Water Therapy!!

Well, there are 'n' numbers of therapies available in market right now. Aroma, Acupressure, Touch, Oil and what not! But what suits the individual is still unanswered.

One of my favorite animation is Avatar- The last airbender, if you guys watch it , you could feel the significance of the four elements and how they can help/destroy your life.

I did know that being a scorpion I'm a water element but somehow how water is helpful to me I didn't knew.

Well, just other day as I woke up I could feel my brain is not working ( well it works hardly) but it had some pain and which made me feel uncomfortable. I had tea, some breakfast but nothing worked. My dear hubby suggested to do some exercise, at times blood pumping helps.

But as it was Saturday, I was in no mood of working out. I thought of killing it with painkiller, but then sudden thought of taking bath and then I'll have my last option.

And there I was in the shower, and my headache vanished. Yes I agree I wasted around 10 liters of water but then I was healed.

Element do heal... what say?

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

1 comment:

Bikramjit said...

:) right i need to get into the shower more then .. to heal myself he he heh e


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