Men more then capable of true love!!

Came through an article in one of the newspaper, the author is Mark Fisher .Just wanted to share it…

Men get a lot of criticism from women. We are shallow, we cannot show our ­emotions, we are unfaithful given the opportunity and we listen too much to our circle of friends. Well, let me tell you, that’s just not true at all. I give you... me.

I have been in a loving relationship for almost 20 years, there was nobody before and will be nobody after. Men scared of commitment? I beg to differ.
I fell in love at first sight and have been 100 per cent committed ever since. I’ve obviously messed about with others in our 20 years together but that has to be ­expected. The thing is, it doesn’t change anything about our relationship whatsoever.

Unfortunately, my one true love is not very attractive you see, and sometimes you need something different, something easier on the eye, something that you can enjoy aesthetically without having to form that ­emotional bond. Some people will argue and suggest that this is wrong. I suggest that it’s just human nature.

Men are shallow, are they? Well, let me tell you that is not the case. I’ve spent two decades of my life in this relationship and it’s not based on looks whatsoever.

Sometimes she can be attractive (I don’t deny that) but that is on very rare occasions indeed.

She could do with a bit more up top but I don’t ­complain. Why? Because it doesn’t matter. There’s a ­connection that goes deeper than just what you see.
Women think men are emotionally devoid. They are so wrong. I wear my heart on my sleeve when it comes to showing everyone how much I love her.I’m not ashamed, I sing to her, I talk about her all the time, I even have a ­T-shirt which says how much I love her.
Mates won’t come between us either. They are always teasing me about her and her many flaws, parading their own loves in front of me, like an episode of Bullseye ­showing me what I could have won.
I stand up to them though, I don’t care what they think, they won’t come between us. I will defend her ­regardless ­until the day I die.
So, as you can see, the criticism we get is unfounded and unjustified. Before I go I suppose I should tell you that “she”, my one true love, is none other than West Ham United. So if we can do it for our football team, but not for you, then maybe you women are the problem. :o

Just wanted to add...Men will be matter what....!!! :f
If its Football here, Its Cricket in India...:-)) :D

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Courtesy : thelondonpaper


Its rightly said – Heere ki parakh johri ko hoti hain!!!

Compliments are one of the most extraordinary components of social life. If given right they create so much positive energy that they make things happen almost as if by magic. They ease the atmosphere around two people and kindly dispose people to each other. Of course, there is a way to give them. And, just as important, a way to receive them. And everyone needs to know how to do both. :)
Compliments usually involves the consciousness and awareness of a person , in a way a person who is complimenting is one of more value then one who receives it. :d
On the other hand, Recipients benefit from knowing that we notice and learning that we value them. So compliments are powerful in motivating continued efforts. People strive to do more of what brings praise from others.
Compliments are little gifts of love. They are not asked for or demanded. They tell a person they are worthy of notice. They are powerful gifts. But compliments work only if they are sincere reflections of what we think and if they are given freely and not coerced. Compliments backfire if they are not genuine. And faux flattery is usually highly transparent. A false compliment makes the speaker untrustworthy; it raises suspicions about motives. And that can undermine a whole relationship. :o
The art of the compliment is not only a powerful social skill; it is one of the most fundamental. You don't need to be an expert to do it well. You just need to be genuine. The more specific they are, the better. "The way you handled that question at the meeting was brilliant. You really refocused the discussion onto our plans." Compliments are in fact one of the finest tools for acquiring more social skills, because the returns are great and immediate.
Sadly, too many women discount compliments. Perhaps you've been in this situation yourself. Someone says, "Wow, you look great today." And you say, "oh, but I feel so fat (ugly) today." Or you get complimented on an outfit and you say, "Oh, this old thing, I've had it for years." Or someone says, "Hey, you gave a really good presentation." And you say, "oh, I just slapped some stuff together in five minutes." Such answers instantly suck the positivity out of the air and deflate the donor. They make the giver feel stupid for noticing and commenting on something so unworthy of praise. They totally invalidate the person's judgment. At the very least, they create social awkwardness. :#
There is only one way to receive a compliment—graciously, with a smile. :$

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Chakoli :)

What makes your day?

