Oh Shit Not Again- Book Review

A book by Mandar Kokate!!

I don't know if I'm getting old or that my taste is getting bad!

First question- why did I picked this up? Well the book title "Oh Shit Not Again" makes you feel that there is something different about this book and also when you read the back cover it narrates few of those interesting incident which could spice up one's life.

But alas... thats not the case!!

Book fails to spice up my life atleast!

The book starts with Beware before you read...........you may die laughing".

and I say " Beware of the book - OhShit Not Again" you may stop reading books completely!!

Its a story of five friends and their trials and tribulations across a period of few months. The central character is Raj who moves into the locality of the novel's setting, meets with the other characters in the book and talks about it in a first person perspective.There are teenage infatuation, confession of love, hyperactive male libido and the dependence on playboy and Pamela Anderson. There are ample incidents that points towards authors belief in voyeuristic pleasure that every growing up male enjoys while catching others having sex or just deep diving at the hint of cleavage.  But are they intrinsic to the plot or need of the story, I will leave you to decide that.  

The book is a complete disappointment . I have completed this book in just one day not because I enjoyed or it gripped me but just didnt wanted to invest more time on that book.

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


brandMARIO said...

bak bak??? lol... thats the first time ever ive seen someone call comments that way... nice change...


i bet ull like it :-)

Anonymous said...

LOL...thanks for the review. Now I know which book to stay away from :)

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