My Last Post...

Its that time of the year .... yes year end!!

Had an eventful weekend.. pizza party with young generation and luckily this time I didnt felt like I'm old. Actually last few get-together have been like this, that you feel out of place , used to always think that its generation gap but this time it was real fun.

And then had grand lunch at Taj, no we are not like fan of outdoor foods, but we were presented by a gift voucher of Taj and so had to use it ;)

Any resolution ?

Well, now that the world didnt ended this year I'm thinking to start all over again.NEW BEGINNING.. and so lot of, dancing, some interiors.... reiki...and what not!! ;)

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


After my diwali's loooong vacation when we were back in hyderabad , just within a week's time that day of month came - I mean the last day to recharge your TV.

I was happy in a way coz for paper, electricity, milk,telephone - the money was reduced. We didnt used it and so just pay for how much you used. But for TV, I still need to pay full amount else these people will apply some late charges and can also disconnect.(we have DishTV and honestly the crappiest and worst of all)

But what about those 20 days, when I didnt used your services, why I need to pay for that? And I thought about it, one arguement to that could be as they dont have proper mechanism to detect if services have run for that day, but then how do come up with TRP ratings, that means they know who is watching which soap/film and at what time so that could be some enhancement to that existing one and moreover if it didnt fit to our requirement I'm sure something new can be invented.

But as a consumer I really feel , if not used for that day, we shoulnt be paying for it.

What say guys?

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Happy Anniversary to Us!

And so for the special day... I baked ... Milkpowder Eggless Cake and this I made from wheat flour :)
And it came out pretty well :)

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Comeback - 2

I thought, my last post would be the comeback post and would hit the blogger world more like sandy storm, but alas the wind was just as strong as providing momentum to a leaflet.

So what... if because of recent blooos,  Sachin can play and Pointing can retire , I can also plan for comeback again and again!!

After all my world!! ;)

Suddenly all weight loss shops... more like VLCC, Reshape, Slimming Zone... Abs..crunches are what catching my attention. Its not that I have again(yes again) gained weight. But the weight gain which was the history is somehow hitting me again and again. yes it hits you badly..when you dont fit in to your fav dress and you open your wardrobe and just look at them... and ek thandi saans ke baad... the most ill fitted is what you plan to wear!!

Yes yes. the sad story

But... what always haunt me is... How did I gained weight? I was eating my own hand cooked food. Yummmy :P

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


The Other day I asked my hubby - Ek joke sunao na

And he smiled and said - aacha suno

" Chakoli dubli ho gayi"  :)

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Chakoli :)


Recently there has been comeback of three actress - Rani,Preity and Sridevi.

And I loved the most Preity :) She still looks stunning and just adorable. I mean at 37 how can one still look just so cute :) She is just amazing. On the other hand , Rani at 34 , how did she accept such roles. yucks I mean.

And sridevi in English Vinglish is again just apt choice for her age and role. Some glimpse of Sadma can be seen, but thats okie. She is still gorgeous.!!

And yes another comeback - ofcourse I m back again :)

Thinking of posting school days memories in coming days.... School Life!!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

What's The Plan For Weekend?

Just a casual question by my friend on FB - and I replied

A new shopping mall in our neighborhood has grand opening on 13th Oct and we are invited to empty our pockets!!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Ganpati is Back :)

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to all Bloggers :)

We were forced to wake up with loudspeaker chanting telgu mantra/bhajan. I'm not against it, but if bhajan are soothing they make you feel great even if its on loudspeaker!

Whatever, hopefully they don't continue this every morning , today being an exception.

May all wishes come true and wish people have good health and life :)

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Water Therapy!!

Well, there are 'n' numbers of therapies available in market right now. Aroma, Acupressure, Touch, Oil and what not! But what suits the individual is still unanswered.

One of my favorite animation is Avatar- The last airbender, if you guys watch it , you could feel the significance of the four elements and how they can help/destroy your life.

I did know that being a scorpion I'm a water element but somehow how water is helpful to me I didn't knew.

Well, just other day as I woke up I could feel my brain is not working ( well it works hardly) but it had some pain and which made me feel uncomfortable. I had tea, some breakfast but nothing worked. My dear hubby suggested to do some exercise, at times blood pumping helps.

But as it was Saturday, I was in no mood of working out. I thought of killing it with painkiller, but then sudden thought of taking bath and then I'll have my last option.

And there I was in the shower, and my headache vanished. Yes I agree I wasted around 10 liters of water but then I was healed.

Element do heal... what say?

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

The Art Of Presenting Flowers!

