Bank and Beauties

Visiting the main branch of HSBC bank in Pune is simply like… Wowww… beauties all around. Don’t know if it’s a “local bank “as they keep saying in their advertisement but is for sure “the beauties bank”. Yup, its hard to digest for some “hippo” like me . ;-)

For a good time pass (tp), I would really recommend boys to go there, enter and very first step you are greeted by a young tall girl, she questions you – how she can help? And you could tell the sad part of your life ;-) . I mean to say that tell about the problem you are facing in your bank account, then sit on a sofa and wait for your turn, there would be a bowl full of mentos and alpenliebe, you could just pick one after another that too free of cost ;-).

Even if you miss your turn, no worries…. Keep waiting… waiting and waiting…. Until someone comes to you and ask – How she can help? Once your problem is solved or advised how it could be solved, then… then what…..

And then what… you are thrown out of the bank what do you expect after spending 2-3 hours and swallowing 20-30 mentos/alpenliebe…

The worlds beauties bank *…

* HSBC Main Branch, Pune ;-)

Btw, I'm in love with this song... traditional yet hip hop

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


Anonymous said...

You might want to pass on a message to your favorite blog and its author if you feel you are smitten by him or her.

If you do feel so, then please do so on the Valentine day supposed to be the Blogantine day right here on my space:

Anonymous said...

Hey Chakoli, thats a very goodo observation and a very good tip passed on to the singles on coming Valentines day :)


Reema said...

And thats why I wonder whether u r a girl or a guy!!

KP said... i know...what i need to do...if iever end up in pune...HSBC is must see in my list!

~ ॐ ~ said...

ah interesting !!!!


Ricky said...

I am now thinking of opening a new NRI account in HSBC on my next trip to India...what say? :P

PS: Love the song, its pretty cool.

Anonymous said...

well.. a nice piece of advice! ;)

@Reema : Lol!! said... thats an interesting aspect of banking...shud i recommend hsbc to all the ppl i know in pune, especially the men? they will thank me na? lol

Chakoli said...


Sure... but I dnt have nay dedication :(

Chakoli said...


isnt... hopefully some mite have tried it :D

Chakoli said...



even u have adoubt ;-)

Chakoli said...


come with a valid reason ;-)

Chakoli said...

@Om :))))


Chakoli said...



yups must for sightseeing ;-)

Chakoli said...


wen are u planning atrip ;-)

Chakoli said...


they shud dear ;-)

Anonymous said...

aah ... i just chose citibank 2 days back :(
damn should have read the post earlier ..
hsbc guys were at my office too :(

Homecooked said...

LOL :) Good observation! Whenever we go to ask a qtn...all they say is call Customer Service :(

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