Since last 2-3 weeks my desk is actually looking like this

Yup, sticky notes all over my desk. Thanks to my bad memory or may be growing age ;-)
Infact when housekeeping comes to clean up my desk, he always complains – Madame there is no place to clean at your desk!!!
Colleagues’ have given me a new name “Ghajini

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Looking For Answers....

How many of you believe that your unconscious states and actions always give an indication to your problem or even direction to your goal?

Some how I believe it… there is no proof which I could give to you guys , how could I trust my action and were they beneficial ever and what logic I used to interpret them. But they do help mea lot for sure…

Infact a simple exercise when I started in school I used to follow and it did help…

Try this, when you are in library/bookstore. Think about a problem that concerns you. Close your eyes, and suggest silently to your Inner Guide that you are seeking advice. Ask it to help you learn what you need to know.

Now, wander freely through the aisles. Avoid noticing where you are; just trust your inner promptings to guide you. When you feel ready, pick up a book and open to a page. Read the entire page, and try to relate what is there to your problem. You may be surprised to find just what you needed. If the information doesn't seem related, pretend the message is in a code that you must decipher. Look for a subtle meaning.

Meaning is everywhere - literally at your fingertips - but you must seek it out.

Btw , check out this amazing catch guys :

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Chakoli :)

The Love Tide

Happy Valentines Day to all those committed
Happy Independence Day to all those single ;-)

Remember-every friend/one you love is just a call away,so pick up your phone and dial in.

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Bank and Beauties

Visiting the main branch of HSBC bank in Pune is simply like… Wowww… beauties all around. Don’t know if it’s a “local bank “as they keep saying in their advertisement but is for sure “the beauties bank”. Yup, its hard to digest for some “hippo” like me . ;-)

For a good time pass (tp), I would really recommend boys to go there, enter and very first step you are greeted by a young tall girl, she questions you – how she can help? And you could tell the sad part of your life ;-) . I mean to say that tell about the problem you are facing in your bank account, then sit on a sofa and wait for your turn, there would be a bowl full of mentos and alpenliebe, you could just pick one after another that too free of cost ;-).

Even if you miss your turn, no worries…. Keep waiting… waiting and waiting…. Until someone comes to you and ask – How she can help? Once your problem is solved or advised how it could be solved, then… then what…..

And then what… you are thrown out of the bank what do you expect after spending 2-3 hours and swallowing 20-30 mentos/alpenliebe…

The worlds beauties bank *…

* HSBC Main Branch, Pune ;-)

Btw, I'm in love with this song... traditional yet hip hop

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Chakoli :)

Anchors, Hosts, Presentors....

Do you remember how the shows were presented earlier?
Aap aur hum, Chitrahaar, news or even Scheduler (one who used to dictates what are the programs for today).

But now everything is moving, people are interested in LIVE, if you remember there would be news reader and behind that you could see all other crew working, someone chatting, someone walking with papers. The entire “moving" office looks catchier then those with white background and just one person presenting. (That’s the reason I guess I used to find DD NEWS boring, and how much I used to hate it as a child).

The other day I was watching MTV Wassup (another crap I know), but I liked the way they present it, if they have any question to any other VJ they'll simply shout and here that guy/gal would turn or jump from a cubicle answering you. Hahahahhaa... total maaaza....

I guess the reason that people enjoy it, as they connect well with you. We assume that everything is so systematic, perfect and may be not as our office but when we see it, it’s quite similar to one of our office I work and somehow we believe it.

But the main reason, I think is that now "Offices" workplaces are more attractive, with PC and technology, it looks more impressive. Earlier, the offices might be similar to what a "government office should look like". A table and a chair, pile of files, a tea class, one bade babu sitting and attending you. But even that was impressive so what if people worked manually....!!!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

HairStyle and Question and Roadies

Just got a new hairstyle,ahh let me correct it,hairstyle is same just that now length of hair is shortened, which somehow force me to keep them untied. But I know I could manage to tie them up with the help of 5-10 hair pins,but let it be spending 200 bucks and not showing the art of hair stylist, this would be unfair to her. So now they are free enjoying the free air and freedom. People reacted to it saying you look younger.

But I m still 16, how much more I need to reduce my age,I wonder.;-)

Now one question- What were Kareena Kapoor and Deepika Padukone used before getting Vivel and Fiama Di Wills resp for there young, beautiful,clean and fair skin. Does that mean they never used any other soap and were waiting for their products to be launched and they could take bath. ;-)

After many days I watched MTV Roadies, they have crossed all limit I guess, making them eat "julaab" and asking to "Hold it ". Uddi Baba!!!! But was fun to watch this time, atleast they were doing soemthing instead of just using slang and bad words.

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Demand And Supply

This whole world uses the logic of “Demand and Supply” but some saint and mahatma type people put it in different way.
Just to start with “Marriage” earlier there were limited supply, I mean only whom relatives/ family members would know they would be eligible to tie knot with them. Girls were not as “working” as our today. So finally it was out of reach of boys/gals to approach each other as now we find boys/girls everywhere – Surplus Supply. Schools, Colleges, Offices, pubs, restaurants then there are dating concept , social networking sites and many more…. So finally as Supply increased “demand” decreased.. Nopes I don’t mean Boys have stopped staring… drooling over girls but what I want to say is that now there are more break ups and people follow a funda “ tum nahi to koi aur sahi”.. i.e. If not you, there is someone else for me!!!

And then there would be preachers, saints, relation ship expert, counseller, salahakaar … Life moves on, don’t stop living as someone dumped you. You can surely find someone else.

Tell me, if there wouldn’t be a “hope” of finding someone else – would anyone ever dump someone? They would still be trying to stretch their relationship for sure, no matter how worse it is!!!!

Next lets talk about “Children”… earlier people hardly knew what “contraceptives “ are and so 15…16..17…18…19…20….. Or even more Children to a single parent. As there were so many, not everyone was pampered or everyone used be a spoilt brat!!! But now just one or two…. And they are spoiled like anything!!! Pampered like anything… !!! Ask/ demand one and you’ll get 2!!!!

There are many other factors to the above two cases, but somehow base line is just same Demand and Supply.

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Future In Real

As I see… Indians would have :
  1. A Mobile Phone
  2. A Laptop with broadband/wi-fi
  3. A TATA Nano
A must for every Indian in future!!!
Yesterday I was thinking, real estate prices are still out of reach of a common man, people going for nuclear families, every one is now techie.
So, in future all nuclear families could be accommodated in TATA Nano, instead of those 1 BHK, chawl, pipes, road and station. They would be working from home “log on to this website and book or order”. For some physical talks... Moby (mobile) is still there. But there would be serious problem of toilets!! ;-) As, Nano doesn’t comes with an inbuilt toilet. ;-)

Future!!! Huh??Are we expanding or shrinking?
Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


If you notice the time of the post its 4:01 , yup nothing wrong in posting this hour,but I'm not in office or at home but on station waiting waiting waiting....

Just reached Pune station and now I'm waiting for dawn ,as it gets brighter and then I could pick up my bike from office and go home and sleep.The only reason I "hate" to belong fairer sex.

I m sitting on the station (although its quite crowded) and it reminds me of that station scene from "jab we met" and dialogue "akeli ladki khuli tijori ke saman hoti hai". People no doubt give a strange look when they see a girl sitting all alone or is pulling her luggage.

Ahhh... I m just thinking how good it have been if I was at home, dumped onto my bed under the cozy cozy blanket and sleeeepinggggggggggggggg..... hahahhahahahha... dreams would soon turn into reality!!!!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

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