Live In Relation

Heard This!!!
"In a pathbreaking step towards “legalising” live-in relationships, the Maharashtra Cabinet on Wednesday approved a proposal suggesting "
I’m sure it’s hard to be digested by our “conservative” Indian society.

  • Would MNS agree to it?
  • Some social organizations will now have something new to protest on…
Making a law and implying it does not solve the problem in India. It’s the society who needs to accept it. Still, the live-in couple fight for house, as house owners are just reluctant to see them as tenants in there society /house. They are still the hot topic of discussions in a society/ workplace.
Still many people in India gives that “SURPIRISED” look if you say you are in Live-in!!!
The expression conveys that –
What Never ever expected this from you!!!
Or damn how could you do it!!!

Yup, I agree they are in better condition then a female who works out all day, and gets beaten up his alcoholic husband. And don’t wanna leave him because “they are tied together”. Atleast people in live-in don’t face these situations, but if they are so comfortable in a relation why don’t they tie knot?

Status of wife, as of now the definition of wife in a common man mind is “
a girl and a boy when decides to get married and after performing rituals they are declared as husband –wife, pati-patni!!!!
But they say….

The committee had also mooted that the definition of the word ‘wife’ under Section 125 of the CrPc be amended to include a woman living with the man like his wife for a reasonably long period.

Are we really on the verge of losing our culture and traditions?

I’m not in favor/ against them and if they are happy together and not harming anyone Live Your Life they way you want!!!!

Your take?

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Terror Terror Everywhere!!!

Suddenly everyone is AWAKE!!! They have realized what is to be done? They realized that police is there to help them!!! They realized that even they could help!!! Yups, I’m talking about some “good Indian citizens” who suddenly know that “Laawaris padi vaastu ko haath na laganye ussmein bomb ho sakta hain “.
Thanks to media, Thanks to awareness camp, thanks to so understanding people!!!

But suddenly I realized people are over-aware, hyper active!!! Trust me they are….

Few days back, when I was looking up for a dustbin, as a responsible citizen I thought not to throw it on roadside but in a dustbin. The problem was that “No Dustbin” was around, even while driving from one lane to another and then to another, we couldn’t :( . Next we thought of using a space which was appearing more to be a “dustbin” to us. As soon as we dumped the “matter” one curious person started looking at us suspiciously. After completing our tasks when we started back again, he looked at us more closely. Not a big surprise even if he might have noted down our vehicle number.

Do we look like a terrorist? Ofcourse no one ever would wear a tag of “terrorist” and come to place a bomb . But his suspicion made worried us!!!

And yesterday when my neighbour narrated quite a similar incidence how one man actually stopped her and asked her to open the poly bag(which was actually the remains of vegetable and fruits) so that he could verify its not any thing which could categorise as “Explosive”. Yups, after the verification he did pleaded and was sorry for the mistake. But my neighbour was humiliated, and cause of this she was feeling bad.

I can’t judge anyone, can’t make out who could be terrorist,and being a common man , the only solution left is suspecting each one!!!

No matter Right or Wrong!!!!!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


How often do you still keep “some things” which are actually of no use to you?
That “red wala frock” when you were merely 4 years, that sweet little doll gifted by your Uncle, that mug in which you used to have milk, that notebook in which you got your first remark as “excellent”. Those hand created “greetings” those report cards for which you had to work “an extra hour” . Those news paper cuttings which made your parents proud.
And many more…. :d

While cleaning your wardrobe, you could find some and then you cherish them!!!
It’s not just the materialistic things which are remembered but the relations with which we were connected. :O

Keeping things safe and protected like notebook, cards, and mug , and cherishing those moments. I wonder could relations be kept in a locker and they remain same as they are!!!!

Ahhhhhh, I forgot relations come with an expiry date!!!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Ban On Smoking!!!

Oct 2’ 08: No Smoking at Public Places!!!
Are you sure about the rule?

This is brilliant step taken up by law, and if it is implemented correctly, would be beneficial to all. But, I’m not sure if it would happen. Some hurdles:

  1. Public Places: Do anyone in India know the definition of “Public Place” ? While offices, pubs, restaurants are all considered to be ‘public space’, there is no clear system to bring the violators under scanner. I’m not sure and even didn’t have info about it but am it that “pan shops” are considered to be public places? Cyber CafĂ©, Beauty Parlor, Parking lot what are these?
  2. Many similar Regulation existing: This is one of the regulation applied so that it could be “beneficial” to public, but already we are struggling with so many other similar problems like traffic , eves teasing, sexual harassment and many more and in spite of having “ tough laws” it is not possible to catch the culprit
  3. Bribe: Another issue is “bribery” even if you are caught red handed, people instead of giving those thousands would “rafa-dafa” the case in hundreds.
  4. Smoking Zone: If we leave apart some “IT Companies” there are many small industries and firms who don’t have a canteen/ parking lot. To come out with “Smoking Zone” wouldn’t it be an expenditure to them?
  5. Common Man Thinking: Standing at a railway Station, a person is smoking. What would be your reaction? Should I report to police? Ahhhh Let it be… Who reports to police? Who would run to court? Better I change my place. Isn’t?
Some Suggestion:
  1. While implementing the law every firm/company should be given deadlines that by this time it should have a smoking zone before actually torturing common man.
  2. Banners and Notices should be placed in all cities citing the difference between smoking zone and No Smoking Zone.
  3. Common man could click photos of people smoking in public place and could show it to police and he could be fined then and there.

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

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