Happy New Year

How should be the new year celebration?

We just gifted a new house to us.

An obligation for the coming years,  but SUKOON ( peace of mind) for rest of the life.

Wish All My readers ... a VERY Happy New Year .

Cheers to a New Year and another chance for us to get it right. Oprah Winfrey

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Cricket Commentary

I started my second innings thinking that I would score a double century like Sehwag but again it turned out to be Zaheer Khan on crease with just one "chauka" (four) and next bowl straight to the fielder and HoWZZZAAT!

Okies...So that was my life's commentary :)

And I know... Life would go on like that...lost in celebration of fours and sixes and we keep on missing "singles"!!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Thursday Gyaan....

Just about the time when your income gets you to a point  where food prices don't matter anymore…..


Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


Its been a while that I posted something…

The reason…. Or the excuse … would it be enough to say that I was busy? Or if I be honest… my laziness overpowered  my  good conscious of being a writer  and kept on repeating

“You are so busy” You are so busy….

But finally today I defeated my laziness!!!


Few days back I realized…

that if somebody scolds you/hits you/hurts you , you react in a similar fashion. But if somebody shows a concern/care/love to you … you mostly ignore it or if  you know that person than you take it for granted and if he is  a stranger you think he is about to con you.

After marriage

I have gained 7 kgs weight. Tooo much!!  Didn’t knew… life settlement can be more like heavy weight body!! ;)

I also feel I have started behaving like those married woman… who with female collegues every eveining discuss some or the other new recipe . I have also started watching Parvarish aired on Sony and it’s like ….
Mera serial nikal jayega!!

Every morning when I wake up… its like

 aaj brkfast and khane mein kya banau? 
Earlier I used to think… which dress I would wear today? ;) See the change ;)

Now, even when I save just 5 bucks I feel so happy!! Its like… chalo gaddi mein hawa bharwane ke liye bach gaya ;)

But I also enjoy when I meet up somebody and they say… oh you doesn’t at all look like you are married! (Yes mine is a child marriage );)

Whatever its fun… with piyaji and married life  :))

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Human Psychology

Human Psychology is just so simple

If you have a problem and even your neighbor is either having the same or a bigger problem then, for you, your problem is redundant!!
But if he is not having any problem then your problem get onto your nerves!!

Just few days back, when my lappy was showing some "tunnel adapter connections" and I was thinking to figure it out , before I could react my hubby types in those words into google and there it was pages with problem and solutions and those frown lines faded!!

I was so chill-axed that no I m not the only one who has this issue ... there are 'n' number of people!!

Like how much satisfaction we can get if the other person is also in same trouble! The feeling of "Not being Alone" or "feeling of kaminapanti"

This reminds me of a dialogue of 3 Idiots

Jab Dost fail hota hain toh Dukh hota hain par agar woh TOP karta hain to usse bhi jyada DUKH hota hain 

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

The Fight For Survival!

I don’t know what made these guys (Murugan alias Sriharan, Santhan and Perarivalan alias Arivu)  to join the LTTE and then plan for Rajiv Gandhi assassinations. But I’m sure it would have been there fight for survival.

What I heard/read from the articles is usually how the youngsters are taken up and trained promising them of the bright future and if that doesn’t work make them believe that there life has a purpose ,getting  FREEDOM !!!From what ? Still to figure out!
After 11 years when the mercy plea got rejected, the new tantrum evolves! How to survive? Again the permutation was done and Mr Ram Jethmalani came up with the new plea !!
Flash Back – eleven years , one of these three guys in jail – four walls – waiting each day to get the answer. The struggle , would they live or not? Each day in trauma and don’t know till when. But maybe they knew it would happen.  They knew, they gonna die (well everybody knows that) but like this?
Death at one go or days of suffering and then comes the relief!

Life Imprisonment or Death, my opinion doesn’t matters here, but all I could see is the fight for survival.

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

The War Is Still ON!

 Since the day HE has seen this Micromax A70, he is like I want to buy one!Well, even I loved it. The ad is just so tempting.And it makes you feel like its "hum jaise gareebon ka messiah"

And since then he is trying to convince me, for obvious reason ... FUNDING ;)

Just like another day and his convincing strategies he started ... It would be so nice na you already have A60 and I would have A70! Would be cool na?

