Indian lyricist could come out with such analogies that’s its hard to imagine for a common man like me!!!

Sample these!!

वो जब नाखून कुतरती हैं
चंदा घटने लगता है ....

आपको देखा तो फूलों को पसीना आ गया !!!!
(टॉवेल दू क्या ?) :P

And there is this …

एक लड़की को देखा
तो ऐसा लगा......................................................

With infinite numbers of comparison …

Yup, I could understand Govinda Special….

में तो रास्ते से जा रहा थामें तो भेलपुरी खा रहा था....

रामनारायण बाजा बजाता ...

तेरे बाप के घर से...

And many more…

But association of beauties ……. तौबा तौबा

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Earth Hour

A recent development which took place in Delhi…

I m not at all against this campaign, but somehow I’m not able to digest it.

Somehow, I think this type of campaign is for countries where there is 24 hr non-stop supply of electricity and the lifestyle is completely dependant on it. In India, where as soon as summer starts we face a “normal” batti gul(power cut) campaign . As soon as you return from office, you park your vehicle and power cut. Now you are climbing stairs and blaming. There is a favorite film scheduled on your favorite channel, and after finishing all your stuff you switch it on and there shuts off the power!!! The common man sweats, get frustrated and blames even more to the government.

Some lucky ones who earn quite decent use invertors and generators. But then we are burning more electricity to charge the inverter and second we are “emptying” petrol to run the generator. Remember that ad… kya saara petrol aap hi khatam kar denge? :P

Some constraints which are sure to come up with this “Monthly Earth Hour “campaign:

· Thieves could have a “good time “
· Pubs and shopping malls would still be using invertors and generators
· IT industry/ BPO sectors where people work 24 X 7 would be affected.

On a positive note,
· If it is implemented, of course the common man could “reschedule” and as “we Indians” are too adjusting in nature , There could be an adjustment for that one hour.
· We could tell to the world, you made it for 1 hour in a year and we are doing it on monthly basis.

I just noticed that in India, “batti gul" is the major problem faced by every individual now and then, if just for Delhi shutting down power they save up to 100 MW of power every month., how much power we save on daily basis.

Hats Off Indians and thanks to Electricity board!! :P

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Election Time and Manifesto

Check out this guys “LK Advani

Highlights of the vision proposed by BJP :

  • Multipurpose National Identity Card with unique Citizen Identification Number for every Indian citizen in 3 years
  • 10 million students to get laptop computers at Rs 10,000
  • All schools and colleges to have Internet-enabled education
  • Digital Security Agency to be set up for cyber counter-terrorism
On a similar path are Congress :
  • We will connect all villages to a broadband network in three years time
In India , the general non-IT public has a perception that IT is just related to own a laptop, access to whole lot of information(I read this somewhere that its just 10 % of world information available on web. ) , checking mails frequently , orkutting, making new friends , downloading music, films and many more things which are still not readily available to the common man.
Being an IT person I really thing among the task stated above, not a single one serves any purpose to anyone apart from timepass. We just keep on wasting our time while exploring from one site to another. We make a habit of checking mails ,every 1 minute “refresh” button is hit is by the user.
You ask a net-savvy guy and he’ll answer – yaar, I m online 24 hrs. So, people would be online/idle from office/home/wfh(work from home) but when you jam them, yaar busy with some urgent issue will talk to you later.
Whats the use of this “24 hour online” thing?
What the point I want to make here is that its good to concentrate on the technology and should appreciate if someone is working on it but as per the users need. It shouldn’t be a mandate and a status symbol that you need to have it.
Common man is looking for a secure place , not affected by bomb and drunken drivers . They are looking for easy solutions to there problems. Initiatives taken to build competencies and jobs should be more appropriate option then providing broadband and laptops. So wasting our own money … I don’t think so is needed.
Moreover, I wonder, when in a city like Pune I can’t get a stable high speed broadband connection , to get it in Villages that too in a period of 3 years. Would be surely tough!!!

Or is it just the promises to be made… how does it matter if they are executed or not !!!!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

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