As a kid, I always used to envy my friends who used to bring roses as a gift to teachers. Red, big roses and me poor girl was not allowed to "waste" the gardening effort onto them. They look better in our garden were usually the words from my mom, which indeed was true! As soon as you see roses it used to give you that positive feeling which can't be narrated in words. Mehsoos karo :)  [feel it]

Anyways, that was the way I knew that roses could be used, until I came to college and then with v-day, friendship day, this day ,that day roses were linked and that too a a particular rose was linked. Red for v-day, yellow for friendship day  and other color I still have no clue!!

Another fact which I came to know when I started working and was in one of the metro city that apart from roses there are some flowers which could be used for gifting and again colour and type has there own code base -a primrose means "Can't live without you" , purple hyacinth is coded with "Please forgive me" and pink carnation - " You would always be in my memories".

Recently, when I was at book store, I actually saw a book with name "The language of Flowers" and it had meaning of each and every flower , and if its tied with a lace, with a ribbon, whats the number of roses being presented and what it would mean. Ahhhh....

So much in the world of flowers... and still so much to learn!

No matter which flower it is and whether it is gifted or not, seeing a bouquet or garden full of flowers the feeling is AWESOME! Mehsoos Karo... [feel it]

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


I just got addicted to it. Why is that some things - uncovered truths, hidden assets, climax of the mystery film just binds you. You are glued to the TV screen  or keep on turning pages of the new mystery book until and unless it is revealed!!

All the above statement hold true also for space - the hidden /uncovered mystery. Our big solar system , planets, asteroids, shuttles, environment, astronauts, life... aliens!

Just few days back , TV showed the precious  element of earth for which prices are shooting up every single day - "Gold"  is in abundant on Neptune in liquid form! When recently Mars photos were revealed , it actually made me feel just like another earth with no vegetation ofcourse!!

What so ever... the mystery would never end... and so I know I would still be glued to those serials :D

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Free Publicity!

Have you guys ever seen an ad of Facebook?

Nopes, coz, they are getting the free publicity from all phone companies. Well, if your phone doesnt support FB, you are OUT!

The only ad I have seen from them, is a blue sticker on there office front door [yes FB office is(well was... they just shifted) ..... just in front of mine].

                                  Tell your friends you are here

The lucky need to waste money on advertising...

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

A Lazy Friday Morning !

As I woke up today, rain drops caught my attention and it was pretty much heavy rains.

With ginger tea, when I went to my balcony... the freshness and morning mist made me feel more energetic and I thought of putting this post :)

No matter what happens... there is no stopping... with morning heavy rains..still one would find people dropping there kid to school... that houselady busy in her "chik-chik" with mlikman... Taaza khabar are presented with moist feelings... and some bachelors still waiting in there window to have a quick glance of there "angel"...

No Stopping... thats life...on a lazy friday morning :)

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Something To Share!

Just found this while reading some article on net and loved it.. so sharing with you guys

This is written in the Hebrew Talmud, the book where all of the sayings and preaching of Rabbis are conserved over time.It says:
"Be very careful if you make a woman
cry, because God counts her tears. The woman
came out of a man's rib. Not from his feet to be
walked on. Not from his head to be superior, but
from the side to be equal. Under the arm to be
protected, and next to the heart to be loved."

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Aamir - Trying to Bring Change Within!

The most hyped topic which I have seen in last two weeks is Aamir Khan and his new show!!

Critics, and supporters people are ought to cover his every move, which direction is he heading? Why is he doing? Some stardom trick? To promote his any new film?

Be it TV or any weekly magazine, there is at least one cover story on him!! Is he turning into a journalist? Is he full time into social activities? Questions... well more than that!!

Whats new about this show? Why are you thinking it has hit the masses?

What I believe that when a hero, a public figure (especially Bollywood Heroes) if they know they have fan following and try to do things which can in a way lead to a good cause. It should be the best way!

Why are public figures picked up as the Brand ambassador for some product ? Coz, they can leave an impression on general public. They can change the mind of what people think.

Do you believe if Rakhi Sawant is replaced with Aamir Khan in this show. Would it be a success? No offense to her but yes, people do believe in public heroes. Or even if I take his place, how many of us would actually listen? Who is she? Just one another show on crappy things! But yes, people (and I include myself) watch it because of Aamir Khan and no one else.

I m sure he is not trying to take out dharnas and shanti yatra protest , but he is trying to change people. female foeticide  if happens remain within the family and no one other than one the family member has to raise voice against it.How would they? Until and unless people are not made aware they wont learn it. It's journey within.

When I stop at red light and only move when green is ON , or I make it a point not to litter at public places , it is more of a change that I want and so I started that. I cant force anybody to do that. But just a small change within.

And so what if he is trying the same!!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

You Are Still The SAME!