My answer was.. It's sounding like we are either twins or brother & sister!

Need to maintain our relationship dear ; )

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


 Ishq se tabeeyat ne zeest ka maza paaya/ dard ki dawaa paayi, dard-e-la-dawa paayaa.

Love gave my consciousness the joys of life / it gave me the cure for pain, it gave me a pain that had no cure). "

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Happy Janamasthmi

Happy Janamaasthmi to All

ढाई बाबा नन्द की 

जय कन्हिया लाल की
लाल के आनंद भाय  
गोपी के चाँद भाय 
मथुरा में कंस मरो
तीन लोग जीत गए

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Mummy Chotti.. kar do!

 I remember how used to shout these words when I used to get ready for school and the only thing pending was “Chotti”(pleat/plait) .

I’m sure almost all girls might have gone through this ofcourse if they have a boycut or blunt they could be spared. But otherwise that was one of the routine activities for all mothers and their teenage daughters.

Once she is ready to tie up my hair and she is almost done, then I I used to start cribbing , first about the hair partition that it’s not at all straight and then about the two pleats/plait , I always wanted them to fall in line on my head. One shouldn’t be up and other a bit down.  Two should be inline. I had a habit of placing my hand horizontally between the two chottis and verifying if they are in line or not.

So the usual complains were

Aapne maang teddi  nikal di hain…

Ya fir

Nahi yeh wali upar hain…. Isko theek karo!

And my sweet mom always used to untie them and then doing it all over again. Now I know how much patience you need for those silly things.

How much I miss that!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

On Your Birthday!

You light up my life in so many ways
Your special touch of tenderness that shows how much you care,

Your love is like soothing music to my soul,
Makes me feel complete and pure

Your presence is like sweet melody
Each moment you be so lively

We share a kind of friendship
that can just be shared by two alone

You bring a kind of joy
I'm sure no one else has ever known

Just cherishing all those things .. for the moment
which is truly special...

On your birthday my love :)

Wish You A Happy Birthday !!!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Internet Explorer users "have a lower IQ"

 Could you beat this guys?

If you have a low IQ then there are high chances that you use Internet Explorer

Well, In my earlier companies we were never allowed to download/install any other browser than IE which comes as default with Office PC I feel. So was it that my IQ level was less?

Well, its more of personal choice is what I feel?

Personally Gmail  and office login I do on chrome, blogger I open on Firefox (as they have an option of inserting smiley’s) and government sites like irctc and eseva I open on explorer! So Where Is stand?

I personally feel these type of surveys don’t serve any purpose! Well, what they can do?

How many of us would switch from IE to Chrome/Firefox to increase their IQ level?

This is called total “vellapanti” doing nothing and creating news!

Just as I did ;)

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Rain Rain!!

I hate it when it rains when I have to come to office. I mean exactly the same time when I’m ready to hit the road and rains starts!


So much “extra” clothing is needed, well I drive a two-wheeler and so you might be aware of what I mean by extra clothing!!

--First, make sure to keep an extra pair, just in case you get drenched you can change
--No stylish footwear, just those plain floaters
--Once you are ready, wear another jacket so that even if raincoat is not able to prevent you your actual costumes don’t get wet! And also if they are transparent, it also prevents the embarrassement
--A big bag, with tiffin, shawl, towel, extra pair of clothing and mobile on your back
-- then comes the raincoat
--a scarf/stole on your face, to avoid those spalishing of water from bikes
-- a helmet on top of that

After so much effort, if suddenly it strikes you that  you have to give a  call to somebody, or want to get money for petrol. Ahhh…. First remove the raincoat then, take out your bag, remove your stole/scarf pull out your mobile and then call and again dress up!

At times I feel I’m going on a spaceship.

Well, even I heard similar narration from some other male colleagues who come in shorts and vest over that a raincoat, and as soon as they enter rush to washroom to get dressed up. Well, that’s a kewl idea.

And also, some bike riders wear polythene packs on their feet so as to protect their leather shoes and socks from getting muddy and drenched!

