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After my marriage, the only thing I was worried about was ‘Sari”, I know how to wear it but still its an art by itself and until and unless you don’t practice you won’t have those “perfect pleats” so that you don’t look pregnant and then what if your “petticoat” is visible or your toes! Ahhh…. 

By any means….Its an art! And just wrappin up doesn’t makes it look graceful or sexy.

Although many women in India are in habit of wearing saree’s in there day to day life but I have seen very few who actually drape it nicely. And then look at them, you would find them the most admirable woman for that moment.

Recently , a Mumbai couple has launched an app for Apple on “How to drape a sari” that too in two versions :
  •    In textual mode 
  •    And also an audio visual mode.
No matter what, and how many tutorial you have, it’s the PRATICE which MAKES SARI LOOKS PERFECT.

And there is new addition in wishlist  - NoteSlate.

Ooooooooo…. So sleek and so sexy!!
Yup, it has some disadvantages but the most important part is it just for 99$, yeah I agree that’s the base model but don’t you think it’s a revolution!

Just Plabyack few years and we used to have a black slate white chalk piece (which most of the time I used to eat) and now this colourful slate(which I can't chew)!

I really want one.

Keep Faith 
Chakoli :)

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Red Handed said...

bumped into your I LOVE FAT people post on indiblogger and have been reading since then. Thr you were talking bout getting your prince charming and i see here that you already found one :P

Btw saree look beautiful on any one and you dont need to find the perfect size for urself. One size fits all But wearing it is like winning a war!!

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