Mummy Chotti.. kar do!

 I remember how used to shout these words when I used to get ready for school and the only thing pending was “Chotti”(pleat/plait) .

I’m sure almost all girls might have gone through this ofcourse if they have a boycut or blunt they could be spared. But otherwise that was one of the routine activities for all mothers and their teenage daughters.

Once she is ready to tie up my hair and she is almost done, then I I used to start cribbing , first about the hair partition that it’s not at all straight and then about the two pleats/plait , I always wanted them to fall in line on my head. One shouldn’t be up and other a bit down.  Two should be inline. I had a habit of placing my hand horizontally between the two chottis and verifying if they are in line or not.

So the usual complains were

Aapne maang teddi  nikal di hain…

Ya fir

Nahi yeh wali upar hain…. Isko theek karo!

And my sweet mom always used to untie them and then doing it all over again. Now I know how much patience you need for those silly things.

How much I miss that!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


Red Handed said...

Oooh even i miss it. My mom wud do it without saying anything. She wud smile n do it again. Sometimes she did loose her temper but even then she wud do it the way i like it

Bikramjit said...

Ok this is not funny but till i went to hostel same drama in my house , cause i had very long hair and they had to be tied and a Patka tied .. :) so had to go through some :)


Priyanka said...

Awww. I know exactly what you are talking about and not that you have raked up memories, I miss it too and Mom as well :'(

Prathima said...

Nostalgia! How I miss those days:( Choti and then Sari. I have troubled my mom the most for these two:)

Jack said...


Read both posts now. Beautiful way of wishing Happy Birthday. Please wish him from my side too. You did not get late for school with all that fuss?

Take care

Harman said...

so cute...I had mom .. yelling to sit straight otherwise my pleats will not be aligned!
I miss my mom and my school days too keep smiling!

Reema said...

ahh mums!! only they have this kind of patience

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