The Fight For Survival!

I don’t know what made these guys (Murugan alias Sriharan, Santhan and Perarivalan alias Arivu)  to join the LTTE and then plan for Rajiv Gandhi assassinations. But I’m sure it would have been there fight for survival.

What I heard/read from the articles is usually how the youngsters are taken up and trained promising them of the bright future and if that doesn’t work make them believe that there life has a purpose ,getting  FREEDOM !!!From what ? Still to figure out!
After 11 years when the mercy plea got rejected, the new tantrum evolves! How to survive? Again the permutation was done and Mr Ram Jethmalani came up with the new plea !!
Flash Back – eleven years , one of these three guys in jail – four walls – waiting each day to get the answer. The struggle , would they live or not? Each day in trauma and don’t know till when. But maybe they knew it would happen.  They knew, they gonna die (well everybody knows that) but like this?
Death at one go or days of suffering and then comes the relief!

Life Imprisonment or Death, my opinion doesn’t matters here, but all I could see is the fight for survival.

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

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Bikramjit said...

and this is what makes me so mad and doubt indian law all the time ..

Indira gandhi got assassinated , the two guys were hanged immediately and then there was slaughter of sikhs on delhi roads ..

Why is it taking so long for this decision , I would like to know that answer ...
Law is different for different people in our country no wonder the loss of trust is always there ..

Its in front of people YET the same people who talk of love and this and that Dont even ask this question ..



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