Free Publicity!

Have you guys ever seen an ad of Facebook?

Nopes, coz, they are getting the free publicity from all phone companies. Well, if your phone doesnt support FB, you are OUT!

The only ad I have seen from them, is a blue sticker on there office front door [yes FB office is(well was... they just shifted) ..... just in front of mine].

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The lucky need to waste money on advertising...

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

A Lazy Friday Morning !

As I woke up today, rain drops caught my attention and it was pretty much heavy rains.

With ginger tea, when I went to my balcony... the freshness and morning mist made me feel more energetic and I thought of putting this post :)

No matter what happens... there is no stopping... with morning heavy rains..still one would find people dropping there kid to school... that houselady busy in her "chik-chik" with mlikman... Taaza khabar are presented with moist feelings... and some bachelors still waiting in there window to have a quick glance of there "angel"...

No Stopping... thats life...on a lazy friday morning :)

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

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