May be every morning we wake up and we fight to fit into this insane world, to achieve our goals ,but usually those petite actions are the moments which brings a smile to our face.

Not with some good hike, not with climbing mount Everest, not with being awarded as a noble prize winner.

  • Early morning when your mom/dad wakes you up with a smile and love filled pat. :)
  • When morning tea is exactly the way you want it… :O
  • When a sweet compliment comes your way from a person you had a crush on.. :$
  • When your boss simply asks you to rest today and take care (Of course so when once you are back, you could work like a donkey) :o
  • After a tiring day even a pinch of idea to set up your messy room in order is a frustrating feeling but how happy it feels when you enter your room and everything is at its place. :D
  • When you thought about a song and radio/TV plays the same song :~
  • When you think you are a complete mess but suddenly you are hit by a COMPLIMENT. :$
  • When you thought about an old friend and the very next moment there is mail/phone call/sms or any news about him/her :z
  • When you find some money in books, in the cupboard, in any other wallet you are not using for long. :v
  • When you have grown old and people address you with all relations…. Mama-mama-,chahcha-chachi, and you hear your nick name from someone after long. It feels good to be younger!!! :~

Some how small deeds offered by others could actually endow us with more fervor to wrestle and FIT in this bloodthirsty world.

All these acts are something for which we didn’t did anything but happened to us and which makes us more pleased , after all “EXPECTATIONS “ are the only root cause of any gloomy moment

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

I m Back!

Whoppiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.. I am back!!! Thanks for missing me :$

Although coming back to office is like hell but coming back to blogville is fun. !!! :~

Had a very nice time at my place. Did nothing much except cooking, complete my pending works and watching TV. Yup, I did started embroiding a saree for my mama, I was supposed to start it one month back, but due to my sluggish nature I didn’t. But now once it is started hopefully I‘ll complete it before her birthday: D

This time luckily monsoon struck our place on time i.e. dot 15th June , and it was raining heavily , and as our home is situated on agricultural land , it invited all forms of “insects”. I was used to some of them but this time I discovered many new ones. Infact one evening when we came back home after shopping, our lawn was full of different varieties of insects , If Maneka Gandhi would have been there I m sure she could have gifted us “Appreciation” to help the wild life and provide shelter to the varieties of insects.

The place was so crowded that even to keep a foot we have to search for a place. Finally, then cleared all of them with a broom and after that I felt like YIKES. I had to skip my dinner that night.
This is what I hate about rainy season.

Anyways, I still love it as it provides a chance to keep on sipping tea . :)

Will be back soon with something more interesting….

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Ho Gayi Chutti!!

Hey Guys,

Would be on vacation for about a week.
Don't miss me much ;).

Take Care and keep enjoying rains :)

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Heaven or Hell!!

Just recently, one of our colleague is back from London after a long term assignment. And as it is raining here, the mess on road is somehow intolerable for people who come from abroad but then he started more of a comparison between the two and finally concluded that this place is Hell to live.

Somehow I didn’t utter a word but in my mind still those words were echoing. Put in some thought to it and came up with this…

Planned infrastructure, disciplined life, well furnished carpeted house, clean roads, and good connectivity. People greet you with a smile followed by hundreds and thousands of thank you , sorry and cheers!!!! No difference lies in what profession you are? How much income you have but still RACISM exists!!!

Being a female and standing in a crowded train surrounded by all types of people doesn’t makes you uncomfortable in London but just wearing a tight suit/top in India, and people will stare at you from head to feet as if you are not wearing anything. Ya, but may be because of this we don’t have girls getting pregnant at an age of 14-15.We don’t have a high ratio of broken marriages , it’s still hard to find people going for LIVE IN in India.

We still care our parents even if they are old , paralysed, sick and of no use to us!!!!If you miss an exit in a highway here, you have to drive another half an hour to reach to a services or see a round-about, in India you can stop , knock at any door and ask for directions. You don’t have to pay if you are thirsty “saarvajanik pyau/handpump/dhaba” are located well and are handy too ( unless you are addicted to BISLERI)!!!!

Here, “Bhikari” also belongs to a class…playing guitar/violin and asking for help or better to say BEGGING!!! But by god’s grace here children are not kidnapped and thrown on streets with broken legs and hands.Children are independent at an early stage and they become so independent that make them to throw their parents to an old age home!!!

