29th Feb!

Wishing all a Happy Birthday who were born on this day.
Anyone among us…. Who’s b’day falls on this auspicious day?

Anyways…. Apart from the “Union Budget by Chidambaram Uncle” there is nothing I could find special about this day?

But I was thinking, if there exists a day which comes in four years? Why don’t we celebrate it?
After all, it has something special ….. we have an extra day.....for the extra work or extra fun or extra sleep....(I'll go for the last option;-))

What you guys think?
Or rather…let me know if anybody thought of something similar… and has something to do special today?

Keep Faith


Sandhya said...

In my opinion its nothing but working one more day..... Alas!!!!


Lust4Life said...

Hiiii Chakoli *hugs*

U here on Blogspot as well :D:D

vl save this url on my favs..

Do u wanna know one more speciality of 29th Feb ::

Leap Year has been the traditional time that women can propose marriage. In many of today's cultures, it is okay for a woman to propose marriage to a man. Society doesn't look down on such women. However, that hasn't always been the case. When the rules of courtship were stricter, women were only allowed to pop the question on one day every four years. That day was February 29th.
St. Bridget's Complaint
It is believed this tradition was started in 5th century Ireland when St. Bridget complained to St. Patrick about women having to wait for so long for a man to propose. According to legend, St. Patrick said the yearning females could propose on this one day in February during the leap year.

February 29th in English Law
According to English law, February 29th was ignored and had no legal status.Folks assumed that traditions would also have no status on that day. It was also reasoned that since the leap year day existed to fix a problem in the calendar, it could also be used to fix an old and unjust custom that only let men propose marriage.

The first documentation of this practice dates back to 1288, when Scotland passed a law that allowed women to propose marriage to the man of their choice in that year. They also made it law that any man who declined a proposal in a leap year must pay a fine. The fine could range from a kiss to payment for a silk dress or a pair of gloves.
Sadie Hawkins Day
In the United States, some people have referred to this date as Sadie Hawkins Day with women being given the right to run after unmarried men to propose.
Sadie Hawkins was a female character in the Al Capp cartoon strip Li'l Abner. Many communities prefer to celebrate Sadie Hawkins Day in November which is when Al Capp first mentioned Sadie Hawkins Day.

Greek Superstition
There is a Greek superstition that claims couples have bad luck if they marry during a leap year. Apparently one in five engaged couples in Greece will avoid planning their wedding during a leap year.


Whatever said...

For me everyday is a special day because once it is gone it wont be coming back!! :)

anjali said...

hi chakoli,

for me with every sunrise.........each day s special!!!

Anonymous said...

@ chakoli ...

happy belated leap year to you ...

Anonymous said...

hey chakoli, i donno how the 29th of feb is suppsed to be celebrated and i am tnot too sure if it is celebrated at all...( if you read that article in the newsppr about how expectant mothers due on the 29th are trying to have their babies earlier, you'l think the 29th of feb was the most dreaded day!)...
traditionally, women can propse marriage to men and the men cant refuse...or something like that...
may be we can start a new

PS; using anon coz i am lazy to sign in.
i realise one of ur readers already mentioned the marriage proposal bit. seems like i dont have too much to offer on this topic!

Chakoli said...


So njoyed the day wrking:-)))

Chakoli said...


good to know so much about all this:-)))

Never knew ...we had so much history behind this blog:_)))))

tnanks sweetie:-)))

Chakoli said...


HEy...I liked ur spirit:-)))

Keep it up dear:-))

Chakoli said...


Kewl dear...:-)))

Ilike people whoi think this way:-))))

keep ur spirits high always:-))

Chakoli said...


Thanks dear:-0)))

Chakoli said...


Ohhh no!!!!
I could understand....what all mothers might be thinking at this point:-)))

but can't help i dear...isnt??

thats okie...even Im too lazy many a times to sign in:-)))

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