Why is that?

Nights gives you a sense of completion!! When the wordly affair ends and then you are with yourselve(or may be your beloved) ;-) !!

--Knitting your dreams with a a silky thread of  faith and confidence
--analysing all your routine activities
--cherishing moments
--talking to yourself
--loving yourself
--making faces in mirror
--listening to your favorite music
--sipping tea
--turning pages of your bedtime book
--missing someone
--loving somebody in dreams
--dancing on your fav tune/song
--talking for hours to your beloved/friend
--wearing whatever is comfortable
--resting in all your "ajeeb-o-gareeb" postures

Wish NIGHT never ends....... ;)

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

She's A Jolly Good Fellow - Book Review

Why I chose this one - The blame goes to its cover and the print, that military print even in the sides of the book pages. Although I'm firm beliver of "Never judge a book by its cover" still I did fall for it :)

And to be honest I wasn't disappointed .


Proposals always make you feel special :)

Well, its not about "The proposal" I received but about movie "Proposal" starring Sandra Bullock.

Every proposal be it personal/professional is a decision maker in one' life. At times when you sit back in your balcony with a cup of ginger tea and  staring and feeling the rains , with a long pause and  you murmurr...

Oh Shit Not Again- Book Review

A book by Mandar Kokate!!

I don't know if I'm getting old or that my taste is getting bad!

First question- why did I picked this up? Well the book title "Oh Shit Not Again" makes you feel that there is something different about this book and also when you read the back cover it narrates few of those interesting incident which could spice up one's life.

But alas... thats not the case!!

Book fails to spice up my life atleast!

The book starts with Beware before you may die laughing".

and I say " Beware of the book - OhShit Not Again" you may stop reading books completely!!

My Janamasthmi Celebration..

At 9 when I was back from office, everybody was excited all were busy in preparation of Janamasthmi.

We wanted to dress my nephew as real "kishan kanhiya" but he refused to wear a धोती !

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