Beauty Check!!

Some observations which I made in beauty parlour

  • The only one thing god gave me in abundance is "manufacturing defects" and thats the reason I need spend a lot on my maintenance ;)
  • Manicure and pedicure are "contagious" , I went for threading but as soon as I saw a girl taking pedicure I wanted to opt for it and another girl when she saw me, started with "How much is for manicure?"
  • One thing for which girls goto beauty parlour is because they are treated like "princess" so what if it comes with a COST!!

Keep Faith Chakoli :)

Image Courtesy : Hoboken

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Ellen said...

Well, some say it is therapeutic. And I am inclined to agree to that. You see, there is something about being 'pampered'... Makes you feel like a queen, restores your girl-confidence, and heightens that feel-good-feeling. You'll notice that women coming out of a beauty parlor look kinda radiant, happy, content, confident radiating that special glow. I think that a reasonable amount of 'pampered time' does have a positive effect on a woman.. buoys her up to face the day's challenges with an upbeat frame of mind and... well-manicured hands. Lols! Now women all over will agree that it's such a small price to pay for a priceless benefit. :-)

God bless you and your loved ones.

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