Early morning when today I saw a "piggy bank picture" , it reminded me of my "गुल्लक" .

Ahhhhhhh, brick red colour, it was among’s my favourite and I disliked even if anyone else touched it. And we used to place it at different location to avoid fights and also "buri nazar".

Each time we got money , in that matter ranging from 10 paise to 10 rs (yup that was a big amount), and we were tempted to spend it, we were taught to save it in "गुल्लक" and when I would have "big amount" I could buy some "big thing".

After putting some money , I used to shake it to listen to its “खनन-खनन” and then used to analyze how much space is left? And then the lucky day would come when I would break it and collect all money. How proudly I used to throw it on floor to break it and then collect all money and then the counting starts. It was usually a competition between my bro and me, who would have greater amount.

Yup, now it is replaced with piggybank, but I still love it.
"गुल्लक" – our first step to savings.

Somehow I feel, apart from teaching kids about savings account, there is much more a kid could learn.
  • They could be taught not just to save money but how to set aside some money from the pocket money they get for future

  • They should know that they should “own money” in emergencies

  • They should know that this could help them to contribute to the family coffers

  • They should be encouraged to have a clear, time-specific goal to focus on while saving, so that they will be committed to achieve it.

Don’t you guys think so?

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


~mE said...


Warren buffet..richest man donated 31milion to charity..He bought his first share at 11 and a house at 14and he regrets he started late :)

I had a money box as well..:)It was more like a safe and we would get money at every festival if we took blessing from elders lol...i would love to fall at anyone and everyones feet for just this :))

I still follow this religiously i have a sep accout which acts like a piggy bank :))

You wont believe just yesterday i discussing with a friend about piggy bank :)

Anonymous said...

i have never used a "गुल्लक"..but yeha i used to save money in a box ... and i used to count it daily :P
it never incresed but still i used to count it daily ..

u used to save 10 paisa ..[:O]

Vinz aka Vinu said...


u ticked some nostalgic nerves in me..!!
nice post... just went back through those days where me and my brothers used to save money the same way to buy a cricket ball or a cricket bat or something else..

we three brothers had a common 'Gullack' (thanks for the term, i was not aware). It actually builds a good character as you said..some good values..!!!

great post..

niceguy251 said...


Let me say " Chakoli bahut sayaani ho gayi hai ab". LOL

On serious note, you have broght back fond memories.

Yes, children should be made aware of what you said.

Take care

Solitaire said...

Yes of course!

Are you telling me that parents are no longer teaching that to their kids?

Reema said...

Sweet post and I agree that the habit of gullack teaches very important lessons to kids.

Keshi said...

I uset to hv a til when I was a kid...someone stole it one day :(


Ankur said...

oh completely... i think the year old traditions always had many good things associated with them!!!

and this one certainly had wat all u said!!! :)

i think we also need to give them less money to spend!!! :)


Manasa said...

Even I had two... one broke when it slipped off my hands n the other when the painter was at work :(( Are those earthen piggy banks still available?? I don't see them these days.

Anonymous said...

You’re tagged…!

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