Pick The Best!

Sometimes there are so many things in a platter; it’s difficult to choose, to decide, what if the decision went wrong? :f

May be, or may be not!!!
But what I think god always plot your mind that “you pick up the best”. :y

And so no regrets!!!! :~

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


How do you recognize a bachelor in Relinace/More/Subhiksha/Food Bazaar…?There basket would have:
  1. Big pack of Maggi
  2. Small pack of bread
  3. Butter and jam
  4. Fruits which do require any hard work, could be grapped at one go like orange, chiku, apple, you won’t find watermelon, musk melon type of things
  5. Some ready to eat soups… those Knorr soups of different taste!!!
  6. A packet of milk, which I guess could last for days…
  7. A bear bottle…
  8. Those big pack of Tropicana juices
  9. Different types of biscuits..

    About the behavior:
  • They are sure to give a frustrating look if, before them in a queue they have people who have two baskets full of items to be billed. :#
  • Make sure to be on phone planning for the evening/ weekend/ movie, and if some “hot” is before them, they make sure that she listens to all there conversation . :L
  • If not on phone, they are sure to stare at ceiling while standing in queue . (This was for some decent guys ) :)

    May be if I have missed out anything… you bachelors could add some :-)

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Up In the Sky

Just saw a pic of “girri” (I don’t know what it is called in English.) , and again reminded of days when flying a kite was passion. :D

Summer holidays and then starts the season of “kite flying”. How we used to cut our neighbors’ kite and shout “Kata hoyey”….!!! Being the youngest in the family , I usually was handed the task to hold “Girri” , yup I was an expert in that, when to let it loose , when to start binding up. And then when kite attained a balance , I was given the privilege to hold it in air for sometime. :z

The best part I liked was to prepare “manja”. Each time a tubelight went black , it was yipeeeeeeeeeee for us. And then, the dedication to prepare “manja”. Crush the tubelight, mix colour in it and then apply it to thread all over. We used to cut our hands like anything but who cares. :D

School days gone and so came college, It was an incident in our hostel. We (group of 3) were strolling on hostel terrace, there was a kite tangled within the rods.

Wow we all three exclaimed!!!! :~

Asked junis to bring some manja from the market...
And then our kite was up in the air…flying. It was more of an event to us and all gals gathered and we 're enjoying. Listening to the “che-che-pe-pe” of girls, Boy’s hostel (BH) which wasn’t far from our den started appearing on there terrace, and those “copy-cats” also came with a kite . Boys can never do anything alone ;). Now there was a competition, who would cut whose kite?

After about a 15 min of tug of war we lost, yup yup I know we are not champs…!!! And then they shouted Kata hoyeye…kata Hoyeye….!!! :$

It was embarrassing but still enjoyable!!!! :)

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

How do you?

We meet /see a person and there we have a image about him. Right or wrong that time will prove, but we study him, allow our instincts to judge and come to a conclusion. May be future meetings could prove us wrong or right , depends. But each time we try to make a judgement. isnt? :D
How many of you meet a person and could recognize him/her? I mean what type of personality he/she is at first go?
And what you usually look into someone’s personality? I mean body posture, way of speaking, smile… and lot more things… !! :v
For me they have to be eyes… I don’t know but they reveal a lot to me… :d
Let me know what other’s think?

Just another 'Q'- Is it hard to understand female species by there body language, eyes,talking.....??
Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

A Road Side Proposal

This is an incident that happened earlier with me, and I posted it on o3. Just reposting... njoy :)

Just a normal day, a normal routine, but a strange thing happened. As I ended my day in office at 5.35pm and started my way back home. Halted at one of the stores to buy some stuff. I came back and started arranging matter in my “Dikki” just when a guy on his bike stopped adjacent to mine. I turned back to look who is this stupid guy, parking just next to me.

