Game and Loss

A game being played amongst the Thackerey's ( or Should I call them Marathi's/loyal Indians) and SRK .

Who wins? or who looses?

Well, who cares!!

I know one thing, they won't allow My Name is Khan to get released which would lead to more pirated CD's and more loss of money!

So thackerey's would get there slice of bread of being loyal, SRK might have already received his signing amount. The only one who suffer .... you guessed it right......... WE!!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


Bikram said...

Hey First time here.. I am sure its more to do with all. I cant understand what goes into the minds of these pathetic politicians..

Put it this way WHATEVER they do OR NOT DO .. in the end the people who loose or Suffer are the COMMON PEOPLE..

Visa for Mumbai

Chandler said...

i dont care what those 3 retards do, all i care is MNIK shud release and SRK should prove his worth as an actor

mazak said...

Media is a winner , they have got the TRPs.
Thackray's are big time winners as they are getting undue publicity.
Shahrukh Khan for all his troubles may end up benefitting from this controversy and MNK may become abig hit and also increase his fan following across the border.
Who is the loser - the common man who is being tortured day in and day out by the breaking news and the only respite he can get is b breaking his TV set ...

mazak said...

Who is winning :
1.Media , they are getting the TRPs and 24 hour breaking news.
2.Thackerays are getting undue publicity and finding a reason to be relevant in politics.
3. Shharukh Khan , as controversies invariably help to make a movie hit.

Who is losing : Common-men

Tarun Mitra said...

My Name is Mitra...:P

What I feel is they are two sides of shit..

Chakoli said...


yes true... common people... aam aadmit :)

thanks for visting :)

Chakoli said...


yes... woh to hoga hi!!! usko kisne roka hain:)

Chakoli said...


Rann dekhne ka asar dikh raha hain aap pe ;)
just kidding... yes thats true fr sure... media ki to chandi hain... par sufferrers to hum hi hain na :(

Chakoli said...



true... and where that shit would land....?

karan a said...

Nothing gonna happen... it is still 4-5 days for the release. The movie will release on time! Egos will be satisfied by then... ;)

Jack said...


Late in visiting you. As I understand from news is that it will be released and I am sure something has changed hands.

Take care

Tarun Mitra said...

On our faces which we failed to cover

Chakoli said...


bus ji ab to sualh ho gayi....

Chakoli said...


no issues... yes latest is that it would get released without any conflicts :)

Chakoli said...


chalo now its solved....

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