Rainy Day during weekdays…. Its really horrible!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


Satah par hoon…
Par aasmaan ki ucchai ko mahsoos karna chati hoon…
Unn badlon par baith kar ghoomna chahti hoon..
Pankh laga kar udana chhati hoon
Baarish mein bheegna chati hoon
Baachon sa rona chahti hoon…

Chidyo si chahkana chahti hoon….
Sondhi sondhi uss mitti kii khusboo ko saaason mein bharna chahti hoon…
Kaagaz kii nav ko pani mein bahana chahti hoon…
Aankhon mein saaje huye unn sapno ko
Saakar karma chahti hoon…

Iss khushnuma mahool ko rangon mein doobana chahti hoon…
Khamoshi ko tarango mein badlana chhati hoon…
khusboo ko hawa mein gholna chhati hoon…
Indradhanus si chunari odd kar itrana chhati hoon…
Chand si khoobsoorat hona chhati hoon…
Taaron sa chamkana chahti hoon…

Koi dor na ho
Bus door amber mein jhoolna chhati hoon…
Dil mein uththi uss har ikshaa ko poora karma chhati hoon…

Hain khawab aanek aur zindagi ek…
Bus har pal ko jeena chahti hoon…

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

KhudKo Dhudta Hain..

 yeh zarra zarra kehta hain
khamosh lamho ko bunta hain

simate huye se dayro mein
chupchap aas kiye rehta hain..

har aahat ki pehel pe..
naazron mein utsah sa jaag uthatha hain

sapno mein haazron rang liye
har lamhe mein khudko dhudta hain..

yeh zarra zarra kehta hain..

bus har lamhe mein khudko dhudta hain

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Thanks To FlipKart

 In this cruel world, where getting something in  return of money is not guaranteed, how can one expect of the service.

But well, Flipkart did impressed me, you remember I posted a review of a Book “Few Things Left Unsaid” where I did mentioned that there are some pages jumbled up.

The very same day I posted a complain to there site and what a quick and positive response saying that
" they would arrange for a replacement and apologies for the inconvenience".

After about 4 days when I didn’t received any confirmation of when the book would be replaced or the whereabouts, I got another mail saying that

Apologies for the delay, and somehow it is taking a bit longer to arrange for a book. They would inform me as soon as they get a good quality book.
And before the completion of eight days, they delivered me the same book at my doorstep.

I was discussing this with my hubby , and comparing the same scenario to any bookstore like crossword,Walden,Odysessy . First thing again I have to go back to the shop to get it replaced and second once it is available I have to go again to collect it.

Another thing, just a mail and they agreed for a replacement what if I was just interested in getting another copy of it? They simply replaced it without taking back my original Copy. Had it been a bookstore as a proof you need to take your original one, show them the proof and ask for replacement.

Well, really a BIG THANKS and just that you guys a doing a great job!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Lazy Me!

 I can cook, I can dance, I can blog (Well, I think so),I can code, I can test, I can stitch, I can do embroidery, I can paint, I can be a beautician, I can be a hair styler, I can be a philosper, I can be a player,I can be a …

And the list continues…

But in all this I’m NOT A  PERFECTIONIST!

Well, yes, Just watching yesterday Just Dance, I realized that although I can do so many things but there is nothing in which I ‘m PERFECT. Any dance form , any instrument, any sports, any style just anything of which I should be THE PROUD OWNER. It belongs to me! And I’m the maetro of it .

I don’t know, but is it because of my lack of passion or laziness or is it because of the way situation moulded me. In school I was advised to be a good scorer and also somebody who can cook, stitch, knit and do all household work. In this my passion of dance was still was nurtured but was a second priority

Once , I came to college, people made me belive that I’m a good dancer! And then I used  to think about dance and yes mills and boons and other romantic novels.

As I joined my job , I learnt salsa, and tried growing more in dance but then I was stuck up with performance, appraisal, and onsite.

After few more years, I tried my growth in spiritual learning and started learning Reiki and Tarot . Became passionate about these and started working. But again, I was caught up with the laziness and settlement in life.
That was my story!

And I’m sure there would be many like me as I have heard from many of my friends, some want to work for NGO’s , some want be a painter, an artist, some want to learn Braille , and some want to open there own company, writing their own book and so on….

But don’t know where the DREAMS or thoughts get dumped?

Why is it always caught up with the LAZINESS ?

