DisneyLand in Mumbai!!!

Read this guys…

SAWANTWADI (Sindhudurga): Maharashtra government is considering setting up an amusement park on the lines of the world famous Disneyland, in coastal Sindhudurg district. The State Government is mulling over a suggestion to set up the amusement park at Kumarmath in the district, Revenue Minister Narayan Rane said on the sidelines of an event organised to mark the World Tourism Day here.

I’m not sure MNS would allow this to happen; otherwise they will ask for some “simple” rules as per them….
  • It would be renamed as “Marathi land”…

  • I’m not sure about it. But I’m expecting it have a board reading “Only mahrastrians allowed”.

  • And also… “Non Maharastrians will be prosecuted”.

  • All hoardings and banners would be written in “ Marathi”.

  • Don’t know if we would have Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse… or it would be a some “undir” and “chichundari”… (Marathi translation of mouse and female mouse as conveyed by some marathi ;))

  • Why don’t they start there own currency named something as “Maratha Rupee”… Don’t know where it would stand!!!! Lol… :O

  • The Maratha rupee note could have “ Raj Thackerey” instead of Gandhi pic.

  • Other non-marathis would goto “Mumbai Embassy” for passport and VISA.

  • The first question to be asked during VISA processing would be “Do you know marathi?”

Discrimination in terms of language!!!! Sick Mentality!!!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


Keshi said...

WOW so much DIVISION within one nation. Sad ha! Its the same story in Sri Lanka.

Language should only serve the purpose of communication...it should never be used as a means for discrimination.


Anonymous said...


u r one gurl... who never fails to make me smile :P

Reema said...

Trust MNS to really do all these stuff if they get the chance.

Nirmal said...

very true.......

Taureandude_23 aka TD23 said...

HI Chakoli
wow now tht is some news, Disneyland comin up in Sawantwadi:D LOL at the Marathi "Raj":D
take care

Vinz aka Vinu said...

funny post..

if its properly implemented it can be a revenue generator..

but if raj plays the spoilsport, hehe..then your lines will be true..

~~Don’t know if we would have Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse… or it would be a some “undir” and “chichundari”…~~

that was funny..!!

Chakoli said...

@Keshi :))

Yups dear :((

I guess everyone is facing the same problem.... and still no solution to it :((

Chakoli said...


thanks sweetie if I do so :))

Chakoli said...


they would for sure :))

Chakoli said...



Chakoli said...



dont know if it would come up or nt :DD

Chakoli said...


Yups...dont know why he does so??:((

ALI said...

More of politics and instant publicity gimmick by a handful of people...

but yeah..."if someone complains...these marathi maanooss will come to nail you down" :P

btw I am marwadi :) so this someone is not me :)

take care

Manasa said...

hahaha... divide n rule policy ;)

Rachit said...

well..........i dont know what to say......its election time...that is why he is keeping quiet i guess...even i hate mns...i have seen those people beating up others for no reason.....and that too in pune localites are introvert and conservative....they never open up to others....i hate that...

xyzandme said...

Its really sad that MNS is being generalized as "pro" marathis.
An year or so back they solved a problem with Jet Airways where Jet employees, almost 80%+ "Non-Marathis" went to Raj Thackery for help.

Linguistic/Religious divisions happen everywhere in our country.. at a much higher level than what MNS and ShivSena does, but since Mumbai is.. well Mumbai, its exaggerated out of proportion to the rest of India..

Anyhooo, MNS and Shiv Sena are nutheads, thats expected coz they are political parties.
As long as the junta-janardhan has the power to "think", the progress of Mumbai will go on..

I wonder why are they going for Sindhudurg, why not expand EsselWorld itself.

Anonymous said...

do mini and mickey know marathi

mini and mickey marathi manuss

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