Roti,Kapda,Makaan Aur Google!!

Now I have to agree to that , Google is the basic necessity of life. Trust me.. I can't think of any answers [right or wrong]myself. Its always like  Google kar lo!!

Few days back I was reading this somewhere on net, that a Microsoft was presenting something and he narrated

So for instance you are on net and you would like to search something you would goooooo...... and then he paused and said bing it!! You'll bing it!! 
Don't  remember what was mentioned about the audience if they smiled or not but search has  a new synonym I guess and that's GOOGLE.

But when you type in "Google" on any of the browser ... IE,Chrome,Mozilla ... you just get the list of Google and its extended apps. At least on Bing when you type Google, they do return Wikipedia page[ courtesy to the rivals] but what about the "good words" being posted about Google on net. Do they actually care/acknowledge them?  Like this post when I'm declaring Google as  a basic necessity .. Do they really care!!!

But there is other side of story as well, we use Google so often and how many of us are actually thankful to them? Ahhhh... chicken and egg story :)

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Last Month of 2013!!!

Oh man!! Last month of the year. I mean how time flies... god knows!!

My memories of 2013 new year celebration are still fresh and its about to end. Should I feel happy about it as time is flying soon which means I 'm having a good time or is it I'm just so occupied that hardly realize about time, date, month...year!!

TV shows have again started wrapping up top 100 news, songs, movies, soaps,, cars... of the year 2013. On the other hand astrologers are busy writing ... २०१४ में कैसा होगा आपका भविष्य!!! Same goes for IT companies, getting new budget approved for the new financial year :)

All busy in en cashing money from each moment, as I in this moment just feeling good about writing back something...on my own blog!! Nothing more!!

वक़्त बिताना है तो बीत जायेगा
बीता हुआ पल ना लौट के आयेगा
पर आने वाले पल को कुछ यू बिताओ
की ज़िंदगी में हर पल
यादगार बन जाये

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

The New Thing

To Start something new , why is it we are filled with anxiety and doubts!!

There would be 'n' number of people against you but some 'n' would still support you. You count on their support but also have a doubt if it doesn't work you would break their trust!! Ahhhh... again expectations and then desire to fulfill them :D

Whatever... You need to trust yourself... whatever happens its to teach you a lesson may be of failure or success!! :D

Just back from Rishikesh .... mesmerizing view!!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Mango Delicacies

Summers are gone and so now one can devote some good time in kitchen and so after loong gap I tried some mango recipes.

Mango Kesar Rice

Mango Kulfi

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

An Expression!

And it all started with it..
Those moments
which are inseparable

A drop in the ocean..
Was it just that small..
Or a trip to moon..
Was is soooo far...

It had its crunch
More like Saturday brunch
Or just a lousy day..
Sipped as a ginger tea

The illusion of being Perfect
The mystery of knowing all
The struggle to survive
The misery of being loved

And it started with it...
Those moments
which are inseparable

of an expression called LIFE!!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


It not that I dont try to be regular , its just that daily routine of and driving is something which I dont like to narrate. There is more to this space!!

Life is just not about this routine .... well actually it is, routine as well but there are some spices which makes/change that routine and those spices are which make your life live-able!!

Wish each day we our hit by TADKA!! but then even that would be a ROUTINE :(

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


ये अनजान सी दुनिया में 
खोजते हुये ना जाने कही 
बहुत कुछ दिल को छू जाता है 
ना जाने कैसे और कहाँ 
वही वाक्या शब्दों में बयाँ हो जाता है 

Why is that penning down thoughts, emotions are so difficult? You can talk hours to criticize others, to argue on a silly point ( thats actually I do most of the times in our meetings) but penning it down. Ahh it so tough!!!!

You need a good vocab, you need some logical arguments and you need some audience as well to read that!

But my own space here... you can just pen down anything ... any emotion... any arguement....any stupid idea, any crazy moment, any crush, any expression...just anything but yes YOU NEED AUDIENCE here as well :)

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

FB Updates!

Well I'm not a BIG Fan of FB may be coz of my old age that FB/any such sites doesnt interest me any more or may be they are so crappy that one can't like them.

With that said... I still exist on FB not to provide my updates but to check what others are upto....

And that weekly status check results in confusion ...coz mostly people have common updates like this

-- Ohhhh sooooo cuteee..

--My Bundle of Joy

--Oh my my.... model look!!

--Arrey waah... nice chappal! (people could post pics of their chappal as well)

-- For Bday people... "n" which ranges from 1 to your frd list
    -- Happy Birthday
   -- Happy Birthday
   -- Happy Birthday
  -- Happy Birthday
  -- Happy Birthday
  -- Happy Birthday

Its like all look alike message... !!

--And then another one where people flaunt all their gift items...
   -- My "n" bday present --- Tiffiny's
   -- My "n" Bday present -- Hardley Davidson

Some people who come under total veila panti category

  --Would keep on "liking" their friends status which would be like

What a Sunny Day!!

Temp - 5..chilling!

And then couple of them, who are anyways at home doing nothing watching some crap LIVE match of Football, cricket, Tennis... and would like to "Cheer"

-- Come On Man U!!
-- Ohhh Sania... you have to make it!!

Whatever I got a post out of it!! ;)

Done with my veilapanti :P

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Phases Of Life!

With each phase of life, is it that “way of thinking” change?

Not sure but do you think at 40 our heart would skip a heartbeat for SRK or any new damn hot guy.  Would still we be in that teenage kinda attitude?Or that newly married couple!

My point here is as I was going through my old post I really felt – Are these jotted down by me? Like I was so fresh ! Yes I know praising yourself is not good but I really felt positive about my old post, now those fresh post … funny , thoughts to ponder , aggression has changed .

Every day my first thought is to be calm ! Let not anger rule me! I feel now I have more responsibilities and so I make a point to care about me which in turn can help me to provide care to my family be it with food or health or money related!

Each phase of life allows you to learn a lesson and taste the experience of lifetime!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

And I Was Dancing..

It was a lazy weekend, and after breakfast preparation and eating , it was more dull , really had a feeling of doing nothing , and as lunch time was nearing I was thinking of some excuse... and finally I  said - my legs are paining like hell. lets call for pizza and then he happily volunteer to cook lunch. ahhhhh I was so happy!

And then as a nice husband, asked me to take rest .

Good enough, I was in front of TV surfing channels and after like browsing from 1 - 100 , nothing view able ! Crap - Is it that TV people are against me , whenever I have time to watch something, then its like - kuch nahi aa raha and when I'm busy with work - some or the other viewable stuff is missed out, Anyways, coming back to my original point... finally I switched to MTV to listen some songs.

And then this new film ABCD song - Muqabala started. Its like one of my fav songs ,and I stood up and started dancing and same time he came to living room , after watching me dancing he just smiled and said - last we spoke you legs were paining! ;-)

Things you love really can set you on fire!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Motion and Thoughts

Why is that thoughts flow the best when are you in motion , I mean be it bathroom wala motion... the driving wala motion or while sleeping when your mind is wandering!

There is something peculiar about motion, trust me! Not sure about you but with me it is definitely the case.

I remember one of my aunt, she is a very good poet and she shared that , she tries to take notepad and pen in toilet so that the thoughts could be jotted down.  Well, I'm still waiting for the masterpiece to be born from that motion.

I feel, my punch is through driving.. as soon as I accelerate and that is when my mind attains the peak point of its usage. Is it that I see people and then knit stories... this and that... dreams and there realization... feelings... and what not!

Motion... just sets you on Fire!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

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