I stared at him and suddenly he declared “I love you”…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :o

My ears couldn’t believe what he said, He doesn’t seems to be any road side Romeo, as he was decently dressed, neither he was any of my office colleagues, and moreover I was amazed how he could recognize me as my whole face is covered, my stage was as if I have got a 440 WATT JHATKA!!! :o

Now he was smiling…. I find this weirder. I just started packing and thought of leaving this place as early as possible , then suddenly my eyes starting searching for any policewalla, I thought in any case if he misbehaves I should be assured that when I scream HELP HELP someone is there to help this “Abla Nari”. :y

Then he removed his helmet and said… Hey Relax dear. I just had a bet to propose 20 girls in ½ an hour and you are the 16th one.Thanks. :f

Now this was more dramatic. :o

He showed off his full 32 teeth’s and with broadest smile he said.. Don’t panic dear. I don’t know you and even I haven’t seen your face. So just Chill!!!!! And Thanks for cooperating :v ( Was I co operative ???)

I somehow believed him, stared at him and smiled, but poor him couldn’t see me smiling . :d

As I turned back my vehicle , something mischievous started up in my mind, thought of calling him and saying …I love you too , but I didn’t. :$

Just stared at him…And flew away…. :D

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


Was lying on bed and “sleep” was far away from my eyes….

Just then, Thought of reading my diaries, It feels so nice to go back into your past, cherish all those people you met, the things you did together. How for silly things you had a fight. Those mischievous things did by us… and lot more. :$

And don’t know how it was morning 4’o clock… :o

Result : woke up late and still feeling sleepy. :s

Moral : Still I’m feeling good , recollecting all done in past :z

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Just like that

Guys want everything to be mentioned “explicitly”. Any arguments on that?

Especially when it has to do something which does not fall under there department.

Just as a coincident since last three days breakfast to him appeared as “ hara-bhara paratha”. But everyday it was made up of different ingredient.First it was palak, then methi and then dhaniya leaves. Today he lost his patience and said-

Arrey har din wahi paratha.

Give me a break man!!!

But everyday ingredient was different. Can’t you make out while eating.
Then I came out with suggestion that I would mix some colour as orange, pink, yellow to make it look different and even then for you it would taste different.

Okay leave that for now :)

Today there are 2 important matches, first being Mumbai Indians, I really want them to loose as it would give some chances for Delhi to go in :D
Then next is final of Champions league. Hope MANU win. :)

Hey guys, did anybody liked this song…
Mein hoon ghatohkach…
Mein duniya mein sabse nirala…

Mujhe meri maiya ne pala…
Dharti hile amber hile
Uthe jo mera gada…. :O

That ghatohkach is damn cute na. :v and even that tiny little elephant . :)

Animation is really coming out to be a tough job and even entertaining . isn’t? :~

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Same Pinch!!

Yesterday just for the reason that me and my colleague were wearing same colour she pinched me saying loudly SAME PINCH!!!

I might have done this lot many times, but find it weird why Pinch? And that too for having something in common!!!

Then there could be many other reasons to pinch:

A girl pinches a girl or boy pinches boy as they both belong to same gender.. :p
Mother pinching mother… and it implies to any other relation two people share :)
I have a house u have a house same pinch…. :D
I m an IT professional u r IT professional… same pinch…
I am committing suicide and so you are… same pinch.. ;-)
I am a terrorist and even you are… yohooo same pinch :D
My name is pinky and so is yours same pinch…

And many other instances….

Do anybody knows why we always pinch?
Could it not be changed to something Hug or shake hands?

Same Hug… or same handshake :-)

Or is it mere child’s play?

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


Yup yup I went for a leave just for a day, but it was not an official one but on the expense of reducing my “Leave Balance”.
Thank you for missing me, muuuuahhhhhhhhhh . :k Even if you didn’t’, I m happy to live in that “khushfahmi “.

So I went for one of friends marriage. Marriage was good, but “√ęk bhi changa munda nahi mila”so waste for me . ;)

Just narrating an interesting incident here…

We (read it as group of five freinds) were standing busy chatting of “this and that”. A group of 3 Uncle’jee approached us and turning towards me staright away posed one question –
Whats your height without heel? Sahi sahi batana…!!! :o

When an elderly person is so confidently asking you something, I thought it to be bad manners and ask Who the hell are you asking me. But being polite I answered
Jee 5 foot 3 inch(Although in mind I thought of saying 3 foot 5inch) :x

Then he shooted next question :
My son is in bangalore and you being in Pune how would you manage this?

