Traffic And WFH....

The most progressive sector is IT/Service Provider, and it has a very good concept of ‘WFH’ ie Work From Home. Still, there are many firms which do not support this , and want there employees to show physical presence as well.

But I’ m actually in support of it, Whys so? Let me make it clear in the coming lines.

IT… people are actually preferring it, as it has money, luxury and moreover roaming abroad that too free of cost. Now as money comes in, so are the demands to spent life in luxury to own a house, to shop in multiplex, to watch film in Cineplex, to own a 4-wheeler…and what not!!!!

Even if we consider 1 % of people are working in IT industry in India, and only 1% of the number calculated , commute with their own 4-wheeler/2-wheeler, sit at home and work, how much congestion. Traffic jams, blockage could be avoided?

People come from small town to big cities for job, and now with job and money who wouldn’t prefer to own a vehicle. Just read this in Pune times that everyday 600 new vehicles lands on city road…that’s a huge number….

We are in an attempt to make flyovers surrounding city, connecting two city…. With some estimation that it would have capacity of some random number, but why don’t we think the case that it is an always increasing number and with TATA NANO (although I salute Mr Ratan Tata for such a nice work- for common man) , is there any estimate how the graph would shoot up??

We can’t come up with rules , of banning the personal vehicle on road always use company’s transport… but we should really come out with something that’s beneficial for all.

I agree WFH has many disadvantages as well., but still the process is more environment friendly.

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Chakoli :-)

New Year with New things……..

Just 6 days passed, and it seems that 2008 is not good for Indian cricket. We have already lost 2 test matches, one due to our faults and other due to "GOD(-DAMN) UMPIRES".

Whom to blame?

Eve teasing and abusing gals was on full swing on this new year eve. And there is Mr Bal thackerey protecting Maharastra police!!!!!

Whom to blame??

Finally there is some worry for Indian government…French Prez Nicolas Sarkozy would be visiting with his girlfriend Carla Bruni.

Oooooohhhlalalallalaalaaa……Now whom to blame, but I'm very curious what people sitting in Delhi would decide?? ;-)

Scrutiny of MTV Roadies has begun …. And I was wondering how could the supreme selectors Mr Raghu and Mr Nikhil Chinnapa select a guy whom they say ""Kya Dhakkan hain??".I seriously doubt their capabilities. MTV is really going down with its standard. Some one please help them.

Hey guys did you watched the new Lead India ad(Yup I know its old a bit now), but it seriously cute and motivating….Isn't!!! :-)

From my end…. Nothing new but found something new in my life . Aaaahhhhhhhh… Change in life keeps you going….

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