Dharati hili re… Bhukamp aaya baachon.. bhaago re bhaago…
We used to sing this song, when we were kids and never ever experienced what earthquake is?

Yesterday night something similar happened. At around 3:25 , I woke up feeling that earth is shivering , Ahh, it could be my dream but no, it was shivering . As soon as changed my posture, I didn’t felt anything . But then again regained my previous position and yup again that “shivering”. Is it because of my change in posture that earth is shivering I thought? ;). At that point actually I was in dreamland, extracting some very large and precious piece of information and when I felt those tremors , I just succeded in doing that, so my mind was reluctant to open eyes as it could result in loss of information :)

Finally, I stood up tried listening if anybody around me is feeling the same. There was complete silence. No one was panicking. No one!!!

I came out of my room, and switched on TV, to listen to the breaking news but all waste, these TV news channel wallah don’t pop up with “breaking news” when it is the most needed one . grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. :# Finally , After surfing for about 5 minutes and switching from Aaj tak , NDTV, CNBC, BBC… to even marathi channel. I got irritated and came back to my room.

It appeared to me as more of a funny thing, at night feeling the tremors, I m watching TV instead of running. :$

Then , early morning as I asked my family – Did you experienced some tremors? First they said no then when I narrated my full incidence they said, yup when you were walking to living room we could feel the “tremors”. :O

Early morning I was hit by a mail saying something like that :

Aaj news dekhi bola gaya ki kisi ke karwat badalne se tremors feel hue they pune mein... uska sketch jaari kar diya gaya hai ..

To meri aan , baan shaan ke khilaf jung ched di gayi thi !!!

I searched on google and got a tiny piece of news which says :
“Earthquake in pune, earthquake in satara area of maharashtra. Earthquake news, earthquake in India on 17th september 2008”
Finally I was relieved, and concluded I m not that FAT :D

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


Amit 2.0 said...

:D... That someone was probably right , because the news you read didn't cite the cause of tremors. ;-)

Chakoli said...



I never knew that earthquake comes up with reasons...

dont know how many people in Japan "karvatein" badalte rehte hain :PP

Amit 2.0 said...

Well yes technically it may be due to two reasons..
1)By the movements of plates the earth is composed of.
2)By gigantic bodies changing their karwats.. ;-)

I think this one was due to point 2.

Chakoli said...

@AMit :)))

Then why is that adnan sami lives in mumbai and mumbai never gets tremors??:PP

Amit 2.0 said...

you are forgetting that he is all slim and trim now.. and he was based somewhere else before..

Chakoli said...

You can call adnan sami "now" slim and trim.... Ohhh my my...

u shud goto to eye specialist :PP

Aaarti said...

Yikes... i did see this on another blog today, but dint bother!!!

wonder what the world is coming to!! sigh!!
must've been too many people partying and dancing away that cause the quake!!! ;)

Amit 2.0 said...

I assumed you to be heavier than that .. :D

Chakoli said...


yup very true.....

could be one of teh reasons fr quake :DD

Chakoli said...


you are expecting less... :PP

niceguy251 said...


LOL. So you finally felt an earthquack and got confused.

In your previous one you have very rightly pointed out that once we take things personally, we have no right to call ourselves professionals.

Take care

Ankur said...

hahaha.... unluckily i felt the same when i was lying on my bed... i didnt know it was u who was walkin!!!! :P :P

but i can say that u rnt dat fat either... :P :P



Anonymous said...

he he ..
u know i have never experienced earth quakes ..
some how my senses fail to catch the tremors :(

Phoenix said...

You're sensitive :P
unless, well, unless u were the epicentre :P

Vinz aka Vinu said...


that was funny..!!


Reema said...

I saw the news of tremors in western Maharashtra in Star news. It measured 4.8 on Richter scale.

Keshi said...

lol Chakoli!

**Then why is that adnan sami lives in mumbai and mumbai never gets tremors??:

hahahahaha too funny!

Just TC girl!


vijay said...

hie Chaks,

hows u doing?

mighty busy :)

me 2 was blissfully ignorant of the quake :((

anyway, next time karvat soch key badalna :P:P


Chakoli said...


yups got confused :PPP

Thanks for agreeing with me :DD

Chakoli said...


so nw u knw the reason :PPP

aankhon ko dhoka hain janab :PP

Chakoli said...


even motions u dnt feel... wow... !!!!

Chakoli said...


YUp, I guess so... I was the epicentre :PPP

Chakoli said...


yups it was :))

Chakoli said...


yups.. and an infant died due to this :((

Chakoli said...

@Keshi :)))


Chakoli said...


yup sort of :)))

soch ke hi badlungi :PPP

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