Yes, days go.... but memories remain!!! And they hit you back again after some time so that you never ever forget it.

Yesterday, was fun... I started a movie "yeh Mera India" at around 1'o clock night , then had coffee at 2 and finally I slept at 3.30 am. Was feeling good, we used to do same in hostel , watching movie, killing time , coffee and maggi party....Of course everything was there except the hostel inmates . But movie was just awesome. a must watch!!

And today's its 26/11 back.... even bad memories fall on date and do complete their anniversary. After years the pain is still the same. Be it for Babri Majid demolition or 26/11 or godhara .....

Memories can never part....

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


Solitude is something which I love and somehow I feel relaxed and don't know.....

It gives you time to think about yourself ...

Now what happens is... you are all alone... you have enough time... you don't have work... you have no one to talk.... you think.... you think more...and finally as idle mind is devil's workshop..... you end up doing some idiotic things...and plan for some more idiotic things....

You get relaxed... and start thinking of spiritual part... what I m doing here? is this job of relevance? Am I doing my karma? Whats my responsibility..... and you start searching answers to this questions... to which there is no answer and you'll forget them as soon as your leaves are consumed and you'll resume work. then the questions bothering you are... did I sent the daily report? Did I replied to client mails? Am i ready for the presentation? that colleague is too handsome and stares me as well but what he is married!

And what more... you write up this type of crappy as to waste time of other readers.....

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Embarassing Situations

A very shy young man goes into a bar and sees a beautiful woman sitting alone.

After an hour he gathers enough courage to go and ask her, "Er... excuse me, but would you mind if I sat here beside you?"

She responds in a loud voice :


Everyone in the bar turns to stare at them. The young man is surprised, shocked and embarrassed and goes back to his table.

After a few minutes the woman walks over to him smiles, apologizes, and says, "You see, I'm a graduate student in psychology and I'm studying how people respond to embarrassing situations."

The young man responds loudly with,


For more : jokes

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Wedding Planning...

Yes, its about my wedding planning!!

I know I m still to find a guy but still other things could be decided by then :)

Was talking to one of my old friend and he told me nowadays people are being innovative and planning marriage under water, in air and what not!!

I told him , I ll plan my marriage in कब्रिस्तान(graveyard)!! What say?
It could be the theme party as well, all guests dressed as भूत(ghost) and चुड़ैल(witch). And that would reduce my expense as well, as I dont have to spend much on make up . I look a natural चुड़ैल(witch)!!! ;-)

And then , another wish of mine (buried deep deep deep....) was floating, I ll go to my groom's house in truck. I mean I want to sit in truck. Yes, want to sit on that first floor and feel how people on two wheelers look like!! Those insects crawling on road.... :P ;)

Have a nice weekendddddddddd..... just dont sleep... !!!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


Mrs. Chopra was almost in tears. "Oh Riya," she said to her maid, "I have reason to suspect that my husband is having an affair with his secretary."

" I don't believe it for one minute !" Riya snapped. "You're just saying that to make me jealous !!!"

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Life And Colours!!

Life always presents you all shades of colour... from bright red... soothing green... calm blue... to shades of grey.
I don't know, but what colour I would wear unconsciously depends on the state of my mood!!
May be that's the reason many theories suggest some specific colour for individuals and even colour therapy is coming up so strongly.
Whatever I trust my unconscious state of mind.

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

ज़िन्दगी ...

After long time I m back on orkut, may be after about an year or so and everyday I get scraps from old friends. Most of them have a profile pic with a kid.
The first reaction is ofcourse अरे बच्चा भी हो गया !!! ;-)
Life is moving at a fast pace for others or is it just that I'm slow!! :)

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Nothing Much To Say...

After looong time, again I m back :)

Somehow I cant ever think of leaving this space . Its my own space that too you get it for free, don't need to worry about the monthly installments or down payment and possession!! I'm sure in future you would have to pay for it, so better keep this place safe and secure .After all its treasure!!!

Was busy with nothing actually, just life is running at its normal pace. Normal office-ghar ka drama , and in between there are "grocery shops" visit. Enuff!!

Yes, did watched "ajab prem ki gajab kahanni" and too tell you its horrible!! Over acting by Ranbir ( that चूसा हुआ आम) and NO ACTING by katrina.

Apart from paa nothing interesting is coming up, Kurbaan would be hitting theatres tomorrow, don't feel very positive about it. lets see as it comes from KJo House so HIGH EXPECTATIONS!!

My GPRS connection is working fine, in spite of many rumors that its not GOOD and there are issues. I could do everything at just 450/-, what else you need? Yes just downloading movie takes time. that's it!!

Currently listening gumsum gumsum gum from paa... just amazing one!!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

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