29th Feb!

Wishing all a Happy Birthday who were born on this day.
Anyone among us…. Who’s b’day falls on this auspicious day?

Anyways…. Apart from the “Union Budget by Chidambaram Uncle” there is nothing I could find special about this day?

But I was thinking, if there exists a day which comes in four years? Why don’t we celebrate it?
After all, it has something special ….. we have an extra day.....for the extra work or extra fun or extra sleep....(I'll go for the last option;-))

What you guys think?
Or rather…let me know if anybody thought of something similar… and has something to do special today?

Keep Faith

Office with Slippers...

Ever wondered how does it feel when you reach office and you realize- Oh I m in my slippers!!!!
Yesterday , I faced the same situation and just to mind you my slippers are not at all fancy but as simple as a 'LAKHANI ' slipper could be, with white base and blue steps.:-)

And I realized that I'm wearing slippers as soon as I put in my first foot inside the campus. It was like god waiting for the right moment and suddenly there was an "akashwani"- vats aaj aap "khadau" mein aayi hain :-).

I cursed myself as much as I could, for such a perfect combination of attire, a completely formal dress matched with a pair of "lakhani slippers"

Anyways… nothing could be done now, I reached my place and thought of not getting up whole day from my desk. But that was next to impossible as you need to get up many times ;-).

Finally, it was our tea time and all were pinging me to get up and reach canteen. Ahhhhh a tough task to execute. Finally I decided who cares… nobody even bothers to look at me, so don't worry there is no one who would notice that you are wearing slippers….

But I was wrong, as soon as I started climbing stairs, and who all passed by were very keen to know what I have in my feet's!!!! Some gave a strange look, some smiled and some were confused as there face appeared blank to me. And some reacted as if I have done the greatest crime in this world.

Finally I landed in canteen, and one of them shouted- oyeye tere pair ko kya hua?tu chappal mein??.
I didn't had any answer, except to smile ….:-)

Keep Faith

Another Weekend…

Why this damn weekend flies so soon, it's rightly said, time doesn't melts but evaporates!!!!

Just few more hours and again the grinding begins in office….!!!!!

Just one week earlier(at my hometown), on same day/same time I was enjoying winters with roasted tomatoes, potatoes, papad and moreover 'RAJAI'. I swear winter's really give me a kick!!! I don't know the reason but I seriously wait for that season!!!! :-)

And another thing I love is train journey, that too a looooong one, sitting on upper berth, reading novel, or playing cards, getting down on stations for tea and snacks….!!! I really enjoy that. This time I noticed a new thing although, people started carrying laptops!!!And what they would do is watch any movies, or shuffling their own photos and the height is that many even play solitaire!!!! :-)

Anyways, luckily on my return journey, the guy carrying lappy was playing "Pyaar ke side effects" and he was sitting in such a good angle that provided me a perfect view of his screen. So "Chori chori chupke humne film dekhi" ;-)

So talking about my weekend, yesterday I watched "Jodha-Akbar" and I should say I'm in love with this guy "Hritik Roshan". Damn man. What an actor he is, even though Aishwarya did exist, but I could not even dare to remove my eyes from him.He has done full justice to his role, and I'm sure nobody else could have done it. About the movie, Ashutosh has really put in efforts and the results are absolutely fantastic. The movies doesn't leaves its grip at any point. It has everything that could be expected from a period, romantic film.

On Sunday, bad day for Indians indeed…. I really hate Sundays when India looses….!!!!
It was more of a expected results after aussies scored a 317…..and India were 56-4…..!!!!
But , enjoyed some good shots by Gautam Ghambhir. What I enjoyed the most was 3 consecutive no balls which resulted in 3 consecytive free hits.... that too from Brett Lee....;-)

Criticisms could be read here.

Keep Faith
Chakoli :-)

Life and Luxuries

I am really grateful to my professional life… and why not? Its been 3.5 years, and I have so many friends… been to so many places….met so many people, enjoyed so much…. And I can’t find a single reason to hate it except that sitting on this dumb chair in front of an idiot box I did gained some weight. ;-)

But still, I m enjoying, those deadlines, those stretched working hours, those conf calls, those office politics, those coffee breaks, those pizza parties…list is endless…

The only side effect I could see is that I hate to actually work ;-).

Yups, that’s very much true…. Going out in sun, traveling in sleeper class, standing in a queue, no online facility these are just few instances where I find myself uncomfortable.

Wondering, if I spent major part of my life doing this, how could just 3.5 years change me!!!!

Luxuries make life more horrible….

Keep Faith
Chakoli :-)

Not yet Married

Just read this guys….

I was chatting with one of my colleague (read it as client)
Me: Whats the local time there?(As he is in Budapest)
He: Its 7.10 am
ME: Ohh so you came in quite early, Did you sleep tight?
He: I have to drop my wife to airport at 5.20 am.
Me: Oops, quite a busy day for you
He: I m still in coma.
Me: I agree, and with wife out of town, should be more miserable
He: On the other side, I m actually enjoying it, as 4 days of freedom ;), but I have my 2 daughters to keep an eye on me, they are just absolute clone of my wife ;-)
Me: Wives can never leave their hubbies ALONE
He: Yup, and to add to that, my mother –in –law is also in.
Me: :-)
Me: That’s the spice of life.
He: Do you have children?
Me: !!!!!!
Me : nopes I m not married yet
He: Child are not nightmare, they make your world. You would realize once you have kids. They are yopur part. There smile, playing with them, running behind them,, there crying, there touch is just so sweet. You can forget every tensions with them. You make up better bonding with your partner after you have kids, you feel like you are born again, every thing makes feel you are so special. After you go back from office, and come running towards you….ahhhhhhhh… nothing else in this world is more satisfying then this…
He: Ask your partner, and talk about it, then you will feel that all that I wrote above are not just words…
Me.: In shock state….. I m still not married in India means, that I m single….
He: Oh!!!!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :-)

Waking Up!!!!!

Was busy with online conversation with one of my friend…

I asked him…
Me: So tell me…what are you going to do after 5-6 years, when u have kids, a beautiful house, 2-3 cars to own, highly qualified post??
He: Hmmmmmm…
He: Early Morning ,wife would help kids to get ready, And then would come to me, will kiss me And would insist me to wake up. I would give a tight hug to her And then she would kick me to bathtub :-).
Me: I laffed….

Indeed a very romantic morning…!!!!! :-)

But I wonder, why everything is so usual??

Why is it that every time… the WAKING thing is done by gals?
Even gals like to be pampered, infact its just not gifts that could make us special….!!!!An unexpected hug from your dear darling hubby……, a walk on roads, an unexpected head maasage… and the list could continue….. :-)

A bed tea offered by “HUBBY” with a smile is surely a good omen to kick off your day …. ;-)

Keep Faith
Chakoli :-)

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