The Art Of Presenting Flowers!

As a kid, I always used to envy my friends who used to bring roses as a gift to teachers. Red, big roses and me poor girl was not allowed to "waste" the gardening effort onto them. They look better in our garden were usually the words from my mom, which indeed was true! As soon as you see roses it used to give you that positive feeling which can't be narrated in words. Mehsoos karo :)  [feel it]

Anyways, that was the way I knew that roses could be used, until I came to college and then with v-day, friendship day, this day ,that day roses were linked and that too a a particular rose was linked. Red for v-day, yellow for friendship day  and other color I still have no clue!!

Another fact which I came to know when I started working and was in one of the metro city that apart from roses there are some flowers which could be used for gifting and again colour and type has there own code base -a primrose means "Can't live without you" , purple hyacinth is coded with "Please forgive me" and pink carnation - " You would always be in my memories".

Recently, when I was at book store, I actually saw a book with name "The language of Flowers" and it had meaning of each and every flower , and if its tied with a lace, with a ribbon, whats the number of roses being presented and what it would mean. Ahhhh....

So much in the world of flowers... and still so much to learn!

No matter which flower it is and whether it is gifted or not, seeing a bouquet or garden full of flowers the feeling is AWESOME! Mehsoos Karo... [feel it]

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


Red Handed said...

I dont like flowers ...i mean as a present. I like them growing on my garden and I shall pinch every child who tries to pluck it off!
but as a gift...I was never fond of them. they wither away!

Jack said...


Thanks for such good information. Flowers do make one feel happy. I agree with your mom that flowers look the best in original - on plants.

Take care

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