Rain Rain!!

I hate it when it rains when I have to come to office. I mean exactly the same time when I’m ready to hit the road and rains starts!


So much “extra” clothing is needed, well I drive a two-wheeler and so you might be aware of what I mean by extra clothing!!

--First, make sure to keep an extra pair, just in case you get drenched you can change
--No stylish footwear, just those plain floaters
--Once you are ready, wear another jacket so that even if raincoat is not able to prevent you your actual costumes don’t get wet! And also if they are transparent, it also prevents the embarrassement
--A big bag, with tiffin, shawl, towel, extra pair of clothing and mobile on your back
-- then comes the raincoat
--a scarf/stole on your face, to avoid those spalishing of water from bikes
-- a helmet on top of that

After so much effort, if suddenly it strikes you that  you have to give a  call to somebody, or want to get money for petrol. Ahhh…. First remove the raincoat then, take out your bag, remove your stole/scarf pull out your mobile and then call and again dress up!

At times I feel I’m going on a spaceship.

Well, even I heard similar narration from some other male colleagues who come in shorts and vest over that a raincoat, and as soon as they enter rush to washroom to get dressed up. Well, that’s a kewl idea.

And also, some bike riders wear polythene packs on their feet so as to protect their leather shoes and socks from getting muddy and drenched!

Rainy Day during weekdays…. Its really horrible!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


Satah par hoon…
Par aasmaan ki ucchai ko mahsoos karna chati hoon…
Unn badlon par baith kar ghoomna chahti hoon..
Pankh laga kar udana chhati hoon
Baarish mein bheegna chati hoon
Baachon sa rona chahti hoon…

Chidyo si chahkana chahti hoon….
Sondhi sondhi uss mitti kii khusboo ko saaason mein bharna chahti hoon…
Kaagaz kii nav ko pani mein bahana chahti hoon…
Aankhon mein saaje huye unn sapno ko
Saakar karma chahti hoon…

Iss khushnuma mahool ko rangon mein doobana chahti hoon…
Khamoshi ko tarango mein badlana chhati hoon…
khusboo ko hawa mein gholna chhati hoon…
Indradhanus si chunari odd kar itrana chhati hoon…
Chand si khoobsoorat hona chhati hoon…
Taaron sa chamkana chahti hoon…

Koi dor na ho
Bus door amber mein jhoolna chhati hoon…
Dil mein uththi uss har ikshaa ko poora karma chhati hoon…

Hain khawab aanek aur zindagi ek…
Bus har pal ko jeena chahti hoon…

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

KhudKo Dhudta Hain..

 yeh zarra zarra kehta hain
khamosh lamho ko bunta hain

simate huye se dayro mein
chupchap aas kiye rehta hain..

har aahat ki pehel pe..
naazron mein utsah sa jaag uthatha hain

sapno mein haazron rang liye
har lamhe mein khudko dhudta hain..

yeh zarra zarra kehta hain..

bus har lamhe mein khudko dhudta hain

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Thanks To FlipKart

 In this cruel world, where getting something in  return of money is not guaranteed, how can one expect of the service.

But well, Flipkart did impressed me, you remember I posted a review of a Book “Few Things Left Unsaid” where I did mentioned that there are some pages jumbled up.

The very same day I posted a complain to there site and what a quick and positive response saying that
" they would arrange for a replacement and apologies for the inconvenience".

After about 4 days when I didn’t received any confirmation of when the book would be replaced or the whereabouts, I got another mail saying that

Apologies for the delay, and somehow it is taking a bit longer to arrange for a book. They would inform me as soon as they get a good quality book.
And before the completion of eight days, they delivered me the same book at my doorstep.

I was discussing this with my hubby , and comparing the same scenario to any bookstore like crossword,Walden,Odysessy . First thing again I have to go back to the shop to get it replaced and second once it is available I have to go again to collect it.

Another thing, just a mail and they agreed for a replacement what if I was just interested in getting another copy of it? They simply replaced it without taking back my original Copy. Had it been a bookstore as a proof you need to take your original one, show them the proof and ask for replacement.

Well, really a BIG THANKS and just that you guys a doing a great job!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Lazy Me!

 I can cook, I can dance, I can blog (Well, I think so),I can code, I can test, I can stitch, I can do embroidery, I can paint, I can be a beautician, I can be a hair styler, I can be a philosper, I can be a player,I can be a …

And the list continues…

But in all this I’m NOT A  PERFECTIONIST!

Well, yes, Just watching yesterday Just Dance, I realized that although I can do so many things but there is nothing in which I ‘m PERFECT. Any dance form , any instrument, any sports, any style just anything of which I should be THE PROUD OWNER. It belongs to me! And I’m the maetro of it .

I don’t know, but is it because of my lack of passion or laziness or is it because of the way situation moulded me. In school I was advised to be a good scorer and also somebody who can cook, stitch, knit and do all household work. In this my passion of dance was still was nurtured but was a second priority

Once , I came to college, people made me belive that I’m a good dancer! And then I used  to think about dance and yes mills and boons and other romantic novels.

As I joined my job , I learnt salsa, and tried growing more in dance but then I was stuck up with performance, appraisal, and onsite.

After few more years, I tried my growth in spiritual learning and started learning Reiki and Tarot . Became passionate about these and started working. But again, I was caught up with the laziness and settlement in life.
That was my story!

And I’m sure there would be many like me as I have heard from many of my friends, some want to work for NGO’s , some want be a painter, an artist, some want to learn Braille , and some want to open there own company, writing their own book and so on….

But don’t know where the DREAMS or thoughts get dumped?

Why is it always caught up with the LAZINESS ?

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

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