Time Out!!

Holidays are about to end.... yes the saddest part of life is that nothing is constant!! I'll miss my "rajai"... ginger tea..... sitting in sun for hours and listening to auntie's and colony gossip.

But some good things are waiting for me, so need to pack up from here.

My 2010 clebration was short and sweet!!! On 31st night I decided to prepare cake for parents (which was actually for me in the name of parents), at about 10 o clock it was ready, mom went to sleep before that as she was very tired. My father and me.... no no... I only cut the cake and gave one piece to my father and had two pieces for myself. And by 10:30 I was there on my bed, buried deep under my rajai!!!

So finally new year has come!!! Another year .... would be surely fun to chase it....

Best of luck too all... and once again HAPPY NEW YEAR

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


geet said...

happy new year :)

Homecooked said...

Happy New Year to you Chakoli! Looks like you ahd a wonderful start :)

Ellen said...

Happy New Year, Chakoli!! May God's bountiful blessings pour out upon you and your family all year through.

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