About Me

I Am 

 The tough fest part of life is describing yourself, just a normal human which is "ready to give an advice" no matter you asked for it or not.
By Profession into the IT industry, a mother , but love to review and analyze anything in that matter . I created this place, to let out my emotions, knowledge, experiences ,observations and research I often do on myself and others :).
The Blogger Address mirrors the fight I usually encounter with my feminine part, the conflict is usually about the balancing act and do's and don'ts for a woman in me which lead to more fun and pleasure in life.
For details... read my posts.. ;-)

Why I'm Blogging 

 If I look back the time I started blogging, it was in way 2006 and the reason was quite simple, I wanted to impress my "huge" crush who at that time was one of the "hit" bloggers. But phew... it never happened but I like to thank him for showing me the gates of bloggerville.

What Now? 

hmmmmm This question is always on my mind, have passed all of my important stages of life from school.. college.... job....onsite....affairs....marriage and finally stepping into motherhood. So with such a lot of experience just want to reinvent the wheel ;)

What I write About

You give me a topic and I could write, but on this space its more about what I feel and what I want to express. My style may not be of those perfectionist,but I write the way I like to read it myself. The Blogger picture simply reflects the fact that I love to write and always want to be on this space with almost all topics included out their.


Rahul Verma said...

Hi, Am Rahul Verma. Am a regualr reader of your post and I would be glad if you can pass me your review of my upcoming novel "Forever Indeed!"

Chakoli said...

Hi Rahul

How are you?
Thanks for reading my post.

I am curious to know as why are you looking for review of your own book? :)

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