Comeback - 2

I thought, my last post would be the comeback post and would hit the blogger world more like sandy storm, but alas the wind was just as strong as providing momentum to a leaflet.

So what... if because of recent blooos,  Sachin can play and Pointing can retire , I can also plan for comeback again and again!!

After all my world!! ;)

Suddenly all weight loss shops... more like VLCC, Reshape, Slimming Zone... Abs..crunches are what catching my attention. Its not that I have again(yes again) gained weight. But the weight gain which was the history is somehow hitting me again and again. yes it hits you badly..when you dont fit in to your fav dress and you open your wardrobe and just look at them... and ek thandi saans ke baad... the most ill fitted is what you plan to wear!!

Yes yes. the sad story

But... what always haunt me is... How did I gained weight? I was eating my own hand cooked food. Yummmy :P

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

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