Election Time and Manifesto

Check out this guys “LK Advani

Highlights of the vision proposed by BJP :

  • Multipurpose National Identity Card with unique Citizen Identification Number for every Indian citizen in 3 years
  • 10 million students to get laptop computers at Rs 10,000
  • All schools and colleges to have Internet-enabled education
  • Digital Security Agency to be set up for cyber counter-terrorism
On a similar path are Congress :
  • We will connect all villages to a broadband network in three years time
In India , the general non-IT public has a perception that IT is just related to own a laptop, access to whole lot of information(I read this somewhere that its just 10 % of world information available on web. ) , checking mails frequently , orkutting, making new friends , downloading music, films and many more things which are still not readily available to the common man.
Being an IT person I really thing among the task stated above, not a single one serves any purpose to anyone apart from timepass. We just keep on wasting our time while exploring from one site to another. We make a habit of checking mails ,every 1 minute “refresh” button is hit is by the user.
You ask a net-savvy guy and he’ll answer – yaar, I m online 24 hrs. So, people would be online/idle from office/home/wfh(work from home) but when you jam them, yaar busy with some urgent issue will talk to you later.
Whats the use of this “24 hour online” thing?
What the point I want to make here is that its good to concentrate on the technology and should appreciate if someone is working on it but as per the users need. It shouldn’t be a mandate and a status symbol that you need to have it.
Common man is looking for a secure place , not affected by bomb and drunken drivers . They are looking for easy solutions to there problems. Initiatives taken to build competencies and jobs should be more appropriate option then providing broadband and laptops. So wasting our own money … I don’t think so is needed.
Moreover, I wonder, when in a city like Pune I can’t get a stable high speed broadband connection , to get it in Villages that too in a period of 3 years. Would be surely tough!!!

Or is it just the promises to be made… how does it matter if they are executed or not !!!!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


ruSh.Me said...

We all know what Election Manifestos are and like a web page, they are just refreshed every 4 years or every election...

p.s. Are you voting this time?

Phoenix said...

Funny thing is, if u look in detail at the BJP IT vision policy, the costs and logistics involved are so HUGE that it is not even possible to do everything they say, even if smone honestly wanted to do it :P

Getting internet access in 3 yrs to every village is still "possible", through PCOs n telecom networks that now exist pretty much everywhere, albeit it cant be of grt quality, n that is assuming smone seriously does it

niceguy251 said...


These are election promises. Rice / wheat @ Rs 3/= per kg to BPL families, Rs 1 lac to every girl who crosses 18 years of age and blah blah blah. Why don't they promise safe environments, orderly traffic, better connectivity, less crime including political, steady economy and peaceful life for all as you suggested? Because they can not provide that so promise something to lure public to vote them.

Take care

Sam said...

election manifestos are good for nothing. they are popular poll planks and just not possible to fulfill...

now if for example congress coems in the power it wud implement reservations in pvt sector and that wud be catastrophe.....

Internet access first shud be improved in the city and wireless itneret shud be promoted....

internet in pune sucks and barring airtel, there is no good ISP.

i agree with u that first we need a secure life and assurance that none of us wud die to a jihadi who wants to have fun in exploding bombs!!

Chakoli said...

@Rashmi :)))

yups I m... :))

very true... dnt knw if they are refreshed... but for sure are... copied ;-)

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Chakoli said...


very true dear...
may be just for the sake of completing there promises they could make a room with a dial up connection and one pC :D

Chakoli said...


very true...
promises have lost its meaning nw....

Chakoli said...


I guess jihadi are provided with better services then us :PP

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