android Baba [ trust me he is saviour for us] shared couple of links to make online shopping easier, among that one is BuyHatke.

This tool is actually brilliant, it basically takes the price of each item and embeds the graphs on the website you are browsing, and also applies their analytics to predict if you should go ahead and buy this within 2-3 days, within a week or say another month , basically probability of the item getting cheaper in future.

Once you install the buyhatke tool, as soon as you open an item the graphs and other deals would be seen on same page at the bottom .

So Amazon sale started today, I picked up couple of items which were listed under Deals section

  • Micromax Canvas A1 with Android One (Magnetic Black)  : They are claiming that we are getting 13 % off , but if we see the graph there is hardly any price change since 16 Sep 2014, if we talk about offers they are trying to sell with this mobile then the memory card they are quoting is already discounted to 250 /- and Screen Guard is 59 /-, so then just calculate how effective is the deal????

  • Lavie Women's Satchel (Tan) : they are claiming that buyers would effectively be getting a discount of 45 % but if you see the graph, the price is actually increased :))) and no discount is offered. So where is the deal???????????

 The above items where just two examples taken that ideally there is no such thing as deal and consumer should know before buying anything .

And my personal experience has been that the analytic of buyhatke do work, we were looking for an item on amazon, and the tool suggested to wait for a week and we did and price were actually reduced [ May be we just got lucky ;)] but the price graph is a brilliant thing and one con of this tool is that they don't collect meta data, so if price is reduced /increased in an hour that wont be reflected in the graph.

Be wise in choosing :)))

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


As motherhood stepped in, and so does the immobility [ I mean yes you are bit restricted], so moving out or the seldom treats of puffs, pani puris and ice cream was not as frequent as it was earlier.

I'm nowadays too much of deal finder online, for this and that so not sure how, but finally I stumbled upon foodpanda and there when I searched for food outlets in my area got to know about ixcream.com. I was delighted!!! I mean fresh ,frozen ,variety of flavors at your doorstep. Who wouldn't love it?

There pan panache is really out of the world and so is the addictive anjeer,still have to taste others flavor though.

They currently deliver only in Hyderabad and just few areas [ details are there on the website] but I would surely recommend IT people [ coz they are covering most of IT area] to try it out.

Its just awesome :))

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

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