Horn Please!!

I wonder why we are so much concerned about noise pollution and honking when on each truck we have two "embedded words" HORN PLEASE!!!

Check out diwali pics(not mine) on BIG PICTURE!! Colours and lights...amazing...

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Chakoli :)

I was...

I got so much frustrated today at around 3 o clock that,I got up from my desk...roamed here and there for half an hour then went to canteen had coffee choclate pastry then sipped coffee..... came back to desk open mailbox, no new mails kewl.... now I should leave is what I decided. And so I was out of office at 5:20 pm. What else do you expect man!!

Once out of office I'm feeling really light weight!! ;-) Its office frustration I tell you ;-)

Today India defeated australia by 99 runs. Fine so now it would be 6-1 and not 7-0 as was expected for india ;-)

Hey my cute david shepherd is no more with us. I really loved him. Golu molu khadoos umpire!!!Infact when he used to open his mouth to shout NO , he appeared to me as humptie dumptie. May his soul rest in peace!!

Currently in love with this song...

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Chakoli :)

For ...

My 200th post...

What else could be more beautiful then talking about love..

"Love is one force that makes you decide on the basis on things you can't explain or understand. But it teaches you to surrender control and let the higher power take over. Listen to your heart and not the head, even for a rational thing despite feeling completely weird."

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Chakoli :)

Happy Diwali

I know I m late but wishes and greetings are always pleasing!! Isnt...

thanks for all your wishes.

This is what I made for my diwali :)

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Chakoli :)

Diwali Planning...

It's hot and humid here. I'm really surprised by the weather change.Earlier by Oct end we used to start using at least one sweater and now its fan/cooler running. I really get scared by the environment changes and what future has in store for us.

Finally, today was the last day of our DIWALI SAAF SAFAI! From tomorrow we are gonna work on "Mithai and other delicacies for diwali". I really dont understand, every year we follow the same routine, I mean we have diwali every year and each year we prepare and celebrate it with same enthusiasm and fun. This time of course it would be different as my little nephew would be celebrating his first diwali and so we are more excited.

Today, we went to ask ladder from one of our neighbours, when we were done with the job I said Thank you Uncle, and Uncle nodded his head saying--- arrey koi baat nahi beta! Two things that stuck me , one was Beta as I don't here this word very often now from anyone as stranger or oldie. Its always Madam. and another thing, I shouldn't have said Thank you, it sounds very formal. These words are just for "CLIENT" and not for us. I agree they are under "Manners and Etiquette's" but still they are FORMAL words.

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Chakoli :)

Diwali and HouseCleaning...

One of the reason , I asked for early leave is that I could be a helping hand to my parents in Diwali's Special cleaning. I don't know, but stillI couldnt understand, why we stick to "Diwali Cleaning"? I mean... that reason that Lakshmi would come to your house if its clean and dirt free isnt very convincing. Whatever... I have no choice but to stick to it.

So, this time it was decided that we wont be having whitewash, as just last year we had and it was appearing neat and clean. The only thing we need to manage is clean all dirt and dust with a broom. So as I m here there is no fear, I thought of starting it this morning.

As I started with one of the rooms and climbed on one of the shelve to clean ceiling and fan, I met one of my homemate- Home lizard... Ofcourse I didnt screamed, but with shoooo and some more sounds she was off my way, and again started banging ceiling with my broom , now as I cleared some trunk there was another one... eeeehhhh... not one but two... this time I screamed as the shelve is just two feet wide and it hardly had any space for me to escape. After some more hissing...even she left. But no... after about two minutes there was another one, and then there was a BIG SOUND.Listening to the sound, my family members rushed to see what happened, but yes I was safe and sound ;-). The sound was not mine, but actually I banged a big box which had that lizard crawling over it. Hahahahaa... I was laughing sitting on that two feet wide shelve.

Ahhh... Today I got tired, I used to do double work than this earlier as well, but today I could feel body pain. Is it related to old age. Uddi baba.... I m getting old... but I'm toh still unmarried. Should I seriously think of marriage...atleast I could get a hubby to do all this cleaning ;-)

Hahahahhaa... not a good reason to get marrried isnt?

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Chakoli :)

Holiday Home!!

I'm on two weeks vacation for diwali, yes diwali is on 18th but I landed my home today itself. People did gave me a surprised look when I say that, as many of them dont get such a long vacation.

Whatever, I m enjoying it so dont care about others :)

I have actually asked for 1.5 weeks of leave, which is approved another .5 is either sick leave or some urgent work at home or my train got delayed by 36 hrs (well that dosent sounds very genuine ;)) but I m figuring out a good excuse, dont know what I'll say.

I m not irresponsible,Blame my work or my attitude, I m not liking that work even a bit and so finding ways to escape it. Getting release from this project is also tough and getting new job is also toughso the only thing left is ESCAPE it.

Currently reading Brida by Paulo Coehlo, mmmmhhhhh... views on that.... Actually its a story of a girl who is in search of her soulmate. I dont know, but there are mant statements in that book that I usually used to say it to others. But still I'm not very much convinced as what he is trying to potrait. Overall a OKISH book.

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Chakoli :)

2 Minutes TOI!!

Be adaptive to change - rule of survival.

May be "aam aadmi" does not feel the necessity of that but business does for sure. Just recently I saw this new link on times of india website- 2 minutes of TOI. 2 minutes of daily dose. It was like 2 minutes of maggi.

It is one of the survival startegy for sure but also, we could get a glimpse of "some good and impactful" news. One thing is good for sure that they have covered all sections and the webpage is also not boring but bit stylish to be liked by readers.

I m waiting for what competitors are planning for!!

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Chakoli :)


I bunked my office again today after long time ofcourse, I just love myself whenever I do so. :)
I feel myself to give a pat on my back. hahaha...

Could you believe it, Himesh Bhai is back and that too with three heroines. Uddi baba... How could he? Please stop him. Why nobody files a case of mental torture against him. :P

I m waiting for BLUE, it should be a good movie. I m in love with its title song and chigy-wiggy one. Thats too cute.

On friday I watched "WakeUp Sid", good movie, seriously!! Fresh and vibrant!! Although Ranbir Kapoor always appears to me as "choosa hua aam" but still movie was good.And I loved T-shirts he wored in whole movie. cute ones!!!

Anyone watching Perfect Bride? Haahahahaha... Its a cute show man!!! Although I still dont understand how could people go on show to find there "would be's"... but still I m loving it ;-).

Guys, anyone who is aware of any centre where I could donate some clothes. I m trying to find out, but no clue. Please help me if you have any contacts. Otherwise I need to goto jungle and donate them to hippos ;-) my twin :P

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

PS: The title has nothing to do with the post, I wasnt able to find a suitable title and was watching B4U music, so thought of putting the same BAJAOOOOOOOOOOO... :P.

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