Happy Janamasthmi

Its "Kuchhu" birthday tomorrow.  I mean its janamasthmi.

Govinda alaa re... aalaa.. jara matki sambhal brijbala....

I don't know the reason but since childhood I'm great fan of Krishna. I remember when I was a kid , there was a "ladoo gopal" statue in our "mandir", and I used to take special care of it. His bathing, decoration and food as if he was a real friend of mine.

Life and its Flavors

Since last half an hour I'm struggling what to write?

I had something in my mind when I was in office but then it vanished.

Happy Birthday!

A stranger you were once.
Then, with a gentle look you took my hand.
As our lives engaged,
you lit my life and I held both your hands.

I think of you each morning
And dream of you each night
I think of your arms being around me
And cannot express my delight

How fortunate we are
that we have found the love so true
that everyone dreams about.

Its your birthday...
And heart is singing and humming..
But its missing you as well...

Happy Birthday Sweetheart :)

Its about Me!

Just yesterday my parents reached Pune, and today morning , with morning tea we were watching "colors" channel.
No complains...but suddenly things and routine change!! Just to keep them happy! And I love it!!

Since, last three days, my mind was cribbing, it needed a new hairstyle and finally on saturday I got one! Yup now I look similar to sai baba!!Do you need a pic ( of sai baba?) ;)

Its raining like hell in Pune, god spare us atleast for a week, my parents are here and we can't go anywhere. Bad is that :(.

Planning to buy a new camera, may be then I can post some pics, the photographer inside me is cursing me a lot. I know I always see things with a different angle and it could be beautifully captured in a photograph!!

Well, whatever angle it is, life is just so beautiful capturing every angle would always be a good experience!!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

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