Recently when I met one of my old friend after long time and he said - You are still the SAME!

I replied - What would change in me? All things are constant in my life except one variable and that is weight, which as unknown variable can only be determined when I put my "charan kamal" on bechari weighing machine.

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

PS : Posting this, while eating Bread - BUTTER!! ;)

Search for Soul-MAID!

Trust me...

Itni shiddat se humne, apne liye pati bhi na dhuda hoga
jitni shiddat se ghar ke liye maid dhudi hain :)
par yeh kaynat humhe milne hi nahi deti hain

thats why I got hooked with the word ... SOUL-MAID!

Not sure, how many know that, but back in history usually when princess get married, along with them there were "dasiyan" or "saheliyan" who used to also go with her.

And I feel that's like perfect parting gift from you leave your mom's place.Its like...
jaa beti tujhe ghar ka koi kaam na karna pade!

Man, it is so hard to find a MAID!!

You know, you just can't go with like "any" maid, there has to be a proper understanding of at what time you need her, how you want things to be done , in what manner and even you need to think apart from work how you can offer some lolly pops which makes her feel she is just getting the best package in the market :)

We just shifted to this new house, would say just completed two months and this is the third one ,who just joined, and all others left without serving the notice period.

And I just hope... she continues on same package ;)


Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

A Troublesome Day

  • You are forced to open your eyes as just now you a caught by phenomenon of "batti gul" 
  • Rush to Bathroom and another surprise awaits you... NO WATER!
  • Thankfully milk was delivered and as you cut the pack and pour it... pungent and sour smell enlighten all your chakras..
  • As things get messy you think to use shortcut and instead of preparing whole lunch... just have some aloo paranthas with curd.
  • As cooker whistles each time you feel PROUD and WISE of your decision and time management
  • Finally , as you uncover cooker and pinch those hot potatoes ... another surprise awaits ... they are HARD as rock
  • Another brilliant idea sets you on fire to put them in grinder and finally what you get is potato di lassi 
Finally ... I spoke those golden words .....You better have your breakfast and lunch in canteen!!!

And then things were back into place :)

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


आँखों में सपनो का होना ...
कितना ज़रूरी है 

क्यूंकि जब सपने हकीकत में बदलते है..
उस बेंतेहा ख़ुशी की 
खनक बस "अपनी" होती है

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

A Confusing Day!!

Well... How can you avoid confusion?With so many choices around... OMG... Its HARD!!

  • Some work out or another 40 mins sleep
  • What to cook... paneer of lauki?
  • What to wear... pink or blue?
  • Flats or heel?
  • Which  one to drive ... TVS Wego or Audi( Wish I had the latter!!!) ;)
  • Which phone... Sony or Iphone?( I have None!!)
  • Whether to work or not?
  • Should I call him or it would sound despo!!
  • DJ or pajama party?
  • Alcohol or orange juice
  • Should I sleep or can spend some more time on Net..

Can't Life be bit EASY!! ;)

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

The Palace OF Illusions – Book Review

Well, as soon I saw its cover.. first thing that I did was feel it. I thought those studs are actually over it. But that was more of the paper art I would say. The dark green colour some how makes you feel its about some mosque (well, that was my first thought) but as you read the one liner

“Divakaruni has given Draupadi a powerful voice”

I have to change my mind!!

So , yes its about Draupadi. I have always heard from others and even I do belive that “The great war of Kurushetra” was because of her. And if this book is on her… it would be good to know the other side of it.

Narration , language, content is all good. Line by Line… as we she narrates how she used to feel the story of her birth, the thirlling part of it, how she was named as Paanchali,  the aggression, the rebellious nature of her… the urge to make a mark… all this is something which will bind you to this book.

Her love to Krishna in those early days and Karna after even she got married is something which enlighten the reader. She was made to believe that she would leave her mark in history and people may remember her but not as a warrior or legend but as a reason for the war.

I would seriously recommend this book .I would be particularly interested to hear how someone who has no clue about the story of mahabharat found it. Is it thrilling,confusing, or just MAGICAL!!!

 Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Home :)

Its been a while that I posted something... No It wasn't my laziness but I was actually BUSY :)

Yes sometimes useless people also get BUSY!!!
  • Search For a new house
  • Then search for a Bank to approve your Loan
  • Then search for a carpenter to get your wood work done
  • Then search for packers and movers
  • Then search for a pundit ji to get your "grih pravesh" done
  • Search for train reservation to get your family visit your new place
  • After all this search a house turns to Home Sweet Home :)
Yes so now its livable. Home My Sweet Home :)

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

My New Year - Food Love

I know its bit late to post this but still its just nine days old...

My Milkmaid cake and Palak ki neemki :)

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

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