Terror Terror Everywhere!!!

Suddenly everyone is AWAKE!!! They have realized what is to be done? They realized that police is there to help them!!! They realized that even they could help!!! Yups, I’m talking about some “good Indian citizens” who suddenly know that “Laawaris padi vaastu ko haath na laganye ussmein bomb ho sakta hain “.
Thanks to media, Thanks to awareness camp, thanks to so understanding people!!!

But suddenly I realized people are over-aware, hyper active!!! Trust me they are….

Few days back, when I was looking up for a dustbin, as a responsible citizen I thought not to throw it on roadside but in a dustbin. The problem was that “No Dustbin” was around, even while driving from one lane to another and then to another, we couldn’t :( . Next we thought of using a space which was appearing more to be a “dustbin” to us. As soon as we dumped the “matter” one curious person started looking at us suspiciously. After completing our tasks when we started back again, he looked at us more closely. Not a big surprise even if he might have noted down our vehicle number.

Do we look like a terrorist? Ofcourse no one ever would wear a tag of “terrorist” and come to place a bomb . But his suspicion made worried us!!!

And yesterday when my neighbour narrated quite a similar incidence how one man actually stopped her and asked her to open the poly bag(which was actually the remains of vegetable and fruits) so that he could verify its not any thing which could categorise as “Explosive”. Yups, after the verification he did pleaded and was sorry for the mistake. But my neighbour was humiliated, and cause of this she was feeling bad.

I can’t judge anyone, can’t make out who could be terrorist,and being a common man , the only solution left is suspecting each one!!!

No matter Right or Wrong!!!!!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


Vinz aka Vinu said...


people getting proactive is certainly encouraging...but then agian nothing comes for free...Being checked should never be taken as an insult....!!


Manasa said...

Same here Chaks.. No dustbin around... some ppl throw it along the roadside... Municipality is sleeping like Kumbakaran..

ceedy said...

I guess it a catch 22 situation....right..the amount we are checked here in the US on flights..is crazy but its better than being sorry....

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