New Year with New things……..

Just 6 days passed, and it seems that 2008 is not good for Indian cricket. We have already lost 2 test matches, one due to our faults and other due to "GOD(-DAMN) UMPIRES".

Whom to blame?

Eve teasing and abusing gals was on full swing on this new year eve. And there is Mr Bal thackerey protecting Maharastra police!!!!!

Whom to blame??

Finally there is some worry for Indian government…French Prez Nicolas Sarkozy would be visiting with his girlfriend Carla Bruni.

Oooooohhhlalalallalaalaaa……Now whom to blame, but I'm very curious what people sitting in Delhi would decide?? ;-)

Scrutiny of MTV Roadies has begun …. And I was wondering how could the supreme selectors Mr Raghu and Mr Nikhil Chinnapa select a guy whom they say ""Kya Dhakkan hain??".I seriously doubt their capabilities. MTV is really going down with its standard. Some one please help them.

Hey guys did you watched the new Lead India ad(Yup I know its old a bit now), but it seriously cute and motivating….Isn't!!! :-)

From my end…. Nothing new but found something new in my life . Aaaahhhhhhhh… Change in life keeps you going….

Keep Faith


abx said...

arey hume bhi to bato life mein kya naya ?

Vrij said...

Hmm.. so u too have been Sydneying, huh?

Abt the Roadies... only dhakkans can choose dhakkans!!

And I found the Tata tea ad one of the best.. vote maangta hai saala.. every politician shud be bombarded with that ad..

chakoli said...


Arrey woh naya permannent toh hone do...phir pakka:-)))

chakoli said...


I agree dhakkan choose dhakkan...

yups thats all gr8, but instead I like this lead india one....:-)))

aj said...

roadies is junked up repackaged US trash. I wonder why we even notice it. Well, as for cricket. I find the Indians whingeing and whining more these days than playing good cricket.

vijay said...


if Harbhajan has not said what is being told @ him, hey Punjab de Puttar...go & say it man..

whites had also written : Dogs & Indians not allowed...& was it in not in ur country Mr. Proctor , match refere sir??

its all adding up & spicing up proceedings na??


Anonymous said...

hi chakoli !

i am waiting for the indian heroes to bounce back and win the remaining 2 test matches agst aussies.



chakoli said...


tO SOME EXTEND U R RIGHT ABOUT CRICKET, BUT NT COMPLETELY...NW DNT EXPECT TO BE LIKE A MILITARY SOLDIERS......they have there personal aspirations and would surely fulfill them...

chakoli said...


Aap to duba do....India ko...:-))
aacha hua nahi kaha...bina kahe yeh natak...keh deta toh pata nahi kya hota...:)))

Haan apun to chatkhare hi lenge:PPPPP

chakoli said...


cross ur fingers dear...hopefully we won!!!!

vijay said...

Na rey Chaks,
Bhindas bool dene ka rey.

& white monkey bolney ka ,,,hahah


Sanika said...

It is not a question of precisely who is to be blamed but it is a question of owning up. But why would anyone do that... do the Aussies admit that their manner was not appropriate not even remotely to what one would call chivalry? It is a common practice to pass the buck not just in India but I think it's a global phenomenon as well.

I do think Mumbai is relatively safer and such incidents are only proof of the incapacity of the police force t do their jobs well and then blame the media for actually reporting what they're not really fond of hearing: the truth. Instead of just sitting and catch drunk drivers what they really should do is deploy a huge task force to ensure the safety of women at all times of the day; also make even molestation a non-bailable offence provided there is sufficient evidence to confirm the same. And above all, make crime their top priority instead of publishing statistics about drunk drivers' licences being revoked, and I'm sure not all of them were drunk anyways.
Trust politicians to be the best fence-sitters... they are bound to support some party if they find someone is oppposing it, especially if that someone is the party in power...

The Lead India campaign is most definitely a very motivating and deeply inspiring ad.

Take care Chaks:))

Amidst good economic growth and taking long strides globally, I think

Anonymous said...

dear chakoli !

oops ... i am wondering what is there else to comment about !

i am crossing my fingers ... as advised by you ! ... and i am waiting for the indian team to thrash the aussies in the remaining matches !



Jiyo lyf !! said...

hi chakoli,

well, its the damn umpires, thooki master ponting and monkeys mistake collectively yaar...
i hope we win the third test yaar ..its just started..
as for the roadies is concerned doesnt impress mee..i dont lyk it genuinely ..they abuse each other a lot yaar


ruggedboyz said...

i really really think when u right for to many topics u endup writing very lil on each as is the case with u also ur cricket claim backfired for india won the 3rd test also once morals needs serious anchor for losses they floating is really bad and yes i do agree i did never get what is it that those guys see in to choose a guy/girl however they choose indian youth so hardly matters

chakoli said...


Sure...bindass bool dungi...aur phir...???

Chakoli said...


Thanks for your comments:-))

I agree who is to be blamed, but some times, situation is not in our hands... and there is completely one person responsible for it.... I dnt mean of blaming him/her, but people dont accept their mistake, be it aussies or mumbai police, or bal thackarey....

people wanna live life with no probs and when they face one due to the blunder created by them.... they make it point to get rid of them..,.and not to face it:-)))

chakoli said...

@Lion King...
I ddint mean to comment on my space...but answer to my comments on ur space...hope it has beedn clarified:-)))

We won:-)))

chakoli said...


I agrre dear...they abuse each other alot...
its not roadies, it has more a abusing show:-)))

Chakoli said...


yup Ia gree...with so many topics...matter is very is more of a headlines:-)))

this time roadies are going international...
so they chossing well other nationality:-)))

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