Smile :)

I 'm back in the city from where it all started. my JOB.... my LOVE.... my PASSION.... The city has something for me sure, how much I avoid it, it keeps on calling me back. 

I started my career in HYDERABAD, but soon after joining I was deported to Coimbatore......after training I had an option to get back to Hyderabad but I selected Delhi . But  five years later, when again I started searching for a new job and guess what, it called me back again and again just for joining ( when I wrote this), and then after exactly an year I m back.... this time to work and start my married life.

I remember my deal with "kucchu" in Birla Mandir in those early days of 2004 to get a job and "Kuuchu Sa Dulha".

And he granted my wishes!!

Some places have really something very special for you.  And one special day you experience them.  And then, you just SMILE... a satisfactory smile :)

Keep Faith

Chakoli :)

Thoughts In Motion...

Just that my hand was itching I'm scribbling something on my journey to hyderabad(where my piyaji resides).

A month long vacation just vanished while hopping from one city to another and in midst of all that there were some memorable moments to be cherished forever.

Marriage is just a beautiful feeling and I really want to stay in that "hangover". How I survived without it, I'm surprised. Those long post where I used to discuss "The reason" to tie a knot and wasn't able to find even one. Those million doubts ... how the life would change after marriage... Some apprehensions.... new house.... new people....and so many so many...... talks !!!

And finally I survived all of that of course with a "BIG SMILE" and more happiness :)))

Our marriage is an adventure bright and new;
The pleasures and delights have just begun.
May we always keep that magical attraction.
Let our bond and our commitment grow with time,
So that all our days are filled with satisfaction.

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

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