Hear the Sounds!

You are in office  and you get a call, after the matter of discussion  there is a question

Where are you?

To which you reply – in office? Where else ?

No actually your voice is echoing ….

Man,  yes I was in washroom , can’t you make out? Just think logically … 

Office is so much open space , and when the voice echoes that’s means you are surrounded by four walls and what all places in office could be that?
  • Cabin/Conference Room :  The option is ruled out because there motive is to “converse”
  • Lifts : In most of the lifts in India mobile network doesn’t work so it is ruled out
Whats left?
  • Washroom : That’s the place man!

And other misconception is when you(preferably male) are at coffee vending machine  and the listener reacts to the sound as you are in washroom  busy relaxing your bladder

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Nostalgic I feel!

Eveyday while cooking dinner, I play vivid bharti/FM Rainbow  on my Dish DTH service (I tell you it’s the worst) and the magic of listening to those songs is something which can’t be described in words. There is always a binding force as what would be the next song played. As I listen to that I usually remember our good old days of Chitrahaar.

I remember , we used to count how many songs have been played in that particular episode. And the long wait for the “new song” which usually used to be the last song of the episode! 

  • Compare it with todays infinite music channel playing those new songs 24 hrs…
  • And add to the misery (or may be a BOON) now there is piracy, download those songs and  take them along with you wherever you go..
  • That  one hour “Disney hour” showing Tale Spin and Duck tales and today’s n number of cartoon channel all usually showcasing super man/spiderman with some new name
  • It was fun to goto zoo/picnic and now people wait for weekends to visit some shopping malls or Food court
  • Writing a letter and waiting for the reply atlest 15 days and now write an email and if you don’t get a reply back within 5 minutes we get impatient
  •  Food was cooked fresh and packed in stainless steel ka dabba and now we have ready to eat microwavable food packed a month back
  • Those were the days of ink pen, using a ball pen was indeed a luxury in those days , and now I wonder if people know how to refill your ink pen
  • Earlier how people used to die to steal those “cozy moments” and now people crib for “own space”
Good Olden days….

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Face Missing!

Most of the videos now showing have some thing common :

  • Firangi goriyan : This is obvious, fair smooth skin with bright colours can make the videos look more attractive
  • Some cheesy line : "Munni badnaam huyi", Sheila ki jawani, party abhi baki hain
  • Cheey line from past : "Dum maaro dum, pyaar do pyaar lo,Jaan tu jalal tu aayi bala ko taal tu
  • Face Missing : Yeah, this thing I have observing since long time ... there would be around hundreds of gals dancing but hardly camera would focus on there face. The camera projects on the "asset" they hold! Sample these
I wonder why in most the videos its "Akshay Kumar" !!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

My Holiday

After loooooooong time, yesterday I bunked my "Office" . Ahhhh... Yeah, It was at the cost of my "sick leave" but who cares. Sometime you need to listen to your heart! And there I was , on my bed chillax .

After my first round of tea and TOI . I opened up my blog, and updated this new look. With the header having some of my favourites and beliefs 
  • Drum Beats
  • Music for your heart
  • The ever refreshing tea
  • My one time favourite SRK
  • My first and deadly crush Shahid Afridi
  • Tarot and Reiki... my beliefs
  • My weakness ... Choclate Cake
  • My signing off ... "Keep Faith"
  • My passion ... Dance

There was more to the list  but could accommodate this much . May be wait for the second renovation or second bunk from office for Part 2.

And then at around 12:30 , I had my breakfast "muesli". Suddenly, I'm in love with this cereal, its not like the normal cornflakes, it has so many cereals and also dry fruits when you mix it up with milk and honey. It just tastes awesome.

Then I thought of bugging my husband on skype and so I typed in these four lines 

      humko tumse pyaar hain
      jiya bekraar hain
      aaja mere "tote"
      tera intezaar hain.....

tooo much of creativity he coudnt digest as he was working so I just signed off before he could say some kind words in reply

And then, since loooooong I wanted to have maggi, today was the day to fulfill my that wish too and so I with a bowl of maggi I had my lunch. 

In evening when he came, he brought an choclate pastry ..... ummmmmmmm.... No that isnt that sweet of hm. I asked him to bring it for me when he returns and so he was just following the order Yeah following order is definitely sweet of him

And then the honeymoon period got over!!

Cook Dinner... eat it go for a walk and then sleep!!

Just waiting  for the second "bunk"

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Your Angel!

I wish I'm a fallen star
Cos' I know, you are the one
To catch me falling from above
And then I just won't be the stardust
As you would transform me into your angel :)
Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Techie Stuff!

After my marriage, the only thing I was worried about was ‘Sari”, I know how to wear it but still its an art by itself and until and unless you don’t practice you won’t have those “perfect pleats” so that you don’t look pregnant and then what if your “petticoat” is visible or your toes! Ahhh…. 

By any means….Its an art! And just wrappin up doesn’t makes it look graceful or sexy.

Although many women in India are in habit of wearing saree’s in there day to day life but I have seen very few who actually drape it nicely. And then look at them, you would find them the most admirable woman for that moment.

Recently , a Mumbai couple has launched an app for Apple on “How to drape a sari” that too in two versions :
  •    In textual mode 
  •    And also an audio visual mode.
No matter what, and how many tutorial you have, it’s the PRATICE which MAKES SARI LOOKS PERFECT.

And there is new addition in wishlist  - NoteSlate.

Ooooooooo…. So sleek and so sexy!!
Yup, it has some disadvantages but the most important part is it just for 99$, yeah I agree that’s the base model but don’t you think it’s a revolution!

Just Plabyack few years and we used to have a black slate white chalk piece (which most of the time I used to eat) and now this colourful slate(which I can't chew)!

I really want one.

Keep Faith 
Chakoli :)

Mode Change!

Too much of marriage stuff on my blog. Yeah , I know it happens once in a lifetime (well not really!)
So let me get back to my normal Chakoli mode …..

First a Tarzan scream…. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa …. Okies if it was not exactly the same just to remind you it’s a LADY TARZAN!

Since last week I’m struggling to get a new template for my blog and and after long hours of copying and compiling those “readymade” templates I have decided I’ll design one… yup you need to have patience learning and implementing would take time.

My new job is bit boring, well which job is interesting? Well then again the point is… is it that job is boring or is it that people are boring which makes your work more boring. Let me think….

Yups, it’s the people… just barely 60 people in the company and that too busy with there own stuff! No other social activities… as we used to have it in our “big” organizations! Every month there would be some celebration may be green day, national day, sports day, cultural day… women’s day, dabba party day and many more…..
The other thing which I miss in this organization is “tapri ki chai” … sudak sudak…!! Ahhh… Not a single “tapri” outside our company …. What a waste!! 

Anyways… Things would CHANGE!! 

And I’m again in love with Dilbert…. Nobody could be better. Sample this :

Doing it right is no excuse for not meeting the schedule.  No one will believe you solved this problem in one day!  We've been working on it for months.  Now, go act busy for a few weeks and I'll let you know when it's time to tell them.

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

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