Ahhhh Now I got it, this uncle ji is here for his son. I started boiling… I don’t know but as soon as someone is there talking about my “rishta”,I start loosing my temper. Then my repeated those dialogue of Welcome “Control..Control…..!!!! :#
Uncle ji , behtaar hoga aap papa se baat kar le iss bare mein….

Then suddenly one of the other uncle started …
mera ladka bhi Patni Compuetrs mein kaam karta hain… Mumbai mein… !!! Naam suna hain Patni ka…?
Mercury rising……!!!! :@
Jee nahi… mein chote mote companies ka naam nahi sunti….. !!!
Kaunsa language hain tumhara…?(Again that 2nd Uncle thinking of himself to be Oversmart asked me)

Maine kaha..

In the mean time all remaning four(my freinds) started giggling….
Arrey nahi… programming language….


I said…
Pyhton, abacus, zingalu, chi-mi, satry……(Did you ever heard of these?)

That second Uncle was silent now….!!!

Again it was the turn of 1st Uncle….
To agar mere bete ko onsite mila aur tumhe nahi…to tum kya karogi?

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr… I was fuming…. :@

I would start a video album… singing…mere piya gaye Rangoon….. (That was in my mind actually….)
I ll quit…. !!! ;)

He was happy now, now he asked another one..
agar tumhe onsite mila aur usse nahi toh?

Ahhhhhh…….. Why this permutation and combination….??
I replied… then he’ll quit…. !!!  :r

Uncle was surprised.
Tumahre papa ka naam Mr A hain….

Uddi baba… My father got changed and I m not aware of it. 

Nopes Uncle My father name is Mr S.
Ohhhhh… sorry beta, I thought you are someone else. And then again the gang of ‘3’moved to interview someone else…or rather to humiliate some REAL one.

And we busted laffing…..

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Crap Again...

Just don't feel like working... !!

Waise I never ever want to "feel it" :~

Wish I could have a "mid-week-off". I mean couln't be wednesday decalred as "OFFCIAL OFF"!!!!! :y. Demanding too much kya? :v

In sports , nothing good is happening for me as well, Delhi Daredevils again lost it. :c and on top of that they lost it to Kolkatta Knight Riders :@

yup, ManUtd are winners of premeir league, and hope even they win the Champions League. For the first time it would be All English club champions. Would be fun to watch :D

After browsing and writing this crap, I suddenly felt "TO-ACT". I mean lets me get back to work. :)

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Read the chart

A couple dressed quite decently enters into the eye clinic.
Receptionist : patient name?
Husband: Sudha
Receptionist : Age?
Husband: 25
Receptionist: What’s the problem?
Husband: regular headache…
Receptionist: Handing him doctor’s slip, please wait. I ll call you once your turn comes.
Husband: Okies…
After about 30 minutes, they are asked to go in…

Doctor: Come in…!! Jee kahiye kya hua aapko?

Wife: Roz hi sar mein dard rehta hain..

Doctor: Kab se hain ?

Wife: kareeban ek hafta ho gaya

Doctor: Aapko problem hota hain door ka dekhne mein?

Wife: Haanjee

Doctor: theek hain who chart padiyega....

He puts in some lenses on her eyes…

Wife: nahi dikh raha

Doctor: puts in new one with greater power...

Wife: jee nahi….
Doctor : Keeps on increasing the power…
Wife: jee nahi…
Doctor: Strange, it dosen’t seems that you could have such a high power…
Husband: Actually she dosen’t knows to read, she is illetrate…!!!

Doctor: :@

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Some real office humor…

This definition is for all non-IT people.

Timesheet Entry : Its actually a system , which is filled in by employer and keeps a track of how much efforts have been put in which area all through out the year. It keeps track of when it was a holiday, when you worked extra, when you were on leave. Etc. As per the efforts company gets money from client.

Now the humor part….

She: you idiot you filled your timesheet under NB.
Me: So? :@
She: NB means you Not Billable but you are billable
Me: Hila…., I m billable, company sold me out to those GORI CHAMDI!!!!! :$

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Your take?

