My First Leave

Yes, today was my first leave in my new company.

I mean leave just after eleven days of joining , not bad at all. I'm just a champ in bunking office for unknown reasons and feeling not well with a thought of office :)

When early morning I decided not to go to office, I smsed my two managers one in pune and another in Chennai. Chennai one replied very sweetly ... oh take care get well soon with a smiley and all. And pune one just replied with two letters "OK". It seems his mobile phone had a plan of per letter charging and so he might had spent 2 paisa on new employee who is totally unproductive. ;)

Its not my fault you see, after 5 years of REST if suddenly somebody is asking me to work. How could that happen?

I had never reached office before 10:30, and here timings are 9-6. Gosh!! And to add to the misery I have my another teammate who is more like "Adarsh team member"(something similar to adarsh bahu), he comes to office before my manager and stays till 7.00pm , that too without work and Internet (I mean our office has blocked all major chats/orkut/blogging sites. how could you survive man!). And I'm the person who consider herself nothing less that a BOSS. So , I reach by 10:30 and leave by exact 6 ;).

Anyways, it would be fun to work!! Meeting new people and analysing them and cribbing about Bosses and managers, is my favourite pastime.

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Flight vs Railways

This idea of comparison crawled into my mind...on my way back journey to pune.

Somehow, I still feet "railways" are just the best! And there could be no comparison in terms of its merits!

I mean, it is said that by air you reduce the time of travel, and I feel I in a way it increases. As first, airport would be at the other corner of your city then you need to check in at least an hour before, then limitation of luggage, many thinks which cant be carried in your cabin baggage , then as you checked in early and you are strolling at the airport, you see so many good shops and as you are simply idle you land up buying those expensive materials and eating the delicacies as well. (Could you be live it I at Hyderabad airport had wada for just rs 80.)

Then, once you settle in on those uncomfortable seats you are served by food (at least in Air India it is mandatory), again which is not of your choice, but as a typical INDIAN MENTALITY... arrey paise diye hain... khana to padega hi... you eat it!!

Then once you landed , again wait for your luggage.... and then again your travelling time.

But there is an advantage , you could see "good air hostess" now that's just for men. What about me!!

On the other hand, with train you just spend the time more!! You have an option to catch train just 2 Min's before your departure, or even if you got late , you can ask someone to pull chain or catch it from next station (as was done in JAB WE MET). Then , train would stop usually at each station and if it doesn't, people make it stop! You can enjoy so many delicacies at a reasonable rate and not just once but infinite number of times. You get such a comfortable berth. you can stand on them, sit on them and also jump on them. ;)

I mean I don't see any "demerits" of train travel ....

Its just a paisa vasool for me at least!!

What you guys think?

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

I Want To Sleep...

Ever since I came to this guest house, I wake up at 5.00. No Suddenly I'm not changed to a religious/spiritual personality but its due to the "alarm clock".

My caretaker has two assistant, who sleep in the apartment, and as they need to cook for the whole lot they might fix up an alarm of 5.00 a.m. But , it happens that I wake up because of that irritating alarm, try to sleep by putting pillow over my ear or the quilt , but when nothing works, I open up my eyes, count up to 100 , thinking that they might wake up and switch off the sound. But all in vain.

Finally , I get up , drink water open up the door and then try to figure out where the alarm watch is kept and finally I switch it off. And what I see.. those two people who are sleeping on floor with just a bed sheet are deep in sleep and me who is not able to sleep in spite of a warm quilt, a cozy bed, and room equipped with AC/fan just due to an irritating sound being produced at a distance of 35-40 ms.

Why am I so delicate?

I have many times seen people sleeping peacefully under a tree, on a roadside (with huge traffic and honking at its best), and me ... I get up with just a pinch of a sound!!

I still envy those people who could sleep at anytime and any place!!Because I guess that's the biggest asset one could ever posses and would remain his forever!!

I want to sleep now :)

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

New Office

I have suddenly started getting a feel of 'corporate life". For long working in private cum government office , it is suddenly painful to adjust in this life.

It just two days that I joined and I got a mail from HR saying you havent devoted 9 hrs to office.Uff... arrey its just two days that I joined baba!!

In just two days, I was given my email id, my access card and a system. Uddi baba!! Earlier we used to wait atleast for a month to get one of these.

Anyways, I'm enjoying my trip... after so long... a vacation...

Apart from office, I dont have any trouble in life ;). Hope that also gets sorted out soon ;)

Life is a mystery and I just love to solve it :D

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Cappuccino Dusk - Book Review

Yes it’s a debut novel of Kankana Basu and what a relief it’s not about IIT’s and IIM’s stories.

Actually recently crossword, Walden and many other book stores were just flooded with the IIT’s and IIM’s stories. I wonder is it because of an increase in MBA’s and IIT ians or is it because they have nothing to do so let’s write a book. And that’s the reason may be that very few docs get there book published. Now you know who works and who doesn’t. And I too belong to the latter category ;)

Anyways coming back to my Cappuccino Dusk…

The story starts silently (and a bit lengthy as well) giving you a picture of a Bengali family moving to Mumbai and then the normal “tic-tac-toe” to sustain and make a living.
And then it revolves around the five characters… four children and one mother. The Banerjee family!!

However with a slow start the story do have a good plot of Maltesh… who joins the newspaper as a cartoonist and it unfolds very well in the last chapters of cappuccino dusk.

