Keep Off the Grass- Book Review

I’m wondering how this book got published!

Actually to me it was referred by my manager(as Karan Bajaj was his friend) and my friend. And so I purchased this book. But I’m now cursing myself to get the original version, I could have at least bought the pirated one ;-) . Now that’s just a joke. Actually a writer (myself…ofcourse I write blogs and so I consider myself a writer ;)) shouldn’t do this to another writer ;)

After reading this book you’ll realize that it could be better edited and instead of a novel could be named as a collection of short stories. But still it would fail to impress I could assure you.

The story describes a guy working and earning lakhs at wall street and suddenly wants to come back to India to find its roots. That’s really a gesture to salute. But then story stops entertaining you. The usual Indian masala is missing. The student is locked in IIM Bangalore campus and what he describes is the education system in and out . Whats big deal in that?

I was actually expecting the hurdles he had to face … rather then describing the education system in India.

I’, really wondering how he manged to get his work published.

I would end my review by only saying “Congratulations on your first book…Mr Bajaj!!!”

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


Anonymous said...

LOL...maybe you congratulate on his last book too ;) Will keep away from his book on ur reco!

GurNeet said...

The post was quite informative for me...
i was planning on buying some of which was this..
You saved my money....thanks!

Anonymous said...

of course this book is so dumb...dumb...dumb...dumb..was looking forward to it since a year..and it turned out to be crap.. bullshit..

Anonymous said...

thanks man! i was abt to purchase it..and acc to 'the hindu' it is a bestseller :P

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