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Reality Bytes Bites : Not So Innocent Love Story - Book Review

A book by Anurag Anand. A complete fiction and school romance.

First thing the title, after completing the book I really couldn't relate the title with the book content. When it says "Not So Innocent Love Story" you feel there should be something different but well, that's not the case.

The story starts with a normal student life and his first day in one of the "good colleges" . The anxiety and excitement for any new student is narrated quite well. And after a bit of narration the story goes into flashback ...... School DAYS!!!!

And then the usual drama starts. School Hostel, Mess, seniors, and more over the Co-Ed thing! That's been a punch in the book.

Anybody who has lived in a hostel would surely be able to relate himself with that. The story is not uncommon but has a grip! You shouldn't be bored of the book ever.

Although you can easily make out at the very start who would be the hero's love at the end. The twist and turns are somewhat missing (well, I agree its not a suspense novel) but still the author has tried to put in efforts to give it a twist which is not very much appreciated.

Overall a time-pass novel. Could be finished in a day !

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


Well,  Its a FIGHT!

My heart is divided .Its struggling , pleading, deciding between two shows. Which one to watch?

Saturday 09:00 PM two shows on two different channel

  • Just Dance : Where there is hrithik roshan and moreover its my dance show. Dance my passion
  • Khatron ke Khiladi : I like it because of the stunts. They are different and people enjoy it.Its fun to watch how normal people react.
And so my remote in in MY HAND and after every 15 mins I need to press the SWAP button .

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Few things Left Unsaid – Book Review

This was the first book I purchased from flipkart. Well, I was impressed. On time delivery and delivery at your door step. What else you need and all that at some discount.

I read about the author Sudeep Nagarkar born in 1988, well to publish your own book at the age of 23 is a commendable job. Hats off to you. But book is bit disappointing.

First thing the publisher- srishti publications, they have jumbled up the pages . If you buy a book make sure to notice the page numbers from 72 to 89, they are not in sequence. That was really a bad impression for a person whose first book is getting published.

Now about the book, its an Indian Mills and Boon’s each page narrates the daily activities of the engineering days, each day of first year is described in detail. Its more like eating, talking, sleeping narration. Sometimes he has also described what they ordered in McD’s and Pizza hut ! 

The language is very normal as we use, plain English. Something coming up as a book well personally I don’t appreciate it.

Another thing, I really want to count how many times they have used ‘love you” miss you in that book. In fact that can be a contest for this book, one who guesses the exact count would get a free book signed by the author.Just Kidding  ;)

Then the story line may be a college goer would be all in dreams with this novel as a perfect romancing couple is described out there. A girl and a boy meet and then they fight, break up with each other and then they meet or not(Well you have to find out that). But there is nothing extra , that intensity and zeal are missing. I feel even if you skip 2-3 chapters, you won’t feel that you have missed the storyline. The gravity to bind us to a book is neglected.

And then the end, he tried putting some coincidences’ (well as is said by the author, it’s a  true love story) which I don’t feel to be the perfect ending. It could have been better.

Well, I didn’t enjoy it at all. You could improve Mr Sudeep Nagarkar.

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Breaking News- Benefits!

Well, nothing much is happening after that Ramdev –UPA drama and now that I’m just so irritated by his face that its better I don’t talk about it.

But then our lunch session get boring. Well, we need to have some “breaking news” to criticize, discuss, argue, and blame others then only food gets digested otherwise  it remains undigested and then we (read it as IT people) need to walk after lunch which is against our work culture.

Our work culture is well defined .You are just made to “Sit & Stare” .

Okay leave IT people, they are “good for nothing” …. I was talking about my lunch sessions so as there was no topic to discuss we were eating… in fact swallowing, when we have some breaking news we can do “jugali” what cow and buffaloes do, so food gets digested easily and then we can work towards our aim… i.e. Sit & Stare.

Another reason is when you have breaking news you put in all your frustration/anger in criticizing  or finding flaws in it . ( Well we IT people can hardly appreciate anything ) and so you vent out all your negative feeling which gives you more positive enrgy and then that’s the reason just after lunch you feel sleepy. So relaxed you are. You just need a bed. Isn’t?

