The Fight For Survival!

I don’t know what made these guys (Murugan alias Sriharan, Santhan and Perarivalan alias Arivu)  to join the LTTE and then plan for Rajiv Gandhi assassinations. But I’m sure it would have been there fight for survival.

What I heard/read from the articles is usually how the youngsters are taken up and trained promising them of the bright future and if that doesn’t work make them believe that there life has a purpose ,getting  FREEDOM !!!From what ? Still to figure out!
After 11 years when the mercy plea got rejected, the new tantrum evolves! How to survive? Again the permutation was done and Mr Ram Jethmalani came up with the new plea !!
Flash Back – eleven years , one of these three guys in jail – four walls – waiting each day to get the answer. The struggle , would they live or not? Each day in trauma and don’t know till when. But maybe they knew it would happen.  They knew, they gonna die (well everybody knows that) but like this?
Death at one go or days of suffering and then comes the relief!

Life Imprisonment or Death, my opinion doesn’t matters here, but all I could see is the fight for survival.

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

The War Is Still ON!

 Since the day HE has seen this Micromax A70, he is like I want to buy one!Well, even I loved it. The ad is just so tempting.And it makes you feel like its "hum jaise gareebon ka messiah"

And since then he is trying to convince me, for obvious reason ... FUNDING ;)

Just like another day and his convincing strategies he started ... It would be so nice na you already have A60 and I would have A70! Would be cool na?

My answer was.. It's sounding like we are either twins or brother & sister!

Need to maintain our relationship dear ; )

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


 Ishq se tabeeyat ne zeest ka maza paaya/ dard ki dawaa paayi, dard-e-la-dawa paayaa.

Love gave my consciousness the joys of life / it gave me the cure for pain, it gave me a pain that had no cure). "

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Happy Janamasthmi

Happy Janamaasthmi to All

ढाई बाबा नन्द की 

जय कन्हिया लाल की
लाल के आनंद भाय  
गोपी के चाँद भाय 
मथुरा में कंस मरो
तीन लोग जीत गए

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Mummy Chotti.. kar do!

 I remember how used to shout these words when I used to get ready for school and the only thing pending was “Chotti”(pleat/plait) .

I’m sure almost all girls might have gone through this ofcourse if they have a boycut or blunt they could be spared. But otherwise that was one of the routine activities for all mothers and their teenage daughters.

Once she is ready to tie up my hair and she is almost done, then I I used to start cribbing , first about the hair partition that it’s not at all straight and then about the two pleats/plait , I always wanted them to fall in line on my head. One shouldn’t be up and other a bit down.  Two should be inline. I had a habit of placing my hand horizontally between the two chottis and verifying if they are in line or not.

So the usual complains were

Aapne maang teddi  nikal di hain…

Ya fir

Nahi yeh wali upar hain…. Isko theek karo!

And my sweet mom always used to untie them and then doing it all over again. Now I know how much patience you need for those silly things.

How much I miss that!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

On Your Birthday!

You light up my life in so many ways
Your special touch of tenderness that shows how much you care,

Your love is like soothing music to my soul,
Makes me feel complete and pure

Your presence is like sweet melody
Each moment you be so lively

We share a kind of friendship
that can just be shared by two alone

You bring a kind of joy
I'm sure no one else has ever known

Just cherishing all those things .. for the moment
which is truly special...

On your birthday my love :)

Wish You A Happy Birthday !!!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Internet Explorer users "have a lower IQ"

 Could you beat this guys?

If you have a low IQ then there are high chances that you use Internet Explorer

Well, In my earlier companies we were never allowed to download/install any other browser than IE which comes as default with Office PC I feel. So was it that my IQ level was less?

Well, its more of personal choice is what I feel?

Personally Gmail  and office login I do on chrome, blogger I open on Firefox (as they have an option of inserting smiley’s) and government sites like irctc and eseva I open on explorer! So Where Is stand?

I personally feel these type of surveys don’t serve any purpose! Well, what they can do?

How many of us would switch from IE to Chrome/Firefox to increase their IQ level?

This is called total “vellapanti” doing nothing and creating news!

Just as I did ;)

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

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