No matter what the conditions are here!!! If you have an affinity to some place you just can’t shift your home to that place!!! You can try to build your home in a same manner. If “every little help “can prove to be a helping hand then why not, to be started by US???

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Be Healthy!

Having a healthy heart isn't just about keeping your cholesterol down. In a recent poll by Yahoo! Personals, 85% of respondents claimed that flirting keeps them feeling fit and fantastic!

Flirting around at one hand make people feel young, fabulous and sexy when they are flirting and for some it could give a natural high and they feel like they can get away with anything.
Some has a “flirting kida “and could flirt anywhere for some it is just online in the virtual world.

Studies suggest that - flirting is a fantastic way to stay healthy, physically and mentally. "Flirting keeps you interacting and keeps you in a positive frame of mind

"Singles should be thrilled at the fact that there are so many ways to meet people(Ahhh How lucky I am ;-)). Online dating not only exposes you to a countless number of like-minded new friends, but it helps kill some of those dating nerves!

So what are you waiting for?

Edited to add:

Guys share some incidents about flirt, or some tips:

Here I go what one of my friend did:

My friend had an elder sis, one day sis frd and frd younger sis visted thr place. After about a week, my frd met this younger sister in market. Now he being the FLIRT KING, wanted to say - kabhi aana mere gareebkhane mein (Do come to my house sometime!!)
but he said...

kabhi aana mere ghusalkhane mein (Do come to my bathroom sometime !!!)

and girl was like - How dare you!!!
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Chakoli :)

Just Like that

This was getting a bit boring guys so here is another homework for all:

Guys and gals tell me the best compliment and worst comment you got ?

BC: Best Compliment, WC: Worst Comment
Sutta: You are good (BC)
Phoenix : From you're irreplacable in my life to you're the lousiest friend/girlfriend ever. From you're the bestest to you're a mean bitch (BC, WC)

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

PS: Look guys who's blogging .................

Think Songs Tag …

This week I m dedicating to pending tags. This is the second one , tagged by Phoneix.

Just got to pick random phrases and then write in song lyrics that you associate them. So here it goes…
‘The ‘ Moment: :)Pal pal dil ke pass
Tum rehte ho…
Wine, Women, Song: :vSajna ji vari vari jaun jee mein…
Tu hi to mera sansar hain…
The tiny, winy, corner of your heart: :LBol halke halke
Bol halke halke
hoth se halke halke…
bol halke…
Moving On.. :zYun hi chala chal rahi
Yun hi chala chal…
Kitni haseen hain yeh duniya..
Dreams Unlimited: :dChahe tum kuch na kaho..
Maien sun liya..
Ke saathi pyaar ka
Tujhe chun liya..

Anything For you Maa’m: :fTu jahan
Mein wahan..
Sanag sang yu chale tere…
Jaise tere aasmaan..
Everything for you , Sir: :fAaja nach le
Naach le..
Mere yaar nach le..
Life is sinusoid: :~Aankhon mein jal raha hain kyun
Boojhta nahi dhuaan…
It happened to me: :LDooba dooba rehta hoon..
Aankhon mein teri…
It s all your fault: :@Chak jigar ke see lete hain
Jaise bhi ho jee lete hain…
Drunken Revelry: :zCrazy kiya re…Flickr of Hope: :dDil kya kare
Jab kisis se kisi ko pyaar ho ajye…

Pensieve: :(
Tere aane ki jab khabar mehki
Teri khusboo se saara ghar mehke..
Never let me go: :yTumko dekha to yeh khayal aaya…
Zindagi dhoop , tum Ghana saaya…
Happiness is within: :zAawaz do humko
Hum kho gaye….
Winds of Change: :DHum yahan tum yahan…
Dil jawan
Who sama…
Lekin kahan…

Far from the madding crowds: :OYeh haseen wadiyan
Yeh khula aasmaan
Aa gaye hum kahan hain mere jane jaan…
Screw it: :oLamha lamha
Jalte rahe
Haan iss pyar mein…
Girate smabhalte
Chalet rahe
Haan iss pyar mein…
Tagged: :)
Vrij, Aarti, Sandy, Mr Lonely, Homecooked,Ashu,kaua,vistilife, mandira,cm-chap,Nirmal, geet

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Chakoli :)

Vrij da "I" ka tag!!!