Sadly though, none of it really comes together. At no point do you find yourself as a reader turning the pages of Cappuccino Dusk in bated breath; will Sid get his scholarship or will daughter of Head Professor get it? Will Bonny get married? Will Subroto lose his hatred for women? Will Mustafa overcome prejudices against Muslims and live happily ever after?

And then there’s the shock denouement; I won’t give it away, but it did appear suddenly, as if out of a hat. Nothing in the book leads up to that particular conclusion. Certainly it left me feeling extremely dissatisfied. But then again, perhaps life is like that.

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


कभी कही हम
गुम से हो जाते है

उन पलों को जीते हुए
हम आज को भूल जाते है

लौटना होता है जब आज में
वो बीतें लम्हे बहुत याद आते है

कुछ आज में , कुछ कल में
उलझे से हम
हर दिन उस उलझन को सुलझाते हम

है ज़िन्दगी अजीब
जिससे भागना हो दूर
ले आती हैं उसे और करीब

जब हम सोचते है
थम गया तूफ़ान ये

एक तेज़ लहर आती है
और फिर हमे बहा ले जाती है

कही दूर..... उस पल से दूर....

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Travelling back

ये अजीब इतेफाक हैं
अपने ही शहर में अजनबियों का साथ हैं
कुछ तो इन हाथ की लकीरों में हैं
की वही शहर बुलाता बार बार हैं...

History repeats itself... and it feels great to experience the same joy and excitement.

I got my first job in hyderabad in 2004 and after five years I got my second job again in hyderabad. Landing on the same land ... it feels does...

I remember , my early days when I used to run in hi-tech city in those shared autos... struggling with hindi in telgu style :). It was fun....

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


Loyalty is now turning to be an "extinct" quality. Don't you think so?

People dont stick to a single relation, they dont stick to a single company for lifetime.
politicians don't stick to a single party.
they change there gadgets with every exciting launch
they change there cars with every new release
we are forced to change a rented house every 11 months
many who change there nationality as well.... talking about the green card holders!!
changing relegion...
changing place... i mean relocation...
and many are there who change there SEX as well..

we need to learn from DOGS more about loyalty!!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Old I m...

Yesterday I was lost completely…totally… don’t know why!!
I was in another office for some official work and wanted to use a computer… and what I did, I just came out of library,opened a door (thinking in my mind that it is a training room) until I realised that’s it’s a wash room after seeing some wash basins and then when I closed the door, I realised that it was for MEN!!!

Am I really getting old???

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Keep Off the Grass- Book Review

I’m wondering how this book got published!

Actually to me it was referred by my manager(as Karan Bajaj was his friend) and my friend. And so I purchased this book. But I’m now cursing myself to get the original version, I could have at least bought the pirated one ;-) . Now that’s just a joke. Actually a writer (myself…ofcourse I write blogs and so I consider myself a writer ;)) shouldn’t do this to another writer ;)

After reading this book you’ll realize that it could be better edited and instead of a novel could be named as a collection of short stories. But still it would fail to impress I could assure you.

The story describes a guy working and earning lakhs at wall street and suddenly wants to come back to India to find its roots. That’s really a gesture to salute. But then story stops entertaining you. The usual Indian masala is missing. The student is locked in IIM Bangalore campus and what he describes is the education system in and out . Whats big deal in that?

I was actually expecting the hurdles he had to face … rather then describing the education system in India.

I’, really wondering how he manged to get his work published.

I would end my review by only saying “Congratulations on your first book…Mr Bajaj!!!”

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Beautiful Things!

Suddenly I feel, I really dont have a problem... people have a bigger problems than me and I crib and keep on wasting my energy in solving my own problem.Waste I m !!!

Why are nights and mornings so beautiful?

Dont know.... but the early morning birds chirping and cool breeze with a bit of sunshine, feels nice. And the nights...silent nights with stars and moon light...dark as it could be makes it even more sexier!!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


ये सपनो की आहट में
छन छन का स्वर क्यूँ हैं
उन मधुर सी कल्पनाओं का
हम पर सुरूर क्यूँ हैं
अनजान सी पहेली बुनती हूँ
उन आकृतियों में खुद को ढूद्ती हूँ
शब्द नहीं होते यहाँ
बस कुछ लकीरों का साथ होता हैं
इस विचित्र सी दुनिया में
कही कोई हमराज़ भी होता हैं

Why don't we get it until we dream it?
Why is life so nice in dreams and so hard in real?
Why is life meaningless without a dream?
Why is life so happening and challenging with a dream?
Why human turn to animal for there single dream?
Why some dreams are shattered and some achive great heights?

Still I love dreaming...

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Time Out!!

Holidays are about to end.... yes the saddest part of life is that nothing is constant!! I'll miss my "rajai"... ginger tea..... sitting in sun for hours and listening to auntie's and colony gossip.

But some good things are waiting for me, so need to pack up from here.

My 2010 clebration was short and sweet!!! On 31st night I decided to prepare cake for parents (which was actually for me in the name of parents), at about 10 o clock it was ready, mom went to sleep before that as she was very tired. My father and me.... no no... I only cut the cake and gave one piece to my father and had two pieces for myself. And by 10:30 I was there on my bed, buried deep under my rajai!!!

So finally new year has come!!! Another year .... would be surely fun to chase it....

Best of luck too all... and once again HAPPY NEW YEAR

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

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