Fame or Business

Aishwarya, Amitabh, Shahrukh and now its Salman… who next??Yup its Madame Tussad’s series of Bollywood people.

Was thinking(Yup sometimes I do that:-)), Is it really to do with these people fame and achievements’ or is it more concerned to business?

A single visit to UK and you may find a lot of Asians, which include Indians as well, and no matter what or which place they are , there heart still beats with Madhuri Dhak-Dhak or Amitabh ‘Shava - Shava’. We all have a madness to follow stars and actually see them , to touch them, and why not after all they are OUR HERO’S.
So if not the actual ones, let’s go for the wax model….
So who are actual spectators’? Not British or Americans but Indians.

And looking out the majority of Indians residing there and Indian tourists visiting UK, its easy for businessmen to come out with a ideas to put holes in our pockets :-).

So now next time you wanna meet any star or diamond visit UK as from Kohinoor to Salman….all are there :-)

Keep Faith
Chakoli :-)


That was indeed more of the filmy incident that happened in my life…recently… Early morning around 7รณ clock when I left for office I never thought of being in a situation like this, as usual I parked my vehicle and waited in the lobby for lift, just then lift came I went inside, when I saw a guy hurriedly trying to push button so as to stop the lift, I helped him by pressing the ‘open door’ button from inside. He came in , and thanked me. That was all. Story could have ended here with both of us stopping at there respective floor. But there was a twist, lift came to a halt just after crossing 1st floor. The automatic door didn’t get opened up, which made both of us to think we are trapped.The situation was more worse, as early morning there are hardly any employees to help us. We started banging the doors if someone could listen. But those ‘stupid doors’ were as hard as rock. He pressed the ‘alarm’ button, just thinking may be someone could help us.
I was still continuing with my banging ।Just when I thought of the situation where I’m trapped, smile flashed on my face. He saw me, and I don’t know was it telepathy or frequency match, he said- isn’t all FILMY ISHTYLE?

With the broadest smile I supported him

After about 4-5 mins of banging, and pushing alarm button about 10 times, we were able to hear the voice of gurad, or rather say GOD ;-)। He said – ‘aap log pareshaan mat hoyiye, bus 5-7 min mein lift chalu ho jayegi(Please don’t panic, lift would start again in 5-7 mins time.)’. Aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh…. I was relieved, but now I could feel the suffocation, and I started to blabber – are you not feeling uncomfortable? I would die of this heat, these 5 mins would be like standing on a heated oven for me.

He smiled and then said- Nobody could be comfortable in this situation, and even I m feeling hot here, but nothing can’t be done, do you want me blow air with these papers for you(He had some papers in his hand)?

That was really sweet of him – I thought, naah don’t bother, may be I m panicking more। He started to talk a little as in which project you are, which floor, for how long….and some more queries, till then the lift got started and finally I said BYE to him and smiled.

To Picture abhi baaki hain mere dost !!!!!!!!

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Read this
Now disparity of 137% is too much.Isn’t?

My friend thought to reduce it, and go for an MBA, but didn’t wanted to leave her HOME, thankfully these guys have introduced Distance learning program or online learning/e-learning.

Finally she found some good stuff
here. But fees was shocking 50000$, !!!!!!!

And,I guessed knowledge is to share ;-)

Finally she has dropped her plan :-)

Keep Faith
Chakoli :-)

India !!!!

Again a riot, again killing of hundreds of Muslims which actually forced Taslima Nasreen to move secretly to other place.
Have the Indian’s gone insane? A person who does not have any existence in India , is asking for shelter in our home and due to him we are killing OUR PEOPLE?


Keep Faith
Chakoli :-)


What we expect in life??
Everything should be at right place without any PANGA'S and should drive smoothly.
Aaahhhhhhhhhhhh…..Nice Dream…Isn’t?

How could you know what’s sugar until you taste salt ? And in the same way salt can never put taste to our food if we don’t know how sugar is?
Both go hand in hand….

Life would be so boring if there are no spices…..After all we need things which we could criticize. How could we say each time PIZZA HUT to be THE BEST when Domino’s and Joe’s are still waiting to serve our taste buds.

Life needs someone to criticize, to compare, to compliment, to comment….
Life needs adventure…isn’t??But don’t you bother to go out for bungee jumping or skiing….Travel on road in INDIA and there you are…. With the smoothest roads to most “Kaaachar” ones. You would be driving smoothly when suddenly a small child comes in front of your vehicle, you applying brakes either the girl is gone or your vehicle. Just in case if there is truck behind your vehicle with loose brakes. You would be jumping high in sky and can get an experience of Bungee jumping… ;-).

So ready for a GO??

Keep Faith
Chakoli :-)

Mirror – Your Reflections

So how many of them love to admire themselves in mirror- I m sure there would be many :-)

In a shop, restaurant, car windows anywhere if you find a mirror and one can’t stop adoring herself/himself. People styling hairs in their own shadows could be seen.;-).

People love mirror, and could even hate it. Remember how mirror is down into pieces, in films or soaps. When you dislike yourself and mirror shows that “EVIL” in you, you just want to destroy it, in a way you are trying to kill yourself but indeed that’s not possible.

Often I wonder, mirror does not have its own existence, it imitates whatever comes in front of it. It could turn to a very beautiful face or to the ugliest creature in this world and may be that could be the reason it’s being loved by some and disliked by others.

Keep Faith
Chakoli :-)

A Road Side Proposal

Just a normal day, a normal routine, but a strange thing happened. As I ended my day in office at 5.35pm and started my way back home. Halted at one of the stores to buy some stuff. I came back and started arranging matter in my “Dikki” just when a guy on his bike stopped adjacent to mine. I turned back to look who is this stupid guy, parking just next to me.

I stared at him and suddenly he declared “I love you”…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My ears couldn’t believe what he said, He doesn’t seems to be any road side Romeo, as he was decently dressed, neither he was any of my office colleagues, and moreover I was amazed how he could recognize me as my whole face is covered, my stage was as if I have got a 440 WATT JHATKA!!!
Now he was smiling…. I find this weirder. I just started packing and thought of leaving this place as early as possible , then suddenly my eyes starting searching for any policewalla, I thought in any case if he misbehaves I should be assured that when I scream HELP HELP someone is there to help this “Abla Nari”.

Then he removed his helmet and said… Hey Relax dear. I just had a bet to propose 20 girls in ½ an hour and you are the 16th one.Thanks.

Now this was more dramatic.

He showed off his full 32 teeth’s and with broadest smile he said.. Don’t panic dear. I don’t know you and even I haven’t seen your face. So just Chill!!!!! And Thanks for cooperating ( Was I co operative ???)

I somehow believed him, stared at him and smiled, but poor him couldn’t see my smile .

As I turned back my vehicle , something mischievous started up in my mind, thought of calling him and saying …I love you too J, but I didn’t.

Just stared at him…And flew away….

Keep Faith
Chakoli :-)


Every morning, the first thing I do , is FIGHT !!! Yup, I open up my eyes and sit then my good conscious and bad conscious would fight , if I could skip jogging today and sleep for another half an hour or I should leave my bed and get ready to make this earth shiver(After all if I’ll run, earth need to shake )

But today it was different, as I opened my eyes Ahhhh hhh……….. I could feel the cool breeze. Ohh wow, its cold today , Is Pune hit by winters? And this made me happy, as having ginger tea sitting beside window and reading newspaper is just the perfect morning I could dream of J.

Although, people here, have convinced me well, that winters are not that harsh(as in north), but let’s hope I could enjoy “Gulabi Thand” ;)

Keep Faith

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