Recession And Solution!!!

We are hearing about it since lot many days.!!!
  • People are losing there jobs
  • All other sectors are being affected by it
  • Girls are not looking for IT professional as there future partners…
  • Suicides
And many more outcomes of “Global Economy” slowdown….

The worst is ofcourse to “loose your job” that too without any reason. :(

Ahhhh… even a pinch of idea like that scares YOU!!!!

So some of the “evergreen sectors” still blooming… and would SHINE …

  • Bollywood : No comments on that… people still have money flowing.. and still have spectators and crazy fans to support them
  • Politics: Do I need to comment on this? Here I’m not talking about dirty politics, but just politics… even good people exists and some are very focused about Country’s progress and vision.
  • Item Songs:… Wanna be next Rakhi Sawant or Mallika Arora Khan? Just some moves and you have money, fame and luxuries
  • Journalist : Its just about the news, from any corner of the “gully”… and people are there to hire you.And moreover, they still want jounalist to pick up news on "recession " ;)
  • TV serials: Yup, those aspiring actors/actress to be pictured in one of the daily soaps… , again money and fame is for YOU!!!
  • Sports :Just Cricket…if you play football, hockey… don’t think to have peace in life. You need to be a cricketer… with so many matches and series round the clock… you still could bet a place for you… if not in Indian Cricket team then… somewhere in IPL..ICL…. ITL…. IKL.....And many more if they come….
  • Blogging: Yups… how could this be left out!!!! Just the best way to earn and get famous but you need to work out!!!!
Something left out?
You guys could add…. :)

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Cricket and Some Spice!!!

Yup yup, we all are great followers of cricket, at least I’m and till date haven’t ever said – Cricket is now overdone!!!

So now, from tests to one day and now 20-20…. Anything new and innovative you think could come up?

  • Cricket is considered to be a gentlemen’s game!! But how about a Mixed Team!!! I mean men and women together could be paired up… quite similar to what we have in Tennis as Mixed Doubles. Wouldn’t it be SPICY? But yup we could many a times hear this from guys – Arrey ladki thin a isliye Umpire ne OUT nahi diya ya fir array ladki hain na isliye maar nahi payi ;-) . Whatever, if we look at the prospects of the game it could be more up of glamour and spicy is what I think….Already guys are after it, if gals join in, they might want it MORE!!!!! And wives are already fed up… they could be more frustrated!!!!
  • Another one I thought was “Nukkad Cricket”… As item gals and celebrity nights are organized , people could call team for some “Nukkad Cricket” for the celebration… be it some wedding, or New year eve…. !!!!
Whatever... Njoy the Game !!! :D

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

My Birthday

Few days back it was my birthday!!! Yup, I know me an abnormal, crazy, irritating, stubborn, and arrogant….. Creature but still I was born like a normal human being!!! Strange na!!!Since last 3 years, consecutively I have been travelling on my birthday.

2006… boarded flight to LN, due to which I got an extra of about 4 hours of the special day. But all in vain, were spent in flight. First one to wish me was “passport officer” in London. After checking my passport, questioning and putting a seal on it while handing the passport back to me he said – Happy Birthday Sweetheart. Yup, I was shocked, never knew that britishers could be friendly to Indians, and to hear sweetheart from a guy was something hard to digest for an Indian girl!!!!

2007… Was in Pune and was travelling back to my hometown for diwali vacation…..

2008… Was at my hometown and again travelling back to Pune….

Due to this travel, all my friends get a good excuse of “ yaar out of coverage aa raha that tera mobvile “(Your mobile was out of coverage). And then they wish me “Belated Happy Birthday dear “and so how did you celebrated? MY answer has been same-
nothing much, was busy packing-shacking and the boarding train.
Many others who are not good with numbers and forget my birthday have a permanent reminder by news channel. As on this horrifying day “another cre … crea… creaa… creature was born named “SRK”. And so, it’s usually, people when turn on the TV and see all prasing and history of SRK life. Hila its Chakoli‘s bday today!!!!!

Somehow, I m not at all fascinated with the special day, its more of a normal day except that I get calls from so many friends on a single day. I like that….being together, if not in real then virtually!!!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

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