Addiction which leads to FRUSTRATION!!!!!

I'm boiling at 100 degrees right now!!!

And the reason is so simple.... at exact 8:55 p.m, there was some problem and "cable gone".... grrrrrr.... now seriously I realised the pleasure of having Tata Sky/whatever the other one is ( I don't remember other names and really don't want to put pressure on my little knee to think and get an answer).

I called him at 8:57, him as in cable wallah... and he said wire cut gaya hain!! aadha ghanta lagega!!How could suddenly wire get cut!! I blasted on him.... (poor chap).... and also conveyed how important it was for me to watch that serial!!

On Saturday and Sunday I make a point to finish all dinner preparation and all by 8:30 and 8.00 respectively!! And so right now as I don't have anything to do... I can't keep my self busy and so I'm boiling more.

Actually , the reason for frustration is one more that they don't have a repeat telecast of this maahi ve and!!!

After every 5 secs I switch on the TV. buhuhuhubooooo huu...

yeh kis paap ki saaza de raha hain mujhe tu bhagwan!!!

maaf kar de..... aur laa de mera cable wapas...!!!

I remember the same frustration that I actually threw remote on bed was in 1999, it was India-Pakistan match and we just had DD!!! And those people on national network were showing Parliament session instead of match. And I was boiling.......

Well... again I called him... and again they say half an hour.... its better I get myself engaged in some other work.

Jo hota hain aache ke liye!!! .... (with a sad note ofcourse)

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


तन्हाई के बीच हम
क्यूँ खो से जाते है

उन् यादों में
जो बस अब यादें है

दूर कही क्यूँ आती है वही आवाजें
वही लम्हे .... वही बातें........
वही सपने ........ और वही रातें...........

यह कशिश अजीब सी होती है
खिचती हैं हमको अपनी ओर
दूर कही दूर...
इस हकीकत से दूर...

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


Option is just the worst thing in life.
Getting more than one job offers, getting more than one marriage proposal, option of spending or saving, option of walking or driving, option of working or sitting idle, option of writing or dictating, option of living or dying, option of planning arrange marriage or love, option of having one or two kids and the list could continue.......

Option makes life more miserable, ofcourse it lets you enhance your decisive power but if you have ahabit of repenting, its worst.
So when there is just one option , just pick it up and go.... when you have "n" number you think...think....analyse... take suggestions..... and once you analyse all pros and cons you decide. yes this is the BEST among the worst.... but still you are not very sure if it would lead to success. Thats the ideal path we take when analysisng.... yes.... this way it would go... and this way i would be more happy.
How many of you... on going in a bakery shop wants to taste each and every pastry kept out there?thats the simplest example I could give. Once you have it only then you know that it was good or bad and if bad, not your fault. You applied all your senses to pick the best which could soothe your taste buds.
Well, I think even I m going with the same phase.... Options Options... Options....

I suppose working with Derivatives... Option has stuck with me!!!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

I LOVE Them..

I just love FAT people... and yes I have enough reasons to love them...

They are just so jovial like me...
They are so active... just like me....
They don't feel bad even when someone calls them "moti/mote"...
They are the theme of any party/discussion....
Shopping is easy for them... if size XXL does not exist... they could simply move on without getting into "jhangat" of actually trying it... just like me :)
There face shines as soon as someone compliments them in one line... you are looking thin today.... or you have pulled down a lot....just like me...
Every morning they look into mirror... with a hope... some miracle might have happened and they might have lost couple of kgs overnight...just like me...
They just fear one machine... "weighing machine"... ;)...last time I weighed I was XX kg ... "X" is just the unknown quantity of algebra..;)
And still they dream of getting ... Prince Charming... hahahha just like me ;)

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Game and Loss

A game being played amongst the Thackerey's ( or Should I call them Marathi's/loyal Indians) and SRK .

Who wins? or who looses?

Well, who cares!!

I know one thing, they won't allow My Name is Khan to get released which would lead to more pirated CD's and more loss of money!

So thackerey's would get there slice of bread of being loyal, SRK might have already received his signing amount. The only one who suffer .... you guessed it right......... WE!!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Kill Time

I burst out laughing when I came to library to surf Internet and my neighbour who was using another computer typed in "How to kill time in office" on google.

What could be more creative then, using office PC, office net and asking the same How should I use you to kill time!!!

Welcome to coperate world!!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Just Like That....

I'm in love again, not with anyone... but with myself ;)

Again I'm getting those sweet romantic feelings of falling in love again and reason for that is ... YRF films... two soaps... Mahi ve and

I don't know, but I'm in love with those two soaps, for arranging marriages and mahi ve... the cute fat girl in search of her dream boy!!

Anyways that was about me, weekend was just busy... did some shopping and also "safai"... Yes, our maid comes in daily and sweeps our floor daily but still when I sweeped in on saturday, it was like my room was not cleaned since ages.

Have some new plans... among one is to get up at 6... thats really hard!!

All other thing would fall in place if I start just following one thing of getting up at 6 am.

Life gives you so many chances... and we keep missing atleast one for sure !! But still... life moves on :)

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

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