Uff yeh Dentist!!!

My date with dentist is going on since ………. last four months… Ahhhhh …Its  a loooong one I know, and most proably(I really hope for this) coming Saturday should be the last one.Either I have to take a half day or skip my Saturday morning nap which other wise could continue to 9,10,11,12…… :-)))
Oh God Mercy!!!!!
 I go to  hospital, they use needles, drill it, clean it, take impression, give me a filling and what not…..!!!!!
The story doesn’t ends here , for my “crown” my ‘B’ asked me  to visit hospital where she works as it could be cheaper then opting a private “DENTIST”. I was fine with it. Now these hospitals have students doing there internship or PG. So when one  of the dentist is operating others would come and peep into patient mouth and ask. Kya kar raha hain?

This was toooooooo much for me….!!! What do you think, some movie or cricket match is going on in my mouth  or is it a public park where trespassers are always welcome. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…………….
 I still remember those words of Vrij- “The pain which is physical and mental is called DENTAL”
  Vrij- I know you must be laughing here. :-)

Keep Faith

Uncle on Road!!

Again traveling back home on my pleasure…. :-)))

A guy or rather “Uncle ji” standing on the middle of the road , I guess he started crossing road and was struck in the middle of it. Poor chap. But actually it was a funny site ;-).All vehicles moving around him and he was standing there like a POLE. After looking at him I could only think of this
Haan Haan …Mein pagal hoon….
Mein pagal hoon…
Mein pagal hoon


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When I m driving, or traveling…. Or anytime in motion…I guess my thoughts also catch up with me and I come up with quite weird result…
Just came back home, after driving my “pleasure” and what I saw or rather to say observed (just to make it clear, I was observing this since many days…. But today I thought it to put it in words…)
With every good-looking girl there would be a guy on bike who usually looks more of a CHAMPAK to me”. Wish I could take a snap of all those “MATCHED” couple and put it here as a proof.
Yup I agree, exceptions are there, but mostly you will find tagging of this kind. Now another question- How do you know those are couples? C’mon man… a girl who has cuddled him, her head is resting in peace on his shoulder/back, I guess a girl like this can’t be his sister, bhabhi, mother, chachi, mami,………….!!!!
Another observation….
“Good looking guys are ALONE!!!!”
Yup I know the answer to this… they are waiting for me isn’t? ;-)

Keep Faith :-)


I just said ‘Hi’to one of my mate…. When my colleague asked… How do you know her? I started with … Arrey who mujhe parking mein mili thi……….
 After a while, I actually concluded that our “mates” could be classified  on the basis of where we meet them….
Ø      School mate
Ø      College mate
Ø      Counseling mate: I met many people when I went for my counseling….
Ø      Train mate
Ø      Local bus mate
Ø      Chat mate
Ø      Interview mate: I met many people when I was on for an interview….
Ø      Training mate: Company sends all fresher’s for a common training program…
Ø      Trip mate: this happens when a group of 2-3 friends call there friends and go        out for a trip….
Ø      Team mate…
Ø      Blog mate..
Ø      PPT mate: When you meet  people during a presentation…
Ø      Cab mate: people who share common transport provided by company (quite        similar to local bus mate)
Ø      And last but not the least I guess… Loo mate: Now don’t ask how? ;-)
 Let me know…… if you guys could add to my list :-)

Chakoli :-)

All or Few?

In a recent discussion with one of my friend, she was sounding too frustrated….!!! Reason- people are unhappy with her, whatever she does, either land up in some misunderstanding, or doing a favor to some is not liked by others.

I couldn’t have helped her, but one thing I noticed is that she was trying to make each and every person happy…., which as far as I think is not possible. One cannot please every person on this earth. You need to stick to your group or your people….!! Yup this is sounding to be selfish…but is actually better then being “DISLIKED” by each and every person on this earth…..isnt?

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Big FAT '8' !!!!!!

Tag came from Vrij and Homecooked.... so here goes my series of '8'...