Breaking News .... We are missing you!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara - Some Good Lyrics

I'm just in love with these words

dilon mein tum apni betabiyan leke chal rahe ho
to zinda ho tum
nazar mein khabwon ki bijliyan leke chal rahe ho
to zinda ho tum
hawa ke zhokon ke jaise azad rehna sako
tum ek dariya ke jaise lehron mein beh na sako
har ek lamhe se tum milo
khole apne baahein
har ek pal ek naya samba dekhiye
jo apni aankhon mein hairaniyan leke chal arhe ho
to zinda ho tum
dilon mein tum apni betabiyan leke chal rahe ho
to zinda ho tum
Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

View From Office!

With record breaking tallest buildings and shrinking living space , its hard to find sky visibilty! View from my office ...Clouds were appering as if they are ordered to model in that fashion, not an inch from here to there.  Not that great.... But clear sky ... sunny day made me feel fresh!
Just woken up after a long sleep!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

The Kept Woman and Other Stories - Book Review

Whenever I see such books with short stories , I'm totally hypnotized and there my hands start itching. So thats the only reason I bought it.

Now as my daily routine goes, I read them before sleeping. So each day I used to start with it and then after a dose of "real life drama" , and a tear drop in my eyes I used to keep this book aside and so it took a whole two weeks for me to complete it.

So, you guys might have gota review of how the book is?Each and every story starts with a simple background, routine life scene but ends with pain. Each story is woven in so plain but impactful words that it forces you to think and react. Some of the words are just so beautiful . Sample these

A woman in love is never satisfied if her lover remembers her with only one part of his body. She wishes to grow like a cancer within him , to fill him with awareness and pain. That is special cruelty of love

And one thing that millionaires earn along with their wealth is enmity.Therefore, with the passage of time, they come to fear their own shadows. Each of them belives that his greatest enemy is the dark shadow that comes creeping up from behind. To escape from the clutuches of these shadows they present the beggars on the beach with coins ,donate money to charitable institutions,build holy temples and renovate dilapidated ones.

The author has combined in her writings rare honesty and sensitivity.Its about man-woman relationship and covers all dimensions. But each story reflects "the loss" when a relationship dies or when there is betrayal be by death or self!

A bit of saddist, not recommended for leisure reading. But you should really read if you want to get a taste of real life tragedy!

Although at night , I used to dream of those stories happening to me but still once you start reading you don't feel like there is nothing which can't happen to you. You get engrossed so much in the story that you feel you are a part of story may be as a witness...
Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Diamond Or Cyanide!

I was gifted by a diamond ring during my wedding and somehow I don’t know (how? I m figuring it out) I had build a habit of  biting it when I thinking something.

And one day when my colleague saw  that same act he said (yeah he was not that serious).. 

Arrey diamond nahi chatna chaiye.
Mar jaate hain ! 

I was like what? 

And then he started justifying … pehle filmo mein nahi dikhate the… 

and then I recalled it was true… all smugglers/murderers  used to have a locket hanging in there neck and as soon as police used to catch them they used to eat that and die.And there was that white foam used to come out of there mouth.But then I thought, no it was cyanide! 

But I’m also getting that feeling that it was not cyanide but diamond

But nothing happened to me as of now!

Well, does anybody remember if it was diamond/cyanide?

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Movie Time!

After long time yesterday I got a chance to watch movie trailors and thereare many new movies coming. I feel really enthusiastic about some movie like

And another sensational/controversial film 
  • Murder 2 :OMG he is looking horrible.... I mean his hairstyle... its like pathetic, I can't even think to watch that. Yucksa
 But the problem is that in hyderabad now online booking is not possible. Man why they want us to download pirated movies? Who would go just to buy tickets? Bad Bad Bad!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

You Learn a Lesson Everyday!

Why is it that we like some people so much?  We get attracted to them ,not necessarily in what the law of attraction conveys i.e. love,sexual,marriage ! But just in general... the fondness we have for some people.

It can't be explained but just today I was remembering many such people who influenced me in some or the other way and I liked them no matter what others said about them. Those are the people in your life who apart from your family help you to grow.I never was able to justify that liking but it happened.