Was watching this song…Gumshuda…gumshuda…koi hua….kahan hua…
Play back….. hostel dayzzz, Hostel Mess….. TV.. playing the same song……..when one of the girl said… SO embarrassing… people shouting for you…!!! :L

I don’t know, but sometimes I find “public display of love “ as “SWEET” and sometimes very embarrassing…!!! :d

IF someone is ready to propose you in front of hundreds of people I agree “He more gutsy” then who is looking for a “Kona” (corner). But at the same time I find it “more embarrassing” for a gal.

I still remember one of my friend, who was proposed by a guy in a hotel , with a bouquet of roses , guy on his knees and all crowd staring …….. Still when she narrates this incident she “blushes”. :$

It is completely an individual choice or rather… everyone loves it :$ !!!!Afterall who would mind “TO FEEL VERY SPECIAL” . :L

What’s your take? ;)

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Read it!!!

Scene: On a bus stop with some of my bus-stop mate. One of the girl is expecting , and was reading some papers. Now here is the conversation that followed:

Me: As was nothing to talk about , I said- What are you reading?
She: Yesterday I went to gyanecologist and she handed me this print out of "Do's and Don'ts" during pregnancy
Me: Ohhh wow!!! :)
She: Do you want to read?
ME: With a broad smile , Naaaaaaaaaaahhh!!! you continue... :$
She: Arrey read it, its good!!!
Me: (In my mind...What the hell it is, I dont want to...) . No No .... :$
She: Arrey what's the harm.....
Me: (I dont undertsand why the hell she wanted me to read it). But I am not expecting!!! :#
She: But you would na...at some point of time...!!!
Me: then I'll read it .. :f
She: Actually, I forgot my spects today and so if you could read it I would listen to it.......

Gosh!!!! Can't she say that directly.... :@

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Solitude and Tagore

"It happened that several times Tagore, leaving his home, resorted to solitude to produce unique poems. Curiously enough, his desire was not fulfilled in the least. He had to return home. And his realisation was that to write something unique it is the state of the mind that counts the most and not the place. "

- Sri Chinmoy

I just love these lines.......

For oft, when on my couch I lie
In vacant or in pensive mood,
They flash upon that inward eye
Which is the bliss of solitude;
And then my heart with pleasure fills,
And dances with the daffodils.

-William Wordsworth

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Beyond My Imagination!!

Just few days back one of ex-roomie(A) returned from London. I was just curious to know how are others with whom I shared flat (B), yups she said B is fine. And So how were your new room mates? – I asked!!!

She made the ugliest face she could and narrated one of her bad experience.

New room-mate (C) came in and after about one month B asked A – Did you ever saw this girl washing clothes?,A said No, Never!! Now B being curious asked C , Don’t you wash your clothes?

Her face gave an expression which conveyed Are you crazy. Then she said – No why should we? we don’t sweat here!!!

Seen many unhygienic people, but this one….. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…..
Reminds me of Satte pe Satta….

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


This question is disturbing me since ages....Let's see if anybody has an naswer to it?

When do you think a person should get marry?

I could have many answers to it...

  1. When you know you are growing old
  2. When you start feeling lonely...
  3. When you desperately need someone....
  4. When all in your group/family are busy in their own life...
  5. When you are getting bored of your life and thought of "going for a change"
  6. When suddenly you feel some one else should be there whom you can curse/blame for everything you do... ;-)
  7. When your "sweet mom" needs a "bahu...;-)
  8. When you are more of a burden to your family and they are having sleepless nights because of this..:-)

I don't know if its more of an "Indian mentality" that people as soon as reach in there mid 20's either are forced to get marry...or even they themselves start planning for it....

But still I can't find a reason to "tie a knot" :-)

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Veens Tag... link to love...

This tag was quite unusual, it reminded me of mail chain that I use to play in my childhood.....

Anyways... just did it..:-)

The Love-link Tag is another of those Linky Love game where you only have to tag 10 person in one post but still there is no actual limit .Once tagged, you have to copy paste the link in this post, and make them grow!Do not delete any of the links and be honest to yourself!copy paste the link in this post, and make them grow!

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Now people I want to tag.....


I ll stick to 5 :-))

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