I am : an insane for sure :v

I think : many many many things … my mind can’t sleep… but never irrelevant I know that :)

I know: That I m born with a reason… ( wow what a philosophical answer) :$

I want : nothing more then my desires… :~

I have : Roti kapda aur makaan… lol… .

I have everything but still keep on aiming new heights to attain :D

I wish : I could reduce my weight . :$

I hate : 3 I’s… Interfering, Irritating… and Irresponsible..

I miss : my family, my childhood and so many of my lovely friends..

I fear : God

I feel : there are lot many things to be done by me..

I hear : muzik... gossip....

I smell: everything as, I can’t stop breathing…

I crave: for success… sweets… and sweetheart… ;-) :L

I search: everything that seems to be under cover to me, and could be of relevance :O

I wonder: why people read my blog ;)

I regret: Ahhhhh….I don't regret!!

I ache: when there is headache..

I m not: a terrorist :D

I believe: in love... humanity and myself!!

I dance: anytime when there is nobody at home :~

I sing: while I'm cooking..

I cry: when someone is parting ….

I don’t always: panic…

I fight: always with a purpose…

I write: well I could scribble anywhere my name , anywhere here means on any paper... but on bus seats, walls.....

I win: when I want to :-)

I lose: when I want to….

I never: want to die in an accident

I always: set my priorities

I confuse: manmohan singh lol.. :d

I listen : to everyone… :d

I can usually be found: at my desk, bed

I m scared: of frustrated people :#

I need: family friends… and all loved ones…

I am happy about: me and my life :D

I imagine: let it be in imagination…

I tag: Vs, Burf, Pri, Sandy, Mr Lonely, Maverick, Big Omi and all those who want to do the tag are welcome!!!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

An eventful weekend ended ……..

It was more of a happening type of weekend, I really didn’t wasted it by sleeping till 10, 11…12. And also didn’t waste watching crap on TV.

On Friday evening, the cook inside me was in full form and the desire of baking a banana muffin since last weekend actually ended. I started at around 8:30 and he started giggling all over, as he was quite sure of the result. After about 2 hrs of my hard work and nuisance, something was there lying on plate to serve our taste buds. Some traits of the “thing” (I shouldn't call it as muffin):

  • It wasn’t looking the way it should :(
  • When it was hot it was like a big muffin but as it came to room temperature, it appeared as if the air inside it has disappeared. It was flat :$
  • Who would taste it? That was the next question – and I follow a principle for myself, “One who cooks should not taste it “ now as I gave him one “tukda” and he grabbed it , no comments after that . :O
  • When I took that tukda I found that it has gone sticky, as I did mixed ample amount of banana into it …. :D
Finally the “thing” is still lying in my fridge . Anyone who is interested to taste it .

On Saturday , I made up my mind to prepare “lonjee”(Don’t know what it is called in English, it is made up of raw mango but is sweet in taste due to jaggery.) Now that was easy, but I was cooking it for the first time so was not aware of the proportion , each time I put in some jaggery and ask him to taste it.. “Arrey nahi khatta hain “… this came around twice and thrice, this time I put in ample amount of jaggery and result “ arrey kitna meetha hain “. :@ Now the pending task is to ….. modify it!!! Damn man :(

On Sunday, no no no experiments this time. Had a simple lunch !!! But we did watched Sarkar Raj!!! :z

I liked it, if you liked Sarkar you should go for it, it is a slow movie but the plot is damn good.!!!Aishwarya for the second time after Josh is looking beautiful to me. And really acted very well. May be, I haven’t noticed but Did Abhi smiled in the whole movie? His roles are now appearing monotonous to me. He should try something different now. Tanisha was looking fabulous… isn’t? Really sweet.

Is any comment needed for Mr B… ?? He was in full form

Finally, at the end was French Open final, again Federer lost it. :c Match was quite boring , and wasn’t appearing as “Final”.

And then the day ended …. Monday has just arrived and I m writing this crap!!! :v

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Fine Line!