  • My Primary class friend , I don't know where is he but I always know I'll meet him.
  • My Class 2 class teacher, she was an inspiration for me and how much she used to boost me for my dance , I would never forget that ... mein teri dushmann dushmann tu mera dance ...
  • My hindi teacher, even she left school before I did, but it was fun with her. How simply she used to put things ... be it about hindi lessons or about life!
  • One of my senior, she got her rib fractured and docter said its impossible for her to ever sit by herself and today she is an IPS officer.
  • One of my client in London, I dont know but the glow and smile he had on his face ! Never got that shiny face ever. HE used to reflect what he was, so truthful and responsible and so logical...so intelligent. When we used to talk to him ... it used to make us relaxed... I dont know but he had that those positive vibes!
There are some nameless individuals as well, whom we meet in our daily life ... can't mention all those but everyday there is some "new lesson" to learn from somebody.
Somebody is waiting there to teach you... for a lifetime!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Daily Logic!

Every cream/facewash/facepack/shampoo/conditioner I have seen they have one thing common

For better results follow by “same company” cleanser, toning milk, moisturizer, facepack.
I really don’t know, if it really makes sense , but I feel its more of marketing gimmick

How does the skin knows if its jovees/Loreal/Fair & Lovely/Garnier/Lotus? Irrespective of the company it has to do its work isn’t? 

Being into IT industry and surrounded by codes, I really wonder if they have programmed there products that way. Just for instance  if you have taken jovees face pack , the instructions would say

For better results first cleanse your face with jovees cleanser and then apply the facepack.

So the logic would work like this
If cleanser = jovees
Facepack result = AWESOME!

“Keep on wasting money I wont work!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Lucky Me!

I still remember
The day I met you

The "crush" I had on you...
All my dreams were about to come true...

But then ..
I started drifting to a place
Where there was no faith.
there were sorrows and pain..

And then you came
Always I dreamt of a guy who
Could turn all the grey to blue,
Not the one who can fetch
stars and moon

But the one who can turn
All of my fears
Into happy tears.

And that guy is you

You took away my pain
and drove me insane
You would sweep me off my feet
And just like me for what I'm.

You captured my heart
And I know
You never ever would tear it apart.

Always I dreamt of a guy
Who would want to fall in love
And say, "I love you."

And that guy is you!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Random Post!

Its been more than four months but we are still struggling in this "new city". And the struggle is still not over I guess... setting up your own home "the attachment" is something which can't be described.

One carves his dreams , and turn them into realization. The actual thing.... the feel good factor!

From the silliest thing may be  newspaper to a big investment of buying a house we quarrel... argue, fight but then ....... one decision! How that happens ... we don't know.... ! Just that It Happens....

Just read a humorous article on economic times on offer document. Somebody who is interested in finance should definitely read it . I loved it :)

Other day one of my colleague asked who is your favorite actor? And I was blank... well not really ! I still think having fav actor and actress is still what teenagers and college goers should do ... and I left all that long time back. Honestly , my one time favorite SRK is now a faded memory, after I watched him in K3G. Too much of melodrama and I wanted SRK to say no to that bulls***. But he was actually acting in that. I didn't liked it. And then favoritism was lost!

Not much planning for this weekend... its so damn HOT and me a hot hippo.... need a pond where I can float all day!Ahhhh... that makes feel woooooowwwwwwwwww......

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Try Try and Try again...

Every-time I visit my blogger space and I make a decision that from now on I would be regular! And each time I fail.... but then again I try and try again.... so this is just another attempt of that ... I hope to be regular! 

Well, if after so many trial I
  •  became a graduate
  • can work in an MNC and they are ready to pay a decent salary ;)
  • can get married
then this is worth more trying ;)

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Hear the Sounds!

You are in office  and you get a call, after the matter of discussion  there is a question

Where are you?

To which you reply – in office? Where else ?

No actually your voice is echoing ….

Man,  yes I was in washroom , can’t you make out? Just think logically … 

Office is so much open space , and when the voice echoes that’s means you are surrounded by four walls and what all places in office could be that?
  • Cabin/Conference Room :  The option is ruled out because there motive is to “converse”
  • Lifts : In most of the lifts in India mobile network doesn’t work so it is ruled out
Whats left?
  • Washroom : That’s the place man!

And other misconception is when you(preferably male) are at coffee vending machine  and the listener reacts to the sound as you are in washroom  busy relaxing your bladder

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

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