Eight things I am passionate about

• Dance…… :-)
• Family , kucchu(that's my idol Krishna ) and 'Bhondu'(My cutie pie GUDDA)
• Cooking….
• Music….and Sports....
• Life….
• Anything that is "under cover"…;-)"
• Astrology….
• Friends…..
Eight things I want to do before I die

• Learn Guitar badly….
• Wanna drive bike at a speed of around 150 ……..;-)
• Cook a perfect "DOSA" as it should be ;-)
• Apart from that I really like to die as a successful woman!!! ….(It
covers all..;-))
Eight things I say often

• Cut the crap Man!!!!
• DAMN!!!!!
• Uddi baba!!!
• Naah….
• Yo Man!!!!
• Kuch bhi toh……
• Eish!!!!

Eight books I've read recently
• A Life of a pie
• India Unbound
• Derivatives – John C Hull (Yup, I just completed that :-))
• Godfather… That's was my second read actually
• Traders, Roses and Money by Satyajit Das

Eight songs I could listen to, over and over• Ajeeb Dastan hain yeh…
• Words….
• Summer of 69….
• Maine payal hain chankai…
• Dil job hi kahey….
• Sach keh raha hain deewana….
• Tum Bin…..
• Kahi door jab din dhal jaye….
• Deewana hua badal…..
• Shape of my Heart….List could go on and on……on………….

Eight things that attracts me to my best friends
• Hazirjawab…and that to a decent one…;-)
• Humor…
• Sensible
• Logical….
• A bit of emotional….(not much actually…)
• Practical….
• Flirt...(thats for guys ;-))
• Ambitious and intelligence…..

People I think should do this tag

• Vs
• Burf
• Kaua
• Phoneix
• Abx
• Rugged b........And who all wanna take this tag are WELCOME :-)

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Set Of People

I always believed that for each phase of our life we are destined to meet "A set of people". Isn't?

If we start from childhood, usually our group comprises of people living in our neighborhood not necessarily, they share same school with us. Once you enter "Pathshala" again group changes….and so is college… workplace… marriage…..and with even kids… Why not? Ever heard this?

Arrey isko to TV se hi fursat nahi…. Aapka amit to bahut hosiyar hain ;-)!!!!

And it is this "Set of people" that actually make life horrible or amazing…!!!! Isn't? No matter if you are in sahara desert or dal lake… !!!! One could only like the place if he has a nice company. No wonder even a train journey for two lovers is like a "lover's spot" :-)))).

Very often I have heard this from many people…"Ärrey kya din the who…..!!!!"
I agree this lines conveys carefree, enjoyable days…but it also says that with "those set of people " life was really fun….!!!!

Days just fly…but memories…. Mmmmmmhhhhhhhhhh…. OUR FOREVER!!!

Keep Faith

Be In Touch....

Just got “NEWS” through ORKUT, that two of my friends got married, when they actually uploaded their wedding pics, one of my friend got relocated….one of my friend is back from his foreign trip….. and the list is endless…

I wonder are we expanding at such a high rate that “TO BE IN TOUCH” is not possible…..
Or are we so much busy with ourselves that it’s hard to involve all…??

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Sometimes I feel like I'm just a newspaper…..!!!!!!

Yups, I talk about this, I talk about that… during conversation I even speak the punch line of an ad like Garv se kaho "Hello"!!!

The only thing that changes is City edition… I started with "Delhi Times", then with Mid Day , finally I landed as…… "Pune Times"!!!!!!

Was it a crap? I know….. even crap's are included in newspaper ;-)

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Ever wondered what the word “tunak” mean?

Read this: This is a conversation between me and my client in Budapest.

He: Hi
Me: Hi
He: Do you know Tunak?
Me: I’ m afraid but I m not!!!!
He: sent me this link
And I busted laughing……………

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[V] on Campus

Was watching [V] on campus, they all were in IIM Lucknow. People out there were celebrating some fest, which was covered by [V].
They made up there mind to have a glimpse of hostel, entered one of the room , two boys and room was a complete mess, VJ was actually commenting about the mess in which these people were living(who knows even VJ might be in the same condition when he might be in college).
Anyways, then he asked one of the guys- If you want to find socks in this "mess" how would you do?

The guy replied- pointing towards his feet, I never remove them :-)
To every complicated problem,Solution is quite simple!!!!

Keep Faith

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