Welcome Back!

Standing in between the crowd in London tubes you get lost in shades of black and grey!! Eyes buried deep into the newspaper, and ears choked with the headphones which symbolizes more of " I'm blind and deaf"

Few days back, one of my colleague narrated an incident where a girl in crowded train changed her clothes in and out and got off at one of the station and people surrounding her didnt even gave a STARE!! Well,it wasnt the exact striptease !! but may be some glimpse of skin show!!

I know they talk, they listen, they stare as well but just that they DONT REACT!!

But in this "Mind Your Own Business" world I do meet some friends who share smiles and very often "have a nice weekend/take care/bbye" greeting!!

After two years I'm back in UK... welcome back dear :))

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

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