How do you know when your boyfriend turned to Husband??
  • I like your eyes :d
  • Happy Birthday :~
  • Happy Valentines day :L
  • No , you hang up first!
  • Is that a new dress ,I see…
  • D stars luk so beautiful 2nite :d
(On the phone)
  • What are you wearing ?
  • Dinner 2nite, any place you like sweety...
  • Why are you looking me like that? :o
  • Ohhh Its your birthday today :f
  • I hate commercializing my love :v
  • I couldn’t call you because…
  • R you blowing my money on new dresses again...
  • So much pollution I tell you!! :#
(On the phone)
  • What’s for dinner? ;)
  • My boss is coming 2nite for dinner,wit his wife.
Now please exceptions are there, so martians don’t take it seriously… just enjoy it. After all “√§apke bina hum kahan jayenge” !!! :k
Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


Dreams that fly
I had.


Dreams that cry
I have.

Alas, Alas!

Dreams that die
I shall have.

Alas, alas, alas! :d

-Sir Chinmoy

Crap Again

Got bored with daily routine, Hmmmmmm here is the solution :
• Change your hairstyle :)
• Change your attire , I didn’t mean boys to go in salwar suit but changing colour, usual strips to checks, or linings….
• Change your watch…
• Change your mobile phone… yup there are so many daily types of phone in market within a range of 2000 , 3000 or 5000 :D
• Change your shoes….
• Try changing the way you take to your workplace/college
• Change your purse…

Still you need Change?
• Change hairstyle of someone else… that too free of cost :D
• Change your gf/bf :v
• Change your house
• Change your bathroom… (yup you can use your bedroom) :~

Was that enough, or still you need change…?Not sure… I have something more for you in store…
• Change your BOSS – that’s a good one I guess… :O
• Change your wife/husband… :v
• Change your body parts… go for somebody else heart, kidney, eyes…. :D
• Change your habits, instead of using hands to eat…use legs… ,instead of ears use eyes… how would I look like ? :d
• And last but not the least… instead sitting ideal like this and reading this crap please WORK!!!! :P

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

You Young!!

Once you have crossed your childhood, you somehow fight for that “young feeling”. :z And it could be done in three ways:
  • Looking Young: This is when even you are in 40’s people say you look so young. :d
  • Feeling Young: This is when you are playing a role of grandparents and with kids you feel young. :~
  • Acting Young: this is when , irrespective of your age, you behave , act like a child :)
  • And then there is Tata Young… just kidding… :p
With the first two cases, it absolutely fine after all who won’t love compliments – You look so young man!!! You have maintained yourself quite good!!! And some more…. :d

Feeling young is just another phase of life, not necessarily if you are “dada-dadi, nana-nani” but many a times with kids at park, at kindergarten you feel to behave like a child. :v

Acting Young, this is one of the most irritating things I would say. It’s okie if people are there to pamper you at times but always that childish look, innocent look, as if you don’t know any damn thing in this world. It makes me irritating. Don’t know about others but irritates me for sure.
I agree age comes with a negativity but it is something which is admired the most, a person is respected due to his age at first go and then comes his deeds. If you gain experience with age behave in that manner. A “matured” person is liked more then someone who’s EQ is turning to zero!!! :D

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

IPL and Wives

The BIG event ended, with a surprise!!! Rajasthan Royals being considered the weakest team are the CHAMPS!!!! And Deccan Chargers being the strongest are also champs but “neeche se”. :p

The event had all the thrill, excitement, glamour, money, controversies, achievements and ahh I forgot to mention there was “some good cricket” as well. Some did exceptionally well and some exceptionally very bad!!! :D

But now there is a relief for all “wives” who were barred from touching remote or have to watch matches against there wishes , they could enjoy for whole lot 1 week as after 1 week its tri nation series being started between “Pak-India and Bangladesh”. :O

Yup, heard this from many “wives” ,

Inka to bus match hi chalta rehta hain “!!! :#

And another one, when I asked to one of my colleague – do you watch cricket?
Dekhna padta hain “ of course with a smile . :f

Poor wives… !!!

Now I realized how much “aatyachaar” poor woman has to